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This is the place for all your BMW performance, repair, maintenance and service needs. From the moment you pull in with your BMW, you are greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff that knows how to treat you and your BMW right.

Our BMW master technician, Ruben Villagrasa, brings over 26 years of BMW dealership experience with an emphasis on performance enhancements. Ruben truly enjoys working on rare BMW M Series cars and showing fellow enthusiasts how he can further improve on such wonderful automobiles. He takes the time to make certain the quality of work completed is simply the best available. Our clients continue to be amazed at his wealth of knowledge.

Our large parts inventory allows us to provide a quick turnaround. Avus also maintains an extensive array of diagnostic and programming equipment to ensure that your vehicle is serviced to BMW factory standards. Maybe this is why our customers will drive well out of their area to have their BMW services done at Avus Autosport.


  • I never thought a repair shop could do a better job than a dealership but Avus proved me wrong.

    Dan Ruprecht, Client

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15 Reviews

  • Anna Sorokina
    Anna Sorokina6 years ago

    One of the worst experiences that caused my car to be completely nonoperational. Sold me on a major floor repair job for my e46 M3 and walked away from any responsibility when the floor of my car separated with gaps as large as my hand across the entire floor, right where my child sat, several months after the repair. True, the car was in a rear-end collision after the floor repair at Avus, but because their job was so botched, the areas they "reinforced" caused other parts of the floor to split. After inspecting the car, both my insurance company and BMW of NA determined the cause for the floor separation was the repair at Avus, and not the accident. Throughout this process Andrew talked a big game of doing anything to make me, as their valued customer, happy and paying us a fair market value for the car. Well, when BMW produced their findings, Andrew tried to lowball me with a blue book value for the car and did not stand behind his word at all. I am, a year after this botched job at Avus, is still stuck without my car. Never go here for any major work! Dealership or another shop (M Shop) would do better work and stand behind it.

    2002 BMW M3
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  • Benito
    Benito8 years ago

    I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and Amir this morning at the shop when I brought my vehicle in for a performance exhaust upgrade. They came highly recommended from the folks at DINAN, and after a brief conversation with the both of them and seeing the layout of Avus Autosport, I knew I was in good hands…

    The staff at Avus are very professional and attentive. As I decided to wait for the installation of my exhaust, I noticed that their shop foreman Ruben and his apprentice were very methodically and meticulously removing my OEM exhaust and carefully installing the DINAN free flow exhaust system.

    They did a great job on the installation, and once the factory warranty and maintenance program expires on my Bimmer, I’m looking forward to making Avus Autosport my preferred service center. Thanks again guys!

    2011 BMW 550i
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  • EN
    EN9 years ago

    These guys were great. I had a question on my oil. Came in and they helped me immediately. They definitely know their business and I will definitely use them again in the future. I highly recommend Avus Autosport. Thanks!

    2008 BMW Sedan
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  • Dan Cundiff
    Dan Cundiff9 years ago

    Wow, what a company! On less than 24 hours notice, they agree to review a local car for me to buy and save me a ton of time and trouble by letting me know that there is no way I should buy the car I was "sold" on purchasing long distance. Great service companies are hard..no..IMPOSSIBLE to find. These guys at Avus Autosport are good! Now I really believe all of the positive messages. I wish they were in SW Florida so they could work our small fleet of "M" cars. Dan from Naples Florida

    1995 BMW M3
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  • Jeff L
    Jeff L9 years ago

    I recently had to say goodbye to my old 2001 BMW 330 due to a freak accident while visiting Colorado. My car saved my life even though I hit an elk going 60mph at night in minus 2 degrees. The amazing part of this story is that I was able to continue my drive another two hours. I ended up driving the car back to San Diego but unfortunately the insurance declared the car a total loss. It was a sad ended to a car that I had since 2001...

