Common Repairs on the BMW e65/e66 7 Series

The BMW e65 and e66 Seven-Series hit the U.S. market in 2002 and had a successful run until 2009. It replaced the very popular e38 and had a completely redesigned body that attracted a flood of new Bimmer enthusiasts. The e65 and e66 were the consumer models, while the e67 was a bullet-proof version to be used as security vehicles, and the e68 was a hydrogen model. Now that many of these vehicles are becoming high-mileage there are some common problems being noticed. They include:

Downshifting problems: Some owners have noticed it is extremely difficult to downshift from second to first gear, and it makes the car jerk and shake. This problem has also been noticed when shifting up to second gear.

Engine growling sound: What begins as a bit of rough idling, soon turns into an unknown whining or growling coming from under the hood. Some drivers said it sounds like a “second engine” in the vehicle.

iDrive system crashes: The iDrive controls the sound system, climate and other systems in the 7-series and it has some bugs. For instance, the radios stop working, CD changers get stuck, and even the keyless entry system can malfunction.

Steering wheel vibrations above 35mph: When some drivers reach 35mph the steering wheel starts to shimmy or shake. The driving feels very loose and the handling is sub-standard.

Rough idling and stalling: In this case the Bimmer will idle very rough or even stall, and the car can not reach speeds of 35mph. Turning the vehicle off and then restarting sometimes fixes the problem temporarily.

If your e65 or e66 BMW seven-series is experiencing any of these troubles, visit a local BMW mechanic to repair the vehicle. They will have the experience and expertise to get your Bimmer back on the road.

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