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We are a one stop BMW specialty shop that takes pride in outstanding customer service and an uncanny ability to articulate information to our clients in a non-technical manner.

Our facility boasts an immaculate, almost sterile environment. This atmosphere is conducive to harmony for our employee's as well as our clients and their vehicles.

Integrity Motorcar is tireless with respect to our commitment to continuous education; furthermore this commitment lends itself to the use of the latest service techniques with state of the art electronics and equipment. Simply put, this creates a win win situation for our clients and staff.

We look forward to exceeding all your expectations.

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  • This is one of those times where I am excited, in fact, blessed to write a letter about a service provider, now friend, who is exemplary in his field and leaves his competitors coughing in a trail of exhaust fumes.

    Dean Del Sesto

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18 Reviews

  • Steve Goodman
    Steve Goodman2 months ago

    I recently entrusted my BMW Coupe to the skilled hands of Integrity Motorcar in Yorba Linda, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

    First and foremost, the owner and technicians at Integrity Motorcar are true experts in their field. Their knowledge and expertise were immediately apparent, and I felt confident knowing that my vehicle was in the best possible hands.

    The work done on my car was nothing short of extraordinary. Not only does it shift like a dream now, but it also drives better than when it was new. They had it tuned to be the performance car that it was meant to be. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence demonstrated by the team at Integrity Motorcar sets them apart. The owner and technicians go above and beyond to ensure that repairs are made to the highest standards, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for perfection.

    They kept me informed every step of the way on the progress of the repairs and offering valuable insights into the maintenance needs of my BMW.

    I highly recommend Integrity Motorcar to anyone in need of BMW repairs or maintenance.

    2018 BMW 440i Coupe
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  • Michael Womack
    Michael Womack2 years ago

    I highly recommend Integrity Motorcar. Sevan was very upfront about the issues he found on my car after the inspection, no hard sells, just plain facts. He was willing to do what he could within a set budget. My 2004 BMW Z4 feels much more stable after all the work Integrity Motorcars did. I will definitely be using them for all my car needs.

    2004 BMW Z4 E85
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  • Ryan Lawton
    Ryan Lawton3 years ago

    The shop owner and foreman- Sevan, really knows his stuff and does it at a fair price. He’s a true enthusiast and actually puts in the extra time with customers to make sure you understand what’s going on with your car. He always is super communicative with me and the quality of his work is next to none. I trust him with my car because I know he has a respect and knowledge for these machines. Going to the dealership is a L- take your car here.

    2004 BMW 325ci
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  • Andrew R
    Andrew R10 years ago

    I have been a customer of Integrity Motorcar for two years now. There are BMW shops closer to my house, but Sevan's expertise, knowledge, and honesty has me returning year after year.

    Frankly, I can't imagine anyone else touching my car. From the front office to the garage, the level of professionalism exhibited by the staff is unrivaled.

    As long as I own a German car, I will bring it here for years to come.

    2007 BMW 525i
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  • Fred
    Fred13 years ago

    I had my car towed into Integrity Motorcars not knowing what to expect. All I can say now is that Integrity Motorcars is top-notch. Sevan was very familiar with the nuances of my BMW E46 cooling system and he knew exactly what needed to be done to put it back into reliable working order. From my experiences as an engineer in the aerospace business, I know what it takes to maintain and repair mechanical systems, and Sevan definitely knows how to do it. I really appreciated Sevan's attention to detail and his ability to explain to me the rationale for every item that was replaced or repaired. You can expect to get knowledgeable diagnosis and a thorough repair from Integrity Motorcar.

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  • Cherie
    Cherie14 years ago

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you did for Kelsey and me. She could not stop talking about how NICE you and your wife are. She said you made her feel like a surrogate child! You took time to talk to her, and to me a couple of times, you picked her up… bought her a hot dog for Christ’s sake! She told me you gave her car tips and said if she ever needed something to give you a call. WHO ARE YOU?

    Seriously, there are few people in this world who would care enough to even THINK to do it but you DID it. Again, whatever you believe, karma? I am sure yours will come back many-fold!

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  • Peter
    Peter14 years ago

    I greatly appreciated the high level of client service that the staff at Integrity Motorcar provided on the recent mounting/HunterRoadforce balancing of the new tires on my BMW E39.

    The staff at Integrity Motorcar also went the extra mile in grinding off all of the existing crud and rust that accumulated on all four of my (rust fused) wheel hubs and wheels as well as the preventive maintenance task of applying lubricant to these parts to prevent rust from forming in the future.

    In addition, the staff even spotlessly cleaned the inside portion of all five wheels (spare included) from all of the miles of caked on brake dust.

    I was highly impressed with the above performed courtesy tasks since they were not expected nor a part of the work scope of mounting tires which could have been easily ignored by a lesser quality shop.

    Sevan's (the owner) experience, customer service and knowledge of European cars is truly admirable.

    A definite return customer here

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  • J. Swing
    J. Swing14 years ago

    Thank you again for your excellent service and the time and attention you took to make this vehicle right again. It actually runs and performs like new! I will make sure to pass along a fantastic recommendation in any forum I find.

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  • Steven
    Steven14 years ago

    There aren't many quality honest auto mechanics out there but I have to say integrity motorcars is definitely one of them. I was looking for a high quality shop to mount and balance a set of new volk rims onto my lotus, and after a bit of research I decided to give this shop a try. This car is my weekend show car and I was looking for perfect service.