    Anyway, I found a replacement 2004 BMW 330 ZHP edition in San Diego. Before purchasing the car I had a local tech at a BMW dealership perform a pre-purchase inspection of the car. He found a laundry list of parts that needed immediate attention such as replacing the seals in the differential that was leaking. He informed me that the oil filter housing was leaking and the gasket needed to be replaced. Also the cyclone oil separator needed to be replaced with all of the various hoses. I was told that the control arm bushing needed to be replaced as well as both control arms. The long story is that with parts and labor I was looking at well over $6,000 dollars. Now I as able to get the car at a very low price but still had to factor in the necessary repairs.

    I ended up purchasing the car and decided to make an appointment with Avus once again as I had in the past. To me it's worth the drive to Avus to have the experts inspect my new car. During the drive I was hoping that it was the typical dealership trying to up-sell me a bunch of service and parts that were not needed. When I arrived they were waiting for me and took the car immediately and put it up on the rack. After spending some time looking at it, Andrew showed me what was wrong with the car and what repairs needed immediate attention. Both Andrew and Amir knew that I made the drive from San Diego and that any repairs would have to be completed the same day. As it turns out, more than half of the repairs that the dealership said needed to be done were not needed at all. The control arm bushing/arms were fine. The oil separator did not need to be replaced, just one hose and the oil filter housing was not leaking at all. Again, it was just another hose that needed to be replaced. With this good news I decided to have piece of mind and have a full Inspection II service along with the differential repair. Andrew had two of his techs working at various times together to make sure all of the work would be completed for me. All of the parts needed to repair my car including rebuilding the cooling system where on the shelf at his shop. He even had a replacement shift knob that was needed! Here's the best news, it all came together and and my out the door price was no where close to the $6,000 quote from the dealership. I'm writing this review after two weeks of driving the car and everything is great with no issues! Whether you live a mile or two from Avus or over an hour or more away, it is worth the drive to have the crew at Avus service your car. The staff at Avus spends the time to thoroughly explain any issues and recommend which repairs are necessary and which ones can be postponed. If you are looking for the best quality BMW service at fair prices, you owe it to yourself to give Avus Autosport a try!

    Jeff L.

    2004 BMW ZHP
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  • Josh McGuire
    Josh McGuire9 years ago

    I've been taking my cars to Avus Autosport for several years now. First was a 325is and now a 330CiC. They've always been honest and straight with me and the guys there do great work. I live in El Segundo but make the drive to Glendale because it's worth it. Take your car to Avus, they really take care of you there!

    BMW 330 CiC
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  • Phillip J. Underwood
    Phillip J. Underwood9 years ago

    Stop looking for a BMW repair shop and get over to Avus Autosport today. This is the only place that you want to take your car. I've been to the rest but this is the best. The focus at Avus is all about service, repair service and customer service. What makes Avus special are the people. Andrew (owner) has assembled a staff of experts that not only get the repairs right but they care about you as a vital part of their customer service. They are the experts but they listen to what you have to say and give all of your concerns full attention. Both my wife and I have BMW sedans that we bought at a local dealer. What we thought was being well cared for, before we were directed to Avus, we found to be barely being taken care of. At Avus they won't let you leave until you are completely satisfied with your car and that includes the PRICING!!! The shop is clean, the staff is friendly & caring, and the repairs are expertly performed. What are you waiting for? Get to Avus Autosport in Glendale for any repairs to your cherished investments.

    2000 BMW M5
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  • Chris
    Chris10 years ago

    I've been taking my BMW to Avus Autosport for a few years, because the warranty was over. I LOVE them. The owner, Andrew, is always there and he understands if your car has a lot of years and miles and will not recommend anything you don't need. I needed tires and they used a shop a couple of doors down, didn't mark up the tires, just made my life easier. They also recommended the tires they have on their BMWs, and they weren't outrageously expensive. The thing about this place is that there is no "us and them" attitude you get other places. That's what people mean when they say they treat you like family. I totally trust them and that's hard to find in LA. I wish more places were this upfront and honest and fair. Amir is the friendly young guy you'll probably talk to on the phone and meet first - he knows what he's doing and will take good care of you. I would recommend this place to anyone - no, wait, only to nice people because they deserve customers who appreciate them.

