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23854 Via Fabricante, #G2,
Mission Viejo, CA 92691 US
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Solely Bimmer - Our Name Says It All!
We are Orange County's Premier BMW repair shop. Specializing in BMW service and repair in Mission Viejo, CA.

At Solely Bimmer in Mission Viejo, CA, we believe that the traditional client-service provider business model is an outdated one. In many cases the relationship has become adversarial in nature - we prefer to be thought of as partners. We strive to be the kind of BMW repair shop that you recommend enthusiastically to your friends - not because we ask, but because you've found something special that deserves to be shared

5 Reviews

  • Greg4 months ago

    This place is great. If you have a BMW I highly recommend them. My car is older and not under warranty, so the dealer is just waste of time and money for me. Solely Bimmer is honest and fair and have always done good work for me.

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Keith Guidus2 years ago

    Chad is the best,most HONEST shop to do business with EVER!

    2004 BMW 545I
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  • BB6 years ago

    Thanks Chad.

    I discovered Solely BMW while in the process of buying my pre-owned BMW. Thought it would be a good idea to have it checked out before completing the purchase. Chad and his associates know BMWs inside and out. You can tell that these guy live, eat, and breath everything BMW. Plus the shop is clean, organized, and has a great vibe.

    Sure, you can go to a mechanic that can "fix" your car, but why not go to a "SPECIALIST" that knows your breed. If you drive a BMW, give it the special attention that it needs from Chad and his crew!

    These guys them today!

    P.S - Thanks again Chad for looking the vehicle over. Now I feel great about the purchase. What a great find...Solely BMW!

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  • WVL7 years ago

    It was the second day after "Independence Day" July 6, 2010 when the weather was very soupy; nearly to the point of raining. The heavy mists fail and displayed a wet Bimmer, my bimmer that needed to be repaired. This was also the day the bimmer got a new fuel pump.

    The car was towed to Solely Bimmer in Mission Viejo. I left the bimmer at the shop so that it could have a through diagnostics check. Chad called me a couple of hours later and said it needed a fuel pump. After his explanation of the work to be done and the cost, I told him to do it.

    The car was fixed within a few short hours; I had my car back in less than a day. I think the total time the car was in the shop was 6 hours.

    I'm impressed with this service and the quick turnaround time. I had found a place where I believe they will do good work at a decent price. I am sure that the dealer would have charged me twice the amount to replace the fuel pump. Anyway, I think I have found a place where I can take the bimmer to have it repaired and maintained in the future.

    I'm very pleased with his BMW shop and I will be back. Why, because I plan on keeping my bimmer for a long, long time.

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  • Emmett Bingham8 years ago

    I had my first time service from Solely Bimmer and was impressed by the enthusium and professional service received. The repair costs were also very fair compared to other service centers I have used over the years.

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