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3929 Sepulveda Blvd,
Culver City, CA 90230 US
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Swiss Motors offers the highest quality BMW service and BMW repair in Culver City, CA.

Since 1988, we have provided superior BMW service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best Independent BMW Automobile Service Center in the Culver City area.

We offer a broad range of services:

  • Oil & Filter Changes with Free Safety Check
  • Scheduled Maintenance Service
  • Cooling System Diagnosis & Repair
  • Major Engine & Transmission Repairs
  • Brake Service & Repair
  • Exhaust System Service & Repair
  • Air-conditioning Service, Repairs & Conversions
  • Fuel Injection & Computer System Service
  • Electrical System Diagnostic & Repair
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • And More!

Awards & Affiliations

BBB Accredited BusinessBBB Accredited Business
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5 Reviews

  • Joel2 years ago

    Top notch service. I have been here several times and they always know precisely what is wrong. Sometimes I think I know so much about my specific model because of the research I've done, but they seem to know more just off the top of their heads. They point out problems that other BMW "experts" miss and know what to do. (e.g., I had a bad tensioner misdiagnosed as bad power steering) You may pay a small bit more but it's very worth it for quality work. And actually, for standard jobs like replacing control arms, they priced at the same amount as other nearby mechanics.

    1995 BMW 540i
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  • Sarah7 years ago

    I definitely recommend Swiss Motors. My car always gets fixed there, and I've had plenty of problems. The guys are really nice and they just bough the store next door to extend their property. Definitely the place to go.

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  • Irma7 years ago

    I have to agree with Jochen. The guys at Swiss Motors have always been fair to me. What does MajorRugburn mean by overcharging by $200... how much was the total bill? and how does he compare the work... a lot f people will always tell you they can/could do it cheaper... but is it fixed?

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  • Jochen Haber8 years ago

    I have been using Swiss Motors for many years and have recommended them to friends. Everyone is completely satisfied. They are the most knowledgeable mechanics I have known and they are reasonable. What you have to remember is that these guys are SWISS! Switzerland is a place where everything works and you don't worry about making a reservation with a 20 minute connection in Zurich. These guys err on the side of perfection. Err is not the right word. If you want your car to be perfect, you follow their advice. If you can live with some things that aren't exactly perfect, you say no to them and they aren't offended. My previous BMW was still running extremely well at 220,000+ miles when I traded it in for a newer one.

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  • MajorRugburn8 years ago

    i DO NOT recommend Swiss Motors for repairs. they overcharged me for a timing belt/water pump/cam seals/valve cover gasket job by over $200, during which they removed the cosmoline off the valve cover making the engine bay look like crap (new looking valve cover and 20 year old cosmoline covered engine) and broke the sparkpug wire harness to valve cover connector. Robert Husser is the head guy there who lied to my face regarding the amount of work it takes to change the cam seals with the timing belt off. what a scam operation he runs in Culver City, it's just a shame... contact me for more at

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