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We are the premier independent German Automotive Service shop in the Tri-City area providing coverage of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagen. We've recently added service to Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo. We specialize in these makes only. Because of our focus on just these makes, we are much more experienced and tooled than your average repair shop. Our abilities range from yearly maintenance to complex electrical issues. We are licensed to replace keys and theft relevant parts. Tires and alignment are something we take great pride in as well. Whether you are looking to have a major repair done or a simple yearly oil service performed, we have the experience needed to complete the work accurately and to give back the pleasure of driving your automobile.

Established in 2008.

We have grown exponentially since being a small corner shop. Once powered by one man for what seemed to be an eternity, we have expanded to the multi person team that we are today. This could not be done without our thousands of loyal clients who have supported us through the years of growth and sharing their passion for the automobile.

Curtis has been in and around the automobile since he was able to hold his first Hot Wheels. From drawing transportation to building them out of Legos and plastic scale models, and to getting greasy under his parent's station wagon, he truly grew up loving the automobile. Curtis can tell you the make of a vehicle based entirely on the smell of the interior or the sound of the engine starting. After graduating high school in 1998 with hopes of becoming an architectural engineer, he went to work for a small repair shop while taking community college classes. Being at a repair shop, it sparked an interest in working with the automotive industry. He worked his way up through dealers and independent shops to realized how he wanted to setup a specialty shop focusing on the European makes. Curtis branched out to start a service shop focusing on the European makes to fill a niche that was missing in the Tri-Cities.


  • I took my vehicle to be serviced here a few weeks ago. I was quoted $250-350 for the service over the phone and when I went to pick up my car the bill was under $200! I finally found an honest and competent repair shop! I recommend them for all European specialty and luxury vehicles.

    Douglas G., via Yelp on August 31, 2018
  • Curtis and his staff helped with fixing a problem that another local shop caused by not doing a thorough job. My work was a bit time sensitive and they were able to get it done for me. Professional in every way. Thank You.

    Russell S., via Facebook on June 1, 2018

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5 Reviews

  • Kathy Conachan8 months ago

    I had went by the shop to Inquire about the mechanic/owner and how long he had been working on BMWs because I could never get anyone on the phone! Met with the owner and he was rude and just quoted me a price that I knew was way off the mark! Extremely unprofessional place and I would not trust them with my vehicle based on how I was treated! They do not have a great reputation either!

    2000 BMW 320 M Series
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  • Jerry2 years ago

    My BMW had the all-too-common leak in the A/C evaporator. I initially took my car to another reputable repair shop to have the A/C system charged and inspected. When the other shop diagnosed the issue as a leaking evaporator, they recommended that we take our vehicle to the BMW Dealership or Messer Motoren Werke. Considering the volume of stories I had heard about the BMW dealership's $200+ hourly rate, it was a no-brainer to go with Messer Motoren Werke.

    A friend of mine told me that Messer usually has a full schedule, so be prepared for an appointment up to 3 weeks in the future considering the A/C evaporator is an 8-10 hour job. Thankfully they were able to fit me in at the end of the following week (9 days). Messer delivered the vehicle on-time and charged me for the number of hours worked which was slightly less than what they quoted me. Additionally, the car was cleaner inside and out when they returned it to me.

    All I can say is that I highly recommend Messer Motoren Werke for repairs on BMW's.

    2008 BMW 128i
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  • DebbiT4 years ago

    Curtis and his staff at Messer Motoren Werke are wonderful. We have been happy customers for over 5 years and would recommend this business to foreign car owners! We have had a few occasions to need work done on our BMW X5 and have been so happy and satisfied with the quality work done. This is an honest business and helpful. I have been able to get answers to questions, receive excellent repair service and advise. We will continue to support this hardworking owner and enjoy seeing his business grow.

    2006 BMW X5
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  • Cleo5 years ago

    I have taken my old BMW to Curtis many times. I would not take it anywhere else. What a fine, honest mechanic he has turned out to be. I have had my car in different shops before and was not happy with the service, repairs and cost. I would recommend Messer Motoren Werke to anyone. I have been doing business with him for 3 or 4 years.

    1987 BMW 325i conv
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  • m kellett5 years ago

    Curtis is simply a great German make specialist, with a strong work ethic and mad skills. He has worked on my Z4, 335xi and will soon be my "go to" guy for the new MINI Cooper and Audi S5. Curtis stands by his work, is fair, and has such a passion for getting the best out of the auto experience that it's contagious. You can't find a more reliable, consistent and fair specialist in the Tri Cities. Thanks, Curtis, for setting the bar so high for the other shops in town.

    2008 BMW 335xi with Dinan Stage 1
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