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We specialize in BMW repair and BMW services in Littleton, CO and throughout the Denver Metro area. We offer 25 years of experience and an established reputation for quality BMW service at an affordable price with emphasis on personal attention.

We offer the following BMW services, including:

  • Engine Oil Change & Service
  • Engine Tune Up - Engine Rebuild
  • Suspension Service
  • Braking System Service
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Drive Train Repair

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4 Reviews

  • Nathan3 years ago

    After receiving competitive quotes, I asked Mark to provide a quote for the same service. Mark beat all pricing and provided quality repair while I waited. Mark and his team were very honest about repairs required during the first appointment and the second appointment for unrelated services.

    I have complete confidence in Mark's level of service and related costs and highly recommend this facility to all BMW owners who care about the quality and cost of repair and maintenance.

    2001 BMW 325ci
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  • Julie Melville4 years ago

    Mark and Autoworks are invaluable to me. Over 10 years two 740's have visited Mark and his shop a number of times. My cars will tell you that it's always a great experience and they come out of there feeling 100%.Seriously, whether it's maintenance or an emergency, it's been first class and done to completion. I moved to the mountains and miss them. The place I go up here always leaves me with a new issue. Spend $700 on new brakes and rotors at Autoworks, you've got good brakes. Spend $700 here and you,ve got shimmy and damage.

    2001 BMW il
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  • Dennis Emberling7 years ago

    My wife and I have had our BMWs taken care of exclusively by Autoworks Colorado for the last five years with excellent results. Mark, the owner, has been great to us. We've saved lots of money compared to the cost of dealership repairs. Mark's advice about sensible maintenance---neither too much nor too little---has been most helpful. Repairs have been very satisfactory. Highly recommended.

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  • Jeff Adams8 years ago

    Not a good experience. Shop quoted $325 for transmission and differential oil change which I confirmed verbally three times. When asked for a written estimate they said it wasn't necessary. When I picked up the car I was billed $417, 25% higher for no extra work. Make sure you get this shop to give you a written estimate.

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