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2357 E Highway 101,
Port Angeles, WA 98362 US
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Specializing in BMW repair and service since 1994 in Port Angeles, WA. ASE certified technicians.

2 Reviews

  • Theresa A. Salazar
    Theresa A. Salazar7 years ago

    I called Peterson's because my 2008 Audi wouldn't start and thought maybe it needed a tune up? they looked up parts and prices and I was given a quote of $389.00. I made an appointment for the next morning, when I arrived I was shown a different quote of almost $ 500.00 Mike Peterson the owner was there and didn't know why there was a difference in the quote I got on the phone the day before I had already taken the day off from work so I went with it and left my car there along with my cell phone number in case something came up. When I went to pick up my car the bill was $ 600.00 and of course Mike Peterson was not there and could not be reached. and the receptionist knew nothing and the mechanic was also already gone. My husband waited for over 2 hours to talk with Mike Peterson and of course he did NOTHING! The next day my car again would NOT start! My husband brought the car back since it wouldn't start and I guess the hose to the air filter was clogged but now the battery was ruined from trying to start it so there went another $ 75.00 ! When my husband got home he gave me my car back and I went to get a mocha I keep my coffee money in the middle console. My money was GONE! they actually stole my money after everything else I couldn't believe it! It was only like $ 8.00 but still its the idea of it. SAD :( they over charge people and then that's not enough they gotta steal from them too! This place is nothing but a RIP OFF!!! $ 600.00 for a tune up!

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  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman9 years ago

    A friend from California broke down in his 87 Westfalia when in Port Angeles in May 2010. Took it to this shop. The guy quoted him $14000 for a new engine, and when he couldn't pay that much, stole the car from him for $1750. His cost to repair probably would have been no more than $4000, and he will sell it for $15000+ and it will likely take him a day to do the work. $9000 profit for a days work. Nice job if you can get it. I feel really sorry for my naive friend who lost his nice Westfalia to this snake in the grass. I would have paid him $5000 and fixed it myself had I known.

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