About BimmerShops

BimmerShops was founded by Andy Powell in November 2005 with the goal of being the most comprehensive directory of BMW repair shops in the United States. Since then, the site has become a one-stop resource for the BMW enthusiast who wants the highest-quality service for their vehicle.

Andy's wife, Allison, autocrossing his 1988 BMW M5.
My wife autocrossing the M5 — I'm copiloting

So far, I've owned four BMWs:

  1. I bought my first, a 1986 BMW 325e coupe late in my first year of college. It had nearly 200,000 miles, and I drove it like I stole it. Great car. I sold it because I wanted a little more power and a little more space.

  2. In March 2005, I sold the trusty eta and bought a fantastic 1988 BMW M5. The quick acceleration and the precise handling are exciting, but what really sets it apart is the incredibly engaging driving experience.

  3. When my wife and I moved from the east coast to the west coast, we decided it was best to leave the M5 behind. By then, we had bought another BMW – a 1991 BMW 525i. The car was a wonderful daily driver; it had a strong engine and a smooth ride.

  4. Three years later, we moved west-to-east and landed back in Atlanta. Today, I drive a 2003 BMW 330i sedan (5 speed, of course).

It is my hope that this site helps you enjoy your BMW as much as I have enjoyed mine.

Andy Powell