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Specializing in foreign car repair and service in Madison, WI.

1 Review

  • BadgerBimmer3 years ago

    I have driven and walked past Foreign Car Specialists for years and when the heat went out on my 2006 BMW 330i Sedan, I searched mechanics near my home. Foreign Car Specialists is on Regent Street in between Park St and Camp Randall. I made the call expecting that they might be expensive but they have been around for a while and must be good. Aaron answered the phone, he had clearly just been working on a car as it took a few rings to pick up. I explained to Aaron that I am mechanically inclined but stuck on a project and asked what he would charge for a Diagnostic. I told Aaron that I have an oil Leak and finally just had the "Coolant Low" light come on in my car. Aaron's knowledge of Bimmers is outstanding, he knew specifically my car and made suggestions that I could try before stopping in. I felt my heater core must be shot and he said that it is rare for this to need replacement. However, he didn't just blow me off, he said he is more than willing to take a look at the car but as a Do-it-Myselfer, I explained that I wanted to tackle this myself first. Aaron gave me suggestions and requested I call him back with a follow-up to make sure it worked.

    I rarely leave feedback or go to the trouble of doing reviews but there needs to be more people like Aaron at Foreign Car Specialists. If I do pay someone to work on my car, it will definitely be these guys. Give them a call, I'm sure you will be glad you did.

    2006 BMW 330i Sedan
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