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We are a small, independent shop that has been around for a long time in Madison. Foreign Car Specialists was located on Regent St since the 1960s, but has moved to 6805 Seybold Rd in April 2015.

This is the type of shop where you can communicate directly with and get to know your mechanic. We are skilled in the diagnosis and repair of engines, transmissions, brakes/chassis, stability control and electrical systems. We do have the factory BMW ICOM and subscription to ISTA. We also have invested in a lot of specialty diagnostic and repair tools. We strive for quality repairs and use both OEM and OES parts.

We work on vintage and modern European makes such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, Jaguar, Porsche, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, MG, Austin-Healey, Triumph, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and open to more.

Meet Our Owner

  • Aaron Stroud


    Aaron has grown up in the auto repair business. His father owning a transmission repair shop, Aaron spent a lot of time around cars. Aaron started working on customer vehicles at the age of 14. His drive has always pushed him to tackle more challenging cars and problems. He moved to Madison to get more experience with foreign cars (which many shops from his hometown were afraid of). He found his mentor, Chris Beebe, owner of Foreign Car Specialists at a time when the business was dormant. Chris was involved with a lot of electric car research, but decided to take Aaron in anyway and re-open the business. Many years later, Chris sold the business to Aaron and has since moved the location to 6805 Seybold Rd.


  • I brought my 2014 BMW here because my warranty just expired and I was having issues with it for a while now (odd noises, bad cabin smells and etc). I brought it to BMW dealership after dealership and they weren't able to nail down the problem. And now that my warranty ran out, I knew I needed to find a mechanic to look after it.

    I'm happy to say that I am completely satisfied with Aaron's work and would recommend him for other BMW owners.

    Aaron had my car for half a day and gave it in an inspection and changed the air filter. I don't understand how the other BMW dealerships didn't bother to do this, but it drastically improved the issue I was having with my cabin.

    Overall I am happy with him giving me the facts, fixing my car, and his transparency with the issues. I can't say enough good things about his shop, I'll be definitely coming here from now on.

    David L., via Yelp on November 20, 2017
  • At the recommendation of a friend and after reading Yelp reviews, I went to FCS when my car was making loud noises. Aaron took the time to check out my car for free and let me know what was wrong. We talked costs and he encouraged me to return in a couple of months. I appreciated his honesty and the transparency of the transaction. He could have painted a dire situation and talked me into getting a repair immediately but he didn't. I went back a few months later and Doug worked on my vehicle. Great experience with this place. Honest guys who do a good job.

    VM R. Madison, WI, via Yelp on July 14, 2016
  • Aaron at Foreign Car Specialists did a great job fixing my BMW. First time I went there and I will be back, wished I knew of them a few years ago (had bad luck at other auto repair places claiming they knew BMWs). Aaron was able to quickly diagnose the problem correctly, and fix it at much better rates than the dealer. Talking with Aaron showed he really knew what he was doing, and I saw several customers with other European cars there and they sounded like happy returning customers. They were very thorough and the cost was exactly what they said it would be.

    Simon Y. Madison, WI, via Yelp on February 21, 2016
  • I'd give this place 6 stars if I could. Knowledgeable, honest, friendly and reasonable prices. I'm a bit of a car nut and a former mechanic so I'm fussy about garages. This place is the best. Period. (They are also very good with old British sports cars.)

    Steve H. Madison, WI, via Yelp on January 25, 2016

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  • BadgerBimmer
    BadgerBimmer6 years ago

    I have driven and walked past Foreign Car Specialists for years and when the heat went out on my 2006 BMW 330i Sedan, I searched mechanics near my home. Foreign Car Specialists is on Regent Street in between Park St and Camp Randall. I made the call expecting that they might be expensive but they have been around for a while and must be good. Aaron answered the phone, he had clearly just been working on a car as it took a few rings to pick up. I explained to Aaron that I am mechanically inclined but stuck on a project and asked what he would charge for a Diagnostic. I told Aaron that I have an oil Leak and finally just had the "Coolant Low" light come on in my car. Aaron's knowledge of Bimmers is outstanding, he knew specifically my car and made suggestions that I could try before stopping in. I felt my heater core must be shot and he said that it is rare for this to need replacement. However, he didn't just blow me off, he said he is more than willing to take a look at the car but as a Do-it-Myselfer, I explained that I wanted to tackle this myself first. Aaron gave me suggestions and requested I call him back with a follow-up to make sure it worked.

    I rarely leave feedback or go to the trouble of doing reviews but there needs to be more people like Aaron at Foreign Car Specialists. If I do pay someone to work on my car, it will definitely be these guys. Give them a call, I'm sure you will be glad you did.

    2006 BMW 330i Sedan
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