BMW e83 X3 False Passenger Airbag Light

The X3 is a first-generation crossover vehicle from BMW. It was marketed in the United States from 2004-2010 as a Sports Activity Vehicle, rather than the traditional SUV. The vehicle is based on their BMW three-series and is also referred to as the e83. Since this X3 was a new model for BMW, there are some common problems that owners encounter. One of these is a False Passenger Airbag light warning.

Passenger-side airbags can be a great safety feature for an adult occupant, but can be dangerous to children. Some owners will turn off their passenger-side airbags when they have a child in the front seat, or some other person that might get injured from the force of the airbag. Therefore, it is important for the vehicle owner to know when the airbag is actually engaged and when it is disengaged. The X3 is known to have a problem with the Passenger Airbag light being lit no matter who is, or isn’t, in the vehicle.

The passenger airbag light is supposed to turn on when the sensor below the seat detects the presence of a rider. However, many of the X3’s will stay illuminated, whether or not there is someone in the passenger seat. In most cases this is due to a faulty pressure switch that is beneath the seat. There was a national recall to replace this switch so it should be covered by the BMW.

If you are an owner of a BMW e83 or X3 and are noticing a False Passenger Airbag Light, then contact a nearby BMW maintenance specialist to officially diagnose the problem. They will inspect the vehicle and see if it is in fact due to a faulty pressure switch and if it is covered by the recall.

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