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Berkeley BMW Service and Repairs -- Serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

At Bavarian Professionals our goal is to give our clients efficient, expert BMW service and repair by providing the highest level of craftsmanship and technical precision at reasonable prices. Our standards are the highest and our commitment to ongoing technical training allows us to perform to those standards. We offer BMW car care tailored to our clients' individual needs. By providing our clients with clear information, we enable them to make informed decisions regarding their car's service. BMW has built a tradition of designing and manufacturing some of the best cars in the world through superior engineering and a passion for excellence. Bavarian Professionals is proud to carry on that tradition by servicing and repairing BMWs to factory standards.

1 Review

  • Jason C
    Jason C8 years ago

    Overall: A

    Positives: Drove to Berkeley from the city to get my convertible thoroughly looked over and serviced (PPI) after being set aside for over a week by their SF-based competitors. They took me as a call-ahead walk-in. Outstanding! Had this particular BMW originally looked over by Niello BMW; their process was far less in-depth and they seemed much less concerned with catching any problems in advance. BavPros ETA for work completed was fairly spot on. Front reception woman was very engaging, friendly, and knowledgeable (e46 enthusiast here) about the many preventative services I wanted to talk about having done. Discussed some of the pros/cons over some of the preventative measures that BMW themselves don't advise. Very straight forward with me. Straight shooters in a repair shop!? Awesome

    Negatives: Their waiting lounge is nonexistent... 2 chairs awkwardly placed on either side of the small reception (so that you get to feel a bit too close as customers come in after you and get in line while ur seated). Remedied this by walking down to Rex BBQ for lunch and a beer. Last negative is their pricing for some routine services is overpriced. SF BMW is cheaper for routine service.

    Again, overall... A rating

    Thanks BavPros

    2006 BMW vert
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