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Trustworthy automotive repair servicing the greater Denver area, located in Arvada, Colorado. The Arvada German Garage has over 50 years of experience servicing German cars.

Our automotive repair experts have many years of experience working on your German vehicles. We offer many services ranging from timing belts and chains to A/C service to tune-ups and anything in between at affordable prices.


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  • Great service and they were able to fit me in quickly when I had a major issue! Thanks!

    Fred L., via Google
  • Very organized, great mechanics, and fair pricing.

    Anthony Z., via Google
  • First of all a tip-of-the-hat to Mike Solis (owner).

    I recently brought in my 2006 Mini Cooper to 5601 Garage for a second opinion for various things which the local Mini dealership requested that I have done. I was not impressed with the dealership's service and was shocked by their prices; this is where Mike comes in.

    First, 5601 Garage quoted me well below others, about 30%-40% lower. Numbers like that are usually suspect, because you get what you pay for; however, in this case I was proved wrong. I dropped the car off, picked it up a few hours later and when I was handed the invoice it was actually lower than the quote. When I asked why, I was told that the strut mount that I was having replaced was "easy and went pretty quickly", so they deducted some labor costs. What!?

    This is the most honest and fair garage I have ever been to!

    $$$ SIDE NOTE: While replacing my broken strut mount Mike noticed that my vehicle still had shipping spacers on both front struts. (BWM installs these plastic spacers prior to shipping vehicles to the US. and they are to be removed as soon as the car comes off the boat.) I have had my Mini into 3 different dealerships, in 3 states, twice complaining about the ride of the car and twice for full-vehicle inspection and not once did they notice this. Mike said that the spacers more than likely caused my strut mount to fail. He gave me the blown-out strut mount and the plastic shipping spacers and told me to take them back to the dealership, where I bought the car new, and ask them to reimburse me for his work. UPDATE: as of last week R.S. Mini is supposedly cutting me a reimbursement check for Mike's work.

    Does it get any better than this?

    Jared A, via on November 1, 2010

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8 Reviews

  • Robert Rossi
    Robert Rossi8 years ago

    First off, I would like to Thank Mike & Jared for the fine service work done on my 2006 750Li. I would highly recommend Arvada German Garage to my friends & family for service work on their German made vehicles.

    Jared is a high professional with knowledge of his business, and is Customer Service Orientated.

    Gebhardt BMW quoted me around $1450 dollars for service work, Mike, Jared & their crew got me & out with a bill of $700 dollars. BMW is running great. Thanks Arvada German Garage.

    2006 BMW 750Li
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  • kyle durlin
    kyle durlin8 years ago

    Awesome shop. Staff friendly and quite quick in getting parts that nobody else can seem to get quickly. Absolutely will be a return customer to Arvada German Garage. Thanks guys for your service and being a legit local shop. I would recommend anyone with a BMW to hit em up. Thanks Jarrod for your help as well.

    1997 BMW 335i
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  • Matthew Schreiber
    Matthew Schreiber8 years ago

    I wanted to be nice and not write a bad review but the more I look at their terrible work the more I need to tell others not to go here. It has been a few months since the work was done and I keep finding problems with their work.

    I originally went in because my coolant reservoir was broken. They replaced that and some hoses for more than $1000. I went to get the car and it was leaking steering fluid. They kept it another day and fixed the hose. The engine still was over heating and they then said that the fan was bad; I had them replace it and it still was over heating. I took it back and they said that the new fan they put in was bad. They replaced the new fan with another new fan and it still does not seem to be working but they say it is and will not look at it again. To replace this fan they took off the bumper and broke some of the hooks. I told them to fix it; they decided the best way to fix it was to screw it into the wheel well. The bumper ripped and is now sticking out again; I found this out today. That was the final straw leading up to this post.

    All of their "mechanics" are under 30 except one. They do not have the knowledge or experience to be working on expensive cars like mine. They are not worth the price they charge!!!! They do not do a thorough or good job. I am so disappointed I spent more than $3000 with them and they botched every job they did for me.

    2000 BMW 325i
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  • aaron childers
    aaron childers9 years ago

    At first I took my BMW to the dealership at Shomp BMW. They lied to me about parts I needed, had horrible customer service and paid $1600 for engine mounts and a crankshaft sensor which I could of paid a little under $1000 after parts and labor. So I decided to check out Arvada German Garage. Got new shocks, they were honest and professional, best service I had. Schomp told me my strut mounts were destroyed, AGG looked at it and told me they were still good. Paid $700 in parts and labor. Schomp quoted me $2000. I will always go to this place for work done on my BMW. You must try them out, guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

    1995 BMW 325i
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  • Bill Schmitz
    Bill Schmitz9 years ago

    I started using Mike's garage soon after buying my e39. Bought it used in '06, 75k miles. The car now has almost 250k and Mike assures me that it will run to 500k if I just follow the lights. He has helped me with the usual problems of the e39, cooling system etc. and once Mike's crew fixed the problem, never had another issue with it. I trust Mike at Arvada German Garage with my e39 and will continue to use his shop. I have used the other BMW shop in Broomfield and I like Mike's way of doing business. Straight forward and honest.

    1997 BMW e39 528i
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  • Arlene Ruddy
    Arlene Ruddy12 years ago

    This is THE PLACE TO GO! I am a brand new BMW owner, I bought a used 325xi and it needed its 60,000 mile check-up. I came in expecting to shell out a few hundred dollars, and I left paying ZERO! The oil had already been changed by the dealer, and they took the time to look my car over, run the diagnositics, and they found it was in tip top shape and needed nothing! Mike spent almost an hour with me showing me the ins and outs of my car simply out of the kindness of his heart and his true love for BMW's. My other old faithful car is a Subaru, and I was happy to find out he works on those as well. So this is now my "one and only" repair shop for all my vehicles. Don't even think about going someplace else!

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  • Martin W.
    Martin W.13 years ago

    I swung by to chat with the owner when I first noticed a bunch of bimmer's parked out front. Decided to try it out when my e36 328i had some issues. Since that first visit, I won't take my car anywhere else. Mike cares, he does good work and he's not out to gorge you unlike some other "bigger" independant shops in town. Never mind the dealers...

    5 stars out of 5, recommended

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  • Glenn
    Glenn13 years ago

    Mike and CarTunes Automotive are AWESOME. Mike literally saved my car ! I would have had to discard my 2003 BMW 540i when its engine failed this winter, as the cost to replace the engine through BMW would have far exceeded the cost and value of the car. Mike completely saved the car and today it runs fantastic.

    It’s my belief that Mike is single handedly trying to fix the reputation caused by all the less than scrupulous auto mechanics you have ever heard of, by being amazingly detail oriented, straight up, and highly conscientious about his work, and well as delivering a cost that is much more attractive than any BMW dealer. And having been a certified dealership mechanic for 20 years, Mike has demonstrated to me that he has the training, experience, contacts, and know-how to get all kinds of jobs done right, from regular Maintenance, to modifications and major repairs.

    An additional bonus is, you’ll really enjoy working with Mike from a personal prospective. Once you meet Mike and start working with him, you’ll feel like you’ve really got someone looking out for you and your car, for once !

    Mike’s top notch in my book. I won’t take any of my cars anywhere else now !


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