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Dose Independent BMW service is your solution for an affordable BMW service and repair shop in San Diego. Located in El Cajon since 1987, we are just minutes from your home or office.

Dose Inc. is one of the few authorized ZF automatic transmission shops in the U.S. This gives us direct access to factory ZF parts and information for that no reverse or strange transmission problem you are having with your BMW.

We are an authorized Dinan dealer, able to add performance to your BMW and without voiding your factory warranty.

We now perform complete Mini Cooper service and repair — and we can rebuild your Mini Cooper CVT transmission.

Dose Independent BMW service is a family owned and operated facility and would love for you to become part of our family.


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    Always do a great job on my M5 maintenance and repairs! Highly recommend! Top notch staff and service at a great price!

    Patrick M., via Google
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    Affordable prices, great customer service. Beats the BMW dealership by far. Got my work done fast and was on my way.

    Eliseo V., via Google
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    It’s the one and only place to go if you want your auto repair work done to perfection.

    Rob A., via Google

10 Reviews

  • Leon Ellwein
    Leon Ellwein1 year ago

    With 78,000 miles on my BMW 2010 528i, and my local BMW San Diego dealer saying they would not change the transmission fluid because it was lifetime, I went to Dose Independent BMW Service. They replaced the 6HP 19-21 transmission pan/filter and ZF LIFE GUARD 6 fluid. The improvement in up/down shifting is now as smooth as when the car was new. Without any reservation I whole heartedly recommend this Dose family shop for OEM transmission service!

    2010 BMW 528i
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  • Randy M
    Randy M2 years ago

    I am writing this review because my experience with DOSE BMW changed the way I look at BMW maintenance and repair. I've owned BMWs for over 25 years, and consider myself an "enthusiast." Meaning I own these cars because I value the engineering and driving experience. I also enjoy maintaining and repairing my cars myself. Traditionally, once the factory warranty has expired, I do all the maintenance and some of the repairs myself. Over the years this has included M62 timing chains, rear differentials, E30 and E39 complete suspension replacements, N63 turbo oil return leak, etc. (as a kid I was a dyed-in-the wool MOPAR nut, and learned the basics back then). I am not a master technician, but I certainly know my way around these cars. Regardless, for repairs that I did not feel comfortable tackling myself, I always took my cars to the dealer.

    Back in the day, my local (east county) dealership was family owned and had a close-knit culture. It was easy to work with the sales people, the parts guys, and the service advisors. But as is usually the case, the dealership was sold to a corporation, and all those people either left or changed as the culture changed. I continued to take my business there because I was convinced that if I didn't do the work myself, the only other place that should do it was the dealership.

    Enter my F10 550i. Those of you who know what an N63 is will understand - those of you who do not, keep reading anyway. This car is immaculate, and out of warranty. All normal and abnormal repairs (including new valve stem seals) were performed at the dealer. So when the engine spun a rod bearing with ZERO warning and at relatively low mileage, I was surprised and extremely disappointed in my car and in BMW. I attempted to work with the dealership to determine whether BMW would cover any of the repairs (under their class-action lawsuit-mandated warranty), but they seemed completely uninterested. So with a gorgeous, worthless paperweight parked in the garage, I started thinking about alternatives to writing a large check. I remembered seeing a white pickup in the neighborhood with DOSE BMW on the rear bumper, and looked them up.

    My first contact with DOSE was a phone call - Brandon very willingly spent a good amount of time describing the project and what I could expect. When I met Steve, he also took the time to get to know me and describe his history (BMW master technician) and that of his company. Throughout the entire experience, DOSE created a sense of confidence that put me at ease over leaving my vehicle there for a major transplant. And for the record, to remove the engine from these cars the entire front end is removed from the bottom... this is a major effort.

    I randomly showed up at the shop midway through the installation of my new engine: the place is spotless and obviously always that way: you can tell when a shop is KEPT clean vs. cleaned up now and then. Best of all, Steve answers to no one but himself (and maybe his wife) - there are no corporate VPs breathing down his neck demanding he meet performance metrics. The culture at DOSE is clear: they provide you up-front pricing with a clear discussion of the work to be completed. And they do the work with pride and confidence. My car was returned to me in spotless condition - no new rattles, no unexplained error codes, it's just... right.

