BMW Intermediate Oil Change Service

The BMW Intermediate Oil Service is the first regular service you'll have to perform on your BMW and the one that you will have done most frequently. An oil change for BMW vehicles requires a specific kind of oil and needs to be performed regularly, though not as often as other makes.

What is included in the Intermediate Oil Service?

Intermediate Oil Service is simply an oil change and oil filter replacement for your BMW.

How often should I schedule Intermediate Oil Service?

You should schedule an oil change for BMW vehicles every 7,500 miles, or rely on your Service Indicator Lights or Service Interval System to tell you when you're due at the shop.

Why is this important?

While the BMW Oil and Safety Service is only required every 15,000 miles on BMW model years 1999 through 2013 and every 10,000 miles on 2014 and newer vehicles, an intermediate oil change is recommended between the scheduled service intervals to help keep your Bimmer running to the best of its ability, giving your BMW increased longevity. By keeping attentive service records to show how much you’ve cared for your Bimmer, you’ll also maintain a higher resale value.

What should I ask about when scheduling an Intermediate Oil Service?

When you schedule or perform an oil change, BMW specific motor oil or a BMW recommended oil must be used. Different year models have different needs, so make sure that your technician has the correct oil available, and verify that your shop or technician will be using one of the recommended synthetic oils in your vehicle. Bimmer Shops offers a list of recommended brands for synthetic oil for BMW vehicles for your convenience.