BMW e46 3 Series – 2001 Models Overboosted Steering Issue

As any Bimmer enthusiast knows, the firm steering of a BMW is incomparable. Any slight variance or defect in the steering is vividly noticeable, any issues should be checked out by a BMW repair expert. One steering problem in some e46 3-series vehicles is “overboosted steering.” This defect occurred in the model year 2001, with production dates from roughly June 2000-April 2001. A specialized BMW technician should know how to confirm the production date with the manufacturer.

Overboosted steering refers to an over-compensation by the steering system when turning or traveling at high speeds. This means the car will react more than expected to the slightest steering adjustments, with some drivers saying they could drive with a single finger. However in some cases, this may result in the contrary and the car will have a looser feel and tend to wander. Either way, it does not live up to the standards and safety of BMW.

The remedy for this problem may include a new steering rack or other retrofitted parts that should be installed by a qualified BMW technician or mechanic. BMW may offer coverage for the retrofitted parts on models produced prior to April 2001. Any models produced after that date have had the problem resolved, according to the manufacturer.

If you feel that your e46 3-series is having problems with “overboosted steering,” then it is important to contact a BMW repair specialist. They will have the knowledge and experience to perform this repair, and may have information on recouping the cost from the manufacturer if your vehicle qualifies.

Search for a local, independent BMW repair shop with BMW mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.