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7333 E. Butherus Dr., Suite B200,
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 US
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A Passion for Perfection

Tech Plus Automotive is your complete automotive service and repair option. It is the number one import car specialist in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. Since 2003 we have been servicing BMWs and other high-end imports that other independent repair shops shy away from and, quite frankly, dealers then profit from.

You now have a real choice on where you decide to service your prime investment. Tech Plus Automotive allows you, the consumer, the option of no longer having to sacrifice quality for value. We are as equipped, and as trained (if not more so), than any dealer and offer the value and personal service of an independent. You're the customer and now you decide.

Even our shop shuttle is a BMW X5!

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8 Reviews

  • John Pacelli
    John Pacelli2 years ago

    This place just tries to take advantage of people because they assume people don't know anything about their vehicles. Gary, the owner, tried charging me over $400 for trim panels in my BMW that needed to be 'special ordered from Germany' plus labor of course. I told him not to do anything until I looked at the parts and it turned out that I only needed MAYBE $25 in new clips to reattach the panel. Took me a grand total of 15 minutes to reinstall. Steer clear unless you know EXACTLY what you want done; don't trust their 'opinions'

    2002 BMW M roadster
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  • Jeremy
    Jeremy8 years ago

    Name: Jeremy

    Car: 05 BMW 645

    Message: Tech+ Automotive is by far the most knowledgeable BMW service shop in town. They were able to take care of my problem for the price that the dealership wanted for a mere evaluation.

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  • Rick H
    Rick H8 years ago

    You guys did an excellent job on both my Volvo and BMW. You really know your stuff.

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  • Matt Perillo
    Matt Perillo8 years ago

    Hi Mark

    Just a quick note to say “Thanks” for the meeting yesterday.

    I know it was late and you were wrapping up business for the day. I Appreciate the time you gave in reviewing (and explaining) the case history on my BMW.

    Matt Perillo

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  • Ben T Sunderson
    Ben T Sunderson8 years ago

    Their whole shop was amazing but the akignment set up was "WOW". Made the dealer's set up look antiquated be comparison. Did my BMW M6 like it running on rails....really 'the' new shop in Phoenix for import repair.

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  • Mike Wallace
    Mike Wallace8 years ago

    Truly the most impressive shop I've ever been associated with as both a working tech (but not at this level:>) and a connoisseur of hi end perforfmance cars. I would really recommend you go to techplus with your car. And they let me watch and the let me ask questions....very cool.

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  • Mike Donaldson
    Mike Donaldson8 years ago

    I had a few BMW's throughout my life but, never had the service and expertise I found at TechPlus Automotive. They were a real rarity: they were state of the art and better then any shop I've experienced, and I mean even compared to the 'good shops'. Well done.

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  • Connie Spradling
    Connie Spradling8 years ago

    The service and facility were truly awesome! It was actually like they said, clean, professional and, for me, close to shopping. My Jaguar was fixed, on time, and I was treated like a lady and acustomer- loved it.

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