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1980 E. Walnut Street,
Pasadena, CA 91107 US
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DTM Auto Salon is located in the city of Pasadena providing quality BMW service/diagnosis/repairs and performance upgrades with reasonable rates and a fast turnaround time. We work one on one with you to fully maximize your current vehicle by educating and advising you on any upgrades or replacements that may be necessary for your BMW. We are professional, easy to work with, reliable, and knowledgeable.

Our repairs include: ALL Early and Late model trouble shooting, programming, and coding. E60 (5 Series), E64 (6 Series), E65 (7 Series), E70 (X5), E71 (X6), E82 (1 Series), and E90 (3 Series). Specializing in every and all BMW repair and service. We use factory parts, factory diagnosis equipment, and factory trained and certified technicians.

We understand your BMW is important, be it to get you to the office, home, or on the track. No more waiting for an appointment at the dealership, that can take several days. Centrally located in Pasadena, just north of San Marino, Alhambra, Arcadia, San Gabriel, Monterey Park, and very near La Canada.

Why choose DTM Auto Salon?

  • Dealership/factory quality BMW repair - Your BMW is important whether it is used for business, school, or leisure. Since it is used daily, you must seek a professional to service your BMW. Time and again, we have heard of clients letting their co worker's son, or neighbor fix their BMW. This usually makes things worse or the problems eventually come back. Get the job done right the first time and bring it to DTM Auto Salon, the best choice for BMW Repair in Pasadena.
  • Personal Service - While getting your BMW repaired, it is always nice to know that there is someone who cares for the car like it is one of their own. Here at DTM Auto Salon, we will always keep you in the loop with regular status updates and will even email pictures of currently present issues. During service, we may invite you into the shop to check out any upcoming or current issues as well.
  • Fast turnaround time - Most vehicles brought in for repair/diagnosis service are ready for pick up the next day, please call for details.
  • Affordable Prices - We offer BMW repair service at a "working man's" price. Our overhead is low so your price will be too!
  • Up front quote - Estimates are given before any work is started. We will do everything possible to service your BMW quickly, at an affordable price, and with the utmost quality.
  • No hidden fees - The quote is what you pay, not a penny more.
  • Easy to work with - We are located in Pasadena, just minutes away from San Marino, San Gabriel, Alhambra, and La Canada. Just south of the 210 freeway, where Foothill and Walnut St. split in Pasadena. All your questions will be answered regarding your BMW repair and service.

We offer BMW repair service for all models, early or late!

Call us today for all your BMW repair/service needs. We look forward to working with you!

4 Reviews

  • Dr. Li
    Dr. Li11 years ago

    I also highly recommend DTM Auto Salon for all your BMW service needs. I have a 7 series that had a Tire Error light that had been lit for most of the 5 years that I have owned the vehicle. After numerous attempts to have it corrected by the dealer, they we're ultimately unable to rectify the issue. I found Dan Taylor (in Monterey Park at the time), and he was able to correct the issue on first attempt! He has saved me so much money and time! DTM Auto salon has now moved to the Pasadena area (right down the street from In&Out;) and the service has not faltered one bit! So, to re-iterate, DTM Auto salon is the BEST BMW service Ever! Thanks guys!

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  • Miss Smith
    Miss Smith11 years ago

    I brought my BMW to Dan when I found out that he was The Dan Taylor...my Service Advisor from New Century BMW. I was so relieved to find a truly honest mechanic. Dan helped me for years at the dealer, and then one day, he was gone. I went on a frantic search for him and finally I was told that he opened up his own shop! I went for a visit and, like always, Dan took expert care of me and my 530i. He even went as far as showing me what was leaking, and made me a list of most to least important. I went ahead and fixed everything! The price was so good I couldn't resist! My BMW feels and drives like new now!!! Thanks Dan and his team! I'm so glad I found you again!

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  • Harry
    Harry12 years ago

    Took my BMW 7series to these guys. Other repair shops couldn't handle the scope of work that it needed and the dealer wanted to charge me an astrinomical amount for repairs. Dan took great care of me and actually explained the repairs necessary to fix my car. He even showed me what was leaking and made a list of most to least important. I've never had a more personal and pleasant experience at a repair shop (even at the dealers)! Thanks Dan! I'll tell all my friends!

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  • Mc180sx@msn.com
    Mc180sx@msn.com12 years ago

    DTM Auto Salon is a great independant BMW mechanic. I found them on google while looking for a good BMW mechanic. I needed to get my brakes replaced but I was my M3 but I was tired of spending so much money at the dealerships on repairs. So I figures I'd try to save some money and find a good independant BMW mechanic. I have to say DTM Auto Salon was a lucky find! The owner Dan and his tech have extensive BMW dealership experience, great customer service, along with very good pricing for a BMW shop. I recommend DTM Auto Salon to anybody who needs their BMW fixed or just needs regular maintenance. From 1 series to 7 series or even minis, they have all the equipment to work on those cars just like a regular BMW dealership does. Two positive thumbs up!

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