    Now that this ordeal is behind me, I compare the DOSE experience against the dealer one, and there just isn't any meaningful comparison. The pricing is better (they don't have to support the fancy showroom or huge staff), the service is better (they genuinely care about your experience, since the vast majority of their business is word-of-mouth)... they are just better all the way around. Take your car there for any maintenance or repair: you'll thank this review when you're done.

    No, I am not affiliated with DOSE in any way, other than that of a very satisfied customer.

    2012 BMW F10 550i
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  • Rob Adams
    Rob Adams6 years ago

    LOVE THESE GUYS! I have had many BMWs over the years and trying to find a "good" repair shop in San Diego was a nightmare. I was referred to Dose years ago by a friend and have been with them every since.

    Great Prices, Fast Repairs and VERY Honest People! I have sent many people to Dose and now they will not go anywhere else as well. Steve & Brandon are The BEST! It's a family business and they treat their customers like family. If you want it done right, the 1st time...go to DOSE!

    1998 BMW M3 Convertiable
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  • Billy
    Billy8 years ago

    By far the BEST BMW shop in SoCal (probably the best in the entire country but I've only used shops in SoCal). I started having the dreaded 'electrical' issues, followed by AC issues and many shops wouldn't even touch my car. Before finding DOSE, I took my car to several other "awesome" shops that were referred to me in the SoCal area but they have ALL failed where DOSE has succeeded! Don't bother taking your BMW anywhere else - it will only cost you more money & wasted time as other shops "guess" what's wrong with your car - DOSE actually figures out what's wrong and fixes it - saving you time and money!!

    2003 BMW 745Li
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  • Peter D
    Peter D10 years ago

    Steve Dose is a motorhead's mechanic.

    He understands BMWs better than anybody I've ever met.

    He rebuilt my 2003's 530i 's transmission beautifully (and this is not an easy transmission to tackle. See the web for the horror stories about the ZF tranny.) And he did it for less than a dealer would charge!

    I'm a motorhead, and I appreciate great work. Everything Steve has done looks first rate -- and he follows up his service with a phone call to see how your car is doing.

    That's unprecedented, in my experience.

    But Steve takes great pride in his knowledge and his work.

    He's also extremely conscientious, and a really decent guy, to boot.

    Car repair is a field fraught with conflict. On this field, Steve conducts himself with

    responsibility and integrity.

    Steve Dose is, truly, as good as it gets.

    He was worth the drive from Malibu.


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  • Edward M.
    Edward M.10 years ago

    I have a '03 BMW X5 4.6is and the transmission has about 50k on it (replaced by Rusnak BMW at 60k). The tranny started to slip and bang in low gear and on acceleration. I found out about Dose BMW through the X5 forum and gave it a try. It's the best decision I've made considering their amount of experience with strictly BMWs and ZF transmissions. The shop is immaculate and spotless. Steve Dose (owner) is a great guy who is very professional and knowledgeable about the ZF transmissions. He allowed me to enter the shop area and showed me exactly what parts were replaced. The transmission was fixed in a very timely manner. It was definitely worth the drive from LA to San Diego. I highly recommend Dose BMW, for any BMW services, especially transmission problems. Hands down a very competent and knowledgeable team, with a immaculate working area. Well done Dose BMW.

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  • Deborah
    Deborah11 years ago

    I love these guys and had the best experience in repairing my 1998 failed transmission. They taught me so much about how to treat my car (which I LOVE) so I can keep it in the best shape possible. Believe me there's much more to know that is NOT in the manual, which I read, of course. That transmission fluid really does need to be changed! Their knowledge and experience has and will save me so much money and grief that I am forever grateful. I recommend Dose BMW Service highly and will never go anywhere else.

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  • Chris
    Chris11 years ago

    I found out about Steve from a post by a fellow E39 owner at a popular BMW forum. Based on what I read and from my dealings with him, it's apparent that Steve really knows his stuff when it comes to the ZF transmissions. I purchased a torque converter from him and had a local shop install it (in TN).

    Knowing I was buying a ZF part from a ZF shop gave me the additional peace of mind that I was doing the best thing possible for my car. I can't say enough positive things about the entire process, and based on my experience would highly recommend Dose BMW Service to anyone.

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  • Dan
    Dan12 years ago

    Steve at Dose is a professional that knows the ZF transmission. I shipped mine half way across the country to be fixed by Dose. It was turned around as promised and is currently back in my 530i and running like new.

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  • Jane
    Jane14 years ago

    Dose BMW was affordable and professional. I dealt directly with Brandon and he was very helpful. I give Dose BMW 2 thumbs up!

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