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BMW Sales & Service Specialists
Welcome to Inline Autoworks, LLC., Southeastern Connecticut's pre-owned BMW Sales and Service Center. Our mission is to provide you and your BMW with dealer level service, at a non-dealer level price.

Has your BMW's warranty or paid maintenance expired?
We are here to pick up right where the dealer left off, offering everything needed to expertly maintain and service your BMW.

Thinking about purchasing a pre-owned BMW?
We offer exceptional pre-owned BMW's for almost every budget, and to help maintain that budget after the sale, we have you covered with service made affordable by providing labor and parts pricing well below the dealerships markup.

11 Reviews

  • Cam1 year ago

    I have taken my car here numerous times over the years, and have gotten nothing but incredible customer service. They are truly awesome at what they do, and are highly skilled in everything BMW over at Inline. Anyone, from a purist to your average driver will be very satisfied with the work Brian and his team do here. 5 Stars

    2003 BMW 330i ZHP
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  • Dennis1 year ago

    I brought my 2000 540is to Brian at a real crossroads with the car. Having owned several BMW's over the past 30 years including a '71 3.0CS, a '74 2002 tii and a '77 320i I knew how fickle aging BMW's can be and how difficult it was to find and trust a mechanic to service these cars properly - but this was the best car I've ever owned and I was determined to return it to top form and drive it for many years to come. Brian picked up on this right away and without hesitation offered to take the car for a couple weeks to go through it and then give me his honest evaluation - right away you could tell his level of knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to relate to drivers was unparalleled - and he, Brandon and Rueben backed it up with exceptional customer service and outstanding work. I spent a considerable amount of money getting the car back into top form (but probably half of dealer prices) and the results truly exceeded expectations. The car is more responsive in every respect. In fact, I'd challenge anyone to find a 540is that runs better than this one. Thank you Brian and Inline for a great experience and for putting me back in the driver's seat of one of the best and most fun cars BMW has ever made.

    2000 BMW 540is
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  • Stef1 year ago

    Fantastic experience every time I visit. Brian, Brandon and the crew are excellent...they really care about you and the work they do. I highly recommend Inline Autoworks to everyone I speak to who owns or is thinking of owning a BMW. Great job, Inline!

    2005 BMW 325xi
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  • Charlotte Scot3 years ago

    I first took the car in (after I bought it) to have them do an after-buy analysis. Since then we have been working on the list. Last week they replaced the front suspension thrust arm bushings and rebalanced and aligned the wheels. The car feels brand new. Excellent for a car which will celebrate her 100,000 mile birthday. There is more work to complete but I feel confident Brian and Brandon will do the jobs correctly the first time. In addition they are very consumer oriented and take the time to explain everything they need to do and will answer all questions (this seldom happens if you are a woman and it is an extremely welcome surprise:-)

    2007 BMW 228xi SULEV
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  • Dustin3 years ago

    I recently purchased an e39, knowing it would need a few things. I am mechanically inclined, but being my first BMW, I wanted an expert to look over the car and prioritize areas of concerns, as well as identify items I would have overlooked. So when it was time for an oil change service, I dropped the car off with Brian, knowing it would be in good hands for this service and a once over of the vehicle.

    On top of identifying things I already knew were to be problematic, Brian went through everything he found step by step with me when I came to collect my vehicle. Even questions I had after the fact, he answered, taking the time to walk back out to the car and point everything out visually and explaining in detail.

    I cannot say enough about the professionalism Brian embodies, as well as the enthusiasm he has for these vehicles. You can drop your car off knowing that he will treat it as if it were his own pride and joy. You will not get the run-around from this shop. If you're taking your used (or new) BMW elsewhere: you're taking it to the wrong place!

    1998 BMW 540i
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  • Dave3 years ago

    I recently purchased a used E90 335xi from a BMW dealer expecting a mechanically sound car. I took the car to Inline Autoworks to create a baseline to assist in establishing future maintenance. A coworker recommended Brian at Inline Autoworks because of the excellent service he received during a post purchase inspection on his 530. Once Inline looked over my car they found a few issues; an oil leak, power steering fluid leak, and the notorious turbo rattle. Repairing all of the issues amounted to a large quote. Luckily my 335xi still had the used car warranty coverage so I brought it back to the dealer for service. Initially, the BMW dealer appeared reluctant to perform any of the repair work. BMW even told me the turbos normally exhibit the rattling noise and claimed they could not find the power steering fluid leak. I kept Brian at Inline informed about my progress with BMW and he coached me through the experience. He came off as genuine and went the extra mile explaining the issues to me so I could effectively communicate to BMW. Ultimately, BMW owned up to the issues by fixing the leaks and replaced the turbos with brand new ones.

