European Motorsport BMW/Mini Specialists

3870 Benatar Way, Ste. C,
Chico, CA 95928 US
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European Motorsport in Chico, CA is the North Valley's only independent BMW specialists.

We service, repair and modify BMW's and Mini's exclusively! In business exclusively with BMW's for 23 years. Formerly 10 years with the local BMW dealership.

We have all of the BMW diagnostic equipment, programming tools, special tools, 3GIO, corporate connections that put our shop above and beyond BMW dealership service levels. One of the founding members of BIMRS. Members of BIMRS, BimmerTech (founder), MiniTech (founder), Butte College Automotive Program Advisory Board.

4 Reviews

  • Tim F
    Tim F9 years ago

    My newer 3 series diesel is my 4th BMW and I guess you could call me a BMW fanatic! I have been going to European Motorsport for over 20 years and all I can say is that there is NO OTHER PLACE to go in Northern California that can even come close to these guys. They don't puff themselves up much, or tell you how great and wonderful they are, and they don't have that "prima donna" attitude (like so many other Euro "experts"). There are a few other shops that will tell you that they are BMW experts and pretty much that they "know everything", but these guys have been THE place to go for BMW service for as long as I can remember. The owner Rion is pretty soft spoken but has got credentials and accomplishments that, well, you should check out for yourself. I think he could work on my cars blindfolded. My friends and neighbors think that I'm rich because I own BMWs. If they only knew how little I've spent over the years, mainly because I take my BMWs to honest expert specialists that frankly don't charge what they are really worth. But I guess that fact can be my little secret ;)

    2009 BMW 335d
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  • Steve Billingsley
    Steve Billingsley9 years ago

    Just the best. Nothing to add. this is where you need to go if you own a BMW, or Mini too. Once you go there you will understand what I'm talking about!

    2010 BMW X5
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  • Jeff Simpson
    Jeff Simpson10 years ago

    I have been doing business with Rion for over 20 years. My sister and my uncle also have had their BMW's serviced there. There are 3 associates at the firm that I work with who go to EM also. I have had friends ask (beg) them to work on their other German cars, but they say they will only do BMW's and if they did other makes they would have to compromize on their exclusive "focus". They have always tried to keep my BMW's cost-effective for me, and I think people would be surprized at how afordable these cars can be (on second thought maybe I shouldn't say this, and everyone can think that I'm just a very wealthy man). If you live in the Chico area and you talk to other BMW owners, you probably already know that there is only one place to take your BMW. Thanks EMsport! Jeff Simpson

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  • Tim Fuller
    Tim Fuller14 years ago

    These guys have been taking care of my BMWs for almost twenty years. Very professional and fair. It's a bargain to get this kind of expertise at the prices that they charge. I've never had them hang a part on one of my cars to try to make a problem disappear. They actually diagnose. The local dealer had my X3 for a month and couldn't figure out the problem after trying many part changes and reprograms and runarounds. The folks at European Motorsport had the car back to me fixed in one day, total charge $89. Tim

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    Rion Groh10 years ago

    Thanks Tim - we value each and every one of our customers, and we appreciate and honor our good, loyal customers... The best compliment that we constantly receive is the emulation by other wanna-be "BMW/Mini shops" (we don't drink on the job though). Fairness and treating people ethically gives us the most satisfaction from our profession. We like to sleep, and sleep well at night. We know that we can be a part of our small community without someone coming up behind us with a baseball bat. The "word-of-mouth" is still out there -- after 23 years we are still known as "the only place in Butte County that you should take your BMW (and now Mini) to". We don't need to bad-mouth other shops -- BMW owners are usually savvy enough to figure things out eventually. If we take care of our customers, they will take care of us...