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273 Pacific Street,
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 US
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We've been supplying the San Luis Obispo community with expert European auto repair, including BMW repair, since 1971.

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3 Reviews

  • Bill5 years ago

    I accidently filled my VW Jetta TDI (diesel) fuel tank with unleaded gasoline. I called several shops and was quoted as much as $700 to remedy the problem.

    German Auto quoted much less so I had the car towed to their shop and they called me the next morning to say it was done. The charge was under $200 to drain the tank, flush out the fuel system and replace the fuel filter. The car was returned to me washed and vacuumed and with 5 gallons of fresh diesel. This shop clearly does business the old fashioned way and earns repeat business. I can highly recommend German Auto.

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  • Jim5 years ago

    I have been taking my 1985 M635 BMW to German auto since I bought it +/- 5 years ago. I have and very good service from them. Technicaly very competant group of guys. The owner is a bit of a crumudgen but I have confidence in the work done there and am willing to pay for that confidance.

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  • Claire7 years ago

    I had a horrible experience here! I took my 1988 BMW in because it was making a strange noise whenever i drove and they told me that I would never be able to drive it again. They said even if they could repair it, it would cost so much that it wouldn't be worth it. I took it somewhere else for a second opinion, and while it wasn't cheap to fix it, it was thousands less than German Auto had quoted. I will NEVER go there again!

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