BMW Inspection 2 (Inspection II)

Inspection 2 is the most comprehensive element of your BMW maintenance schedule, incorporating all of the elements of Inspection 1 with a few additional features.

What is included in BMW Inspection 2?

All of the elements of Inspection 1 are repeated during Inspection 2. In addition to those services, Inspection 2 adds:

  • Inspection of your parking brake lining,
  • Replacement of spark plugs,
  • Replacement of air filters
  • Examination of flexible boots for leaks, and
  • Inspection of the car body for rust per your rust prevention warranty.

How often should you schedule Inspection 2?

Your Service Indicator Lights are the best guide for when to perform scheduled maintenance on your BMW, but the general guidelines for service according your Factory Scheduled Maintenance are as follows:

For model years 1991 and older, your first scheduled Inspection 2 should be at 30,000 miles and every subsequent 30,000 mile interval.

For years 1992-1998 and the 1999 E36 Inspection 2 should be done at 40,000 miles and every subsequent 40,000 mile interval.

For model years 1999 (except for the E36) and newer, your first Inspection 2 should be at 60,000 miles and every subsequent 60,000 mile interval.