Cisco's Benz and Beemers Auto Repair

9851 8th Street, Unit B,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 US
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Specializing on BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Mini with the latest dealership programming and diagnostic equipment. Here to serve all the L.A. county and I.E. We are an alternative to all dealerships high cost to diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance to your vehicle. All parts are (OEM) original equipment manufacturers with equivalent repairs to dealerships or BETTER. Visit us online or our Yelp page for reviews.

3 Reviews

  • David
    David6 years ago

    This guy does not know what he is doing. He knows few people who have a shop in Montclair or pomona and send cars there to get fixed and charge you lot of money. Service is not good at all and he keeps the car for long time and don't even fixed it right.

    2007 BMW 750li
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  • Steven Luna
    Steven Luna8 years ago

    I took my wife's BMW in for an estimate on some undercarriage damage that occurred at a car wash. Cisco's performed the estimate in a reasonable amount of time and although I felt their estimate was reasonable, my wife chose not to have them repair it.The problem occurred the following day when I came to pick up the car. When I arrived, there was only 1 person there (it was at lunchtime) and he could not find my car. He went to the back, made a phone call then returned and told me the car was out on a road test. I wondered why a road test when I told them no work was to be done. It turns out he was trying to cover for another employee that took our care out to use for his personal use! He returned about 20 minutes later with a toy in the front seat. Although he did apologize, never again will I trust this shop to do anything. Who knows many times this occurs at this shop. I truly believe this was not an isolated incident, they just got caught this buyer beware!

    2009 BMW 335
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  • Mike Phillips
    Mike Phillips8 years ago

    100% Quality service and stand up owner. Very reasonable prices and great customer service. Just found my new BMW shop for my bimmer. :-)

    2004 BMW 530i
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