    Chris D.K.


    2002 BMW 330i
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  • Stefano Da Fre
    Stefano Da Fre10 years ago

    Make no mistake: This is professional service at the highest level. Andrew & Ruben, Amir and Sandro make there clients feel like family. When you are here, you are treated like family. No one nickles and dimes you. They tell it straight. They are excellent, stand by their maintenance work with pride. They love what they do, and pass that exceptional quality back to the client & their needs. I've been to mechanics across the continent, New York City, Montreal, Los Angeles and Everywhere in between. If you want the best- Go to Avus Autosport. Try them, You'll be happy you did.

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  • Frank Luciano
    Frank Luciano10 years ago

    I have been a customer of Andrew's for over 5 years. I never write reviews but I feel everyone should support small businesses. This place won't be small for long! The entire staff are professional and it seems they always perform. If you have any doubt about who is working on your car or if they will stand behind the job done then stop by and see the people at Avus Autosport. If you allow them to work on your car you will always come back and will tell someone else...I have.

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  • Amanda
    Amanda10 years ago

    I would highly recommend Avus Autosport. Andrew Kahn, the owner, is awesome. Everyone on his staff is wonderful too! I brought my BMW to them for a big repair, they fixed it faster than I thought they would. They made me feel very welcomed and treated me like a lady without the "you are a woman and know nothing about cars routine."

    Ladies, go and get your car fixed right the first time without all the hassle!


    Malibu, CA

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  • Larry Lippold
    Larry Lippold10 years ago

    We have a 97 M3 4 door and a 2002 330i. Have been bringing our cars to Avus Autosport since 2004. I like the fact that they recommend service that will keep our cars on the road, rather than waiting for them to break down. They are not cheap, but they do wonderful work and have gone the extra mile for us with an AC problem on the M3.

    It is a friendly place to do business with and they are truly BMW enthusiast.

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  • Ivan Houston
    Ivan Houston10 years ago

    I have a 2001 325I with over 100K. For the last few years I've taken it to Avus Autosport for typical and specialized repair. I've been grateful for the attention that Andrew and his crew has paid to my car's need as well as my pocketbook. I don't want a new car (yet), and as long as Avus takes care of it, I won't have to worry about that for sometime to come. I've recommended them to my neighbors who were also fed up with the dealership experience. They came back happy.

    Thanks for the attention. This go round, you get and extra plus plus.

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  • York Tsuruta
    York Tsuruta10 years ago

    I would highly recommend Avus Autosport. The owner, Andrew, and all his staff know all their clients on a first name basis and treat them like friends. The shop is imaculate and one look at the cars, equipment, and service bays told me all I needed to know. This was the right place to resurect my 540 that has 114K miles. I had already been given an astronomical quotes from other mechanics to get my car back on the road, let alone in top form. Avus staff asked me a few questions about what issues I was having and without even having to look at the car they knew what I was describing as it was common knowledge to them. I expected a 2-3 week turn around but in just a few days, they fixed those known issues and a whole lot more, all for less than my other quotes. My car now runs better than when I first bought it at 52 K miles.

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  • Willy Guggenheim
    Willy Guggenheim11 years ago

    AMAZING BMW & MINI SPECIALISTS!!!!!! I have been to many different Mini shops for my Mini cooper & I MUST say this one is the BEST. The Mini technicians here are geniuses of Mini! This is the one stop shop for all Mini and BMW needs. I recommended my friend to bring his BMW here & they took his car to the dealer, so it was FREE in the end. They did all of his BMW service & he said "These people rock. I will never go anywhere else, ever!" They gave me AMAZING deals for all my Mini services & repairs that I have needed. They rock! I highly, highly, highly recommend them!!!!! I wish I could give them 6+ stars!!!

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