    I intend to continue bringing my 335xi to Inline for future maintenance rather than the dealer because I can trust his assessments and that he has my interests in mind, not just the money.

    Additionally, I recommend having Inline inspect any used BMWs, even CPOs, you are interested in before you purchase one. I expected to have a clean car buying it from a franchised BMW dealer, but the only way to confirm the car is clean is by having a professional look it over. Having Inline look over my 335xi resulted in a great investment for the life of the car. Thanks.

    2008 BMW 335xi
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  • Karen J Houle4 years ago

    I have never been happier with anyone EVER working on any of my vehicles! My 2003 Z 4 was purchased 2 years ago and I never really felt connected with it until I was referred to Brian the owner of INLINE. Seriously he took the time and the patience to answer all my concerns and I am now having the pleasure of enjoying this ride. He is meticulous and an intense mechanic! This car rides like a dream!

    Thank you Brian! The Z GRAY is very happy too!

    2003 BMW Z4
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  • Benjamin Robinson4 years ago

    Brian and Inline Autoworks saved my life (literally)! I had been taking my BMW to Iinline Autoworks religiously since I bought it for service and maintenance. Brian from the very beginning let me know what parts were good, what I would need to replace, and what I would soon need to replace since my first BMW Service Inspection I with him. So there were never any surprises when there would be something going wrong or about to go wrong. So I wasn't surprised when I was having a problem with my front control arms. My only dilemma was that I had to go out of state for a wedding within the next couple of days and needed the repair done quickly. So going against my own intuition I took my vehicle to a franchised repair facility and had them do the control arms and the other required from suspension work as they could get it done within a few hours the following day. Since the work I had problems with the steering and loose handling of the car. As soon as possible I took the car down to Inline Autoworks and Brian discovered that the job was completely botched and I was very close to losing control of the steering and getting myself killed and possibly others. Long story short Brian helped every step of the way in getting this problem resolved with the other repair facility with advice and other help. I really can't say enough. I will never take my BMW to another repair shop, even a dealer. I can't imagine it being in better hands. From the time the car goes into his shop the first time for maintenance or a repair he knows everything that is worn on it and may need immediate service or need service soon. He's professional and does a great job from the get-go with genuine OE BMW parts (down to light bulbs and fluids). His prices are reasonable; much cheaper than the local dealership and I firmly believe I get a better job than I would at the dealership. I would advise anyone that if you have a BMW that is beyond its' free maintenance period that you should start going to Inline Autoworks. I've never had a better mechanic no matter what vehicle I've driven or what part of the country I've lived in. Anyone in Southeastern Connecticut is lucky because we are truly blessed with the best.

    1998 BMW 528i
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  • William M.5 years ago

    Can't say enough positive about Brian and his place. Detail oriented. Value oriented. Wants results to be perfect and appropriate. Extremely knowledgeable, but not a know-it-all. Actually invites you to look at everything he's found and usually explains all your options. Shop is clean and well-organized.

    1996 BMW M3
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  • Patrick6 years ago

    Brian is the best of the best in CT. He is the owner, the mechanic, the receptionist et al. and this is my favorite part about Inline Autoworks. He knows you and he knows your car, start to finish. To top it all off he is 40-50% cheaper than any dealership out there. I first met him after a local dealership quoted me ~$4k for "repairs" they discovered during a routine oil change. I took my car to Brian and he gave it to me straight. The dealer was right about some things but not all. Needless to say the $4k was drastically reduced and I left feeling confident that my car was in the best shape possible.

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  • Sean6 years ago

    I've been taking my 330i zhp to Brian at Inline for years, he does great work and is super detail-oriented. He's saved me lots of money in maintenance because he's honest and knowledgeable. If you're particular about your car and the quality of work done on it, bring it to him.

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