    Sevan took excellent care of me and listened to all of my concerns, as well as giving some of his own input as well for the best way to go about this process. I realize mounting and balancing wheels for high end, high speed race cars is not a simple task, so any shop I take my car to for this service needs to know exactly what they’re doing and have the best equipment available. Sevan’s knowledge and experience combined with the hunter gsp9700 machine (google the info on this if you haven’t already, this thing is awesome and is definitely one of the best out there) he uses fulfilled my requirement for a great auto service shop.

    This is a family run shop run by him and his wife, which I definitely consider a plus, because these sorts of shops will provide the most consistent service (but not necessarily the best!). It so happens though that this place also offers excellent service, and I only know of one other shop near Pasadena that has both of these qualities combined.

    My wheels were balanced perfectly, which are not as easy for the stock exige tires because there tends to be a good deal of inherent radial load variation. Since the installation, I’ve taken the car up to 145mph on a local track with no problems or vibrations whatsoever. At those speeds, having peace of mind that your vehicle was given the best service possible is always a plus for me.

    I don’t usually write reviews for these sorts of things, but it seems like not many people have written online reviews for Integrity motorcars because they are a low-key family run shop (their facilities are incredible though, all indoors, super clean, huge space), and since I also got a great price-point for my service, I’m writing this review as a thank you. Keep up the good work Sevan.

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  • Sara
    Sara14 years ago

    I have been meaning to thank you for your kindness and taking the time from your hectic weekend to fix the BMW so we can make it back home safely. My son, Mehran, came home and got a chance to drive the car again. He was able to feel the improvement and was very impressed with the car.

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  • Bret
    Bret15 years ago

    Out of nowhere on a Saturday my glove box jammed with wallet and cell locked inside. I could not jimmy it open or unlock and called Integrity and was told to bring it down no problem. He popped it open with no question and sent me on my way.

    I was impressed by the service, the customer care and will be back for my oil change real shortly. Recommend to all and thanks for the help on short notice


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  • Nolen Diggs
    Nolen Diggs15 years ago

    To all BMW enthusiast,

    If you are looking for a great BMW Senior Analyst ( not just a mechanic) to manage the car care of you BMW contact Sevan at Integrity Motorcar, located in Yorba Linda, California.

    His knowledge of my BMW 530 I helped me save thousands. I encountered a problem with my electronic, drivers side sport seat. The right side of the seat remained stationary when I tried to make an adjustment. Needless to say, I was alarmed because a new seat would cost 2 to 4 thousand dollars.

    Well, fortunately for me, I was able to find Sevan Garabedian, owner of Integrity Motorcar on He proved to be as good a advertised. His knowledge of my automobile and BMW helped me save thousands of dollars. I am a very satisfied customer.



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  • Tina B.
    Tina B.15 years ago

    I go to Integrity Motorcar for the personalized service, but also because they went above and beyond, like delivering my car back to me! And washing it 3 times …thinking I was going to pick up the car but can never find the time.

    Sevan always gave me at least 2 or 3 options so I can fix my car repair needs within a budget…”do this NOW and this later” or “you can wait on this but do this in x months or miles” etc.”

    Sevan’s the encyclopedia of high end cars - Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, BMWs. He will keep on going about minute details so beware if you start asking questions (smile). He’s also willing to go the extra mile to research Japanese car repairs too …our Nissan Xterra had problems in the past. Don’t have that car anymore!

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  • Izzy
    Izzy15 years ago

    I took my BMW X-3 to Integrity Motorcar for work and was so impressed with the excellent service they provided me. I know I have so many choices on servicing my BMW, but I will never go anywhere else. The staff is courteous and knowledgable, and the shop is spotless. They gave me a ride and picked me up when my car was ready. They even washed and vacuumed my X-3 which was a pleasant surprise.

    When dealing with Integrity Motorcar, it is quick and easy to get an answer to all of your questions....without having to be transferred all over the place and leave messages. You should not hesitate to have your european car serviced by Integrity Motorcar in Yorba Linda.

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  • Rich
    Rich15 years ago

    In an industry where customer service is crucial, Integrity Motorcar stands alone at the top. Their insight on European cars is unrivaled by the competitors. Bottom line Integrity Motorcar treats you like his only client and provides service that leaves the customer one hundred percent satisfied. In the German automotive world, Sevan translates it into English.

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  • D R Wilson
    D R Wilson15 years ago

    We are completely happy with the service and with your extra effort to explain the services performed. Our experienced exceeded expectations.

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  • bryan cantley
    bryan cantley15 years ago

    immaculate shop. VERY friendly installer. ULTIMATE customer service, no question. Showed me more about my car in 30 minutes than the dealers have in the last 2 years. Very fair pricing. I will be a return customer!

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  • Rickie G
    Rickie G18 years ago

    My car runs great ! I've been over to Vegas last weekend and the car ran smoothly through uphill and downhill with a scorching heat of 114 degrees. The air-condtioning was cold and temperature of the engine didn't even move a bit from the time i started the car until I got to Vegas.

    I am very happy on the work you've done to it and i will recommend you to my friends definitely. I noticed that you work with passion and its like working on your own car.

    That's one thing that sets you apart from the rest of the mechanics.

    As one of the guys told me before I met you that, You are one of the best mechanics.

    Thank you also for your patience with me.

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