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2635 Lavery Ct., #7
Newbury Park, CA 91320 US
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Newbury Park's Trusted BMW Dealership Alternative Since 1996

Our goal for you, the reason I am here: To provide the best in care and service for you and your BMW so that your job is to simply enjoy the Ultimate Driving Machine.

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Service Offerings

  • Personal, one-on-one service, no employees, one man shop
  • Full repairs & comprehensive service, based on your goals for your vehicle, or just a simple oil & filter change
  • Advanced engine, computer & electrical diagnostic services
  • Pre-purchase Inspection
  • Air conditioning service
  • Latest in diagnostic tools & equipment
  • All service & repair information available at our disposal, same as the dealer level, to properly service & repair your vehicle.
  • Two year warranty on work performed (unless stated otherwise)

Now offering value priced repairs for all models of BMWs up to model year 2001 (3-series up to 2005 model year, 5-series up to model year 2003).

Training & Certifications

  • PIT Phoenix Institute of Technology(600 hours of training), Automotive Diagnostic Technician, certified 1979
  • BMW Master certified technician
  • ASE Master certified technician - I have held this level of certification for 40 years
  • ASE L1 Advanced engine performance certification
  • Numerous individual training classes, come see our bragging wall of certificates in my office.

Professional Affiliations

  • ASC-CA Automotive Service Councils of Calif. member
  • ASA Automotive Service Association member
  • US Chamber of Commerce member
  • NFIB National Federation of Independent Business member
  • BMWCCA member #128850
  • BIMRS Technical group member
  • IATN International Automotive Technicians Network sponsoring member
  • Who`s who of Executives & Professionals

Meet Our Team

  • Brad Kyle

    Owner & Technician

    I have been working on German cars in general for 44+ years, 40+ years of that has been on exclusively BMWs, 11 years of that was at the dealer level.


  • Brad knows his stuff. Brad is the “go to” BMW guru that will fix your car for a very fair and reasonable price.

    Donna C., via Google
  • Brad is a frighteningly honest mechanic. For anyone driving a BMW out of warranty, please go to Brad.

    John R., via Google

Awards & Affiliations

ASE CertifiedASE Certified

10 Reviews

  • N. L.
    N. L.8 years ago

    I first went to Brad earlier this year after seeing his card on one of my Bimmers in a Mini mall parking lot. I was looking for an alternative to the BMW dealers, since both my cars were no longer under warranty (and lately every time I went to the dealer they always found something “wrong” and recommending for repair at $$$). I have since taken both Bimmers to Brad’s on multiple occasions, and highly recommend him. He is quite knowledgeable about the cars, and explains things in a way that is understandable and balanced. He is very honest and will not try to “sell” you something that you don’t need, but rather explain what is the situation and what are your options. In fact, his advice to consider holding off on repairs at his shop to see if the dealer might cover a very expensive repair (even though it was no longer covered by a warranty) resulted in me successfully getting the dealer to cover 2/3 of the repair costs (a significant cost savings). I have also found him to be very prompt and responsive (always either answers the phone or calls back the same day, and the work has always been completed within the timeframe conveyed). Needless to say, I can’t imagine using the dealers anymore after having found Brad’s Motor Werkes.

    2009 BMW X5
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  • Andrew
    Andrew9 years ago

    I can't recommend Brad's Motor Werkes enough! He is the kind of mechanic you'd wish you'd gone to since you bought your first car. Very honest and professional, Brad has been working on BMWs for over 25 years. He's a BMW trained Master certified mechanic and he really knows his stuff when it comes to these cars and is willing to take the time to share it with his customers without hesitation. He keeps detailed history on every vehicle he services and isn't pushy when it comes to what needs to be done and is honest with what doesn't. Pricing is also fair when compared to dealership rates. I'm a big BMW enthusiast and have met many mechanics in my time, Brad is the only one I trust to service my car.

    Also, I noticed some complaints about not answering the phone. Please keep in mind Brad runs a 1 man shop. He's not able to answer every call that comes in. Leave a message and he has no problem getting back to you in a timely matter.

    2003 BMW E46
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  • Dan Alpern
    Dan Alpern12 years ago

    Brad's Motor Werkes took care of my 2005 330 Cic. I had no problem reaching Brad on the phone; and when I left a message later in the day, he promptly returned my call (remember he is a one man shop, so he can't work on the car and answer the phone, which is fine with me!). The work was done on time as estimated. He took the time to discuss my goals for the car. MUCH better than my experience at the dealership!

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  • Jim
    Jim12 years ago

    Used Brad's Motor Werkes to do an inspection, oil change, front brakes, etc, on my E46 325cic at around 150k miles. He did a good job, on schedule, called with reasonable estimates for the work to be done. Quite a list of things to do, we wound up doing about half, and deferring some of the others, but I'll go back to do the rest.

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  • Not Steve
    Not Steve13 years ago

    All the reviews of Brad's shop have been very positive. The person I bought my BMW from also recommended him. Unfortunetly. I have called his shop on more than five separate occasions, and have never talked to him. He has never once answered his phone. Left messages, no reply. I am extremely dissapointed with this shop for this. I gave up..

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  • Michael B. Antoine
    Michael B. Antoine14 years ago

    I own a 1990 BMW 750 IL and I agree 200% with the 4 statements above. When I first used Brad's Motor Werkes, he solved a problem with my engine that none of 4 other mechanics in the previous 2 years (at a cost of $1,500) had been able to diagnose and repair. He did this in 30 minutes at a minimum of cost.

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  • Steve Scott
    Steve Scott14 years ago

    Brad is a great mechanic. I have been bringing my Bimmers to him for a long time and I am confident that my car is in good hands every time. Brad's Motor Werkes is a great shop and I highly recommend him over going to a dealership, especially with older cars.

    As a side note it looks like a lot of "Steve's" out here love Bimmers.

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  • Steven V
    Steven V14 years ago

    Yup, Brad does top-notch work, keeps great records, and provides very detailed service notes. He always has time to talk about your car and your situation.

    From timely maintenance to suspension work to diagnosing and fixing erratic engine behavior, Brad's Motor Werkes took great care of my older 3-series.

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  • David N Cook
    David N Cook15 years ago

    I am in total agreement with Stephen above. Brad keeps very good records and all of his recommendations and finished works are top-notch. His prices are in line with industry standards.

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  • Stephen Mollner
    Stephen Mollner16 years ago

    Brad provides great service at a fair price. This is one person you can trust with complete confidence.

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