BMW F01 7 Series iDrive Issues

The BMW F01 seven-series was first released in the USA in model year of 2009, and featured the iDrive control system, which allows drivers to manage the climate, entertainment, navigation and communication systems from a single panel. This technologically-advanced system has some bugs, as owners have noticed that the iDrive system “crashes” periodically and certain controls fail.

Some of the iDrive issues pertaining to the audio system include the CD changer sticking on a single disc and not revolving, or the radio channels not being saved properly. There have also been issues with being able to sync the iDrive with mobile audio devices. Problems associated with the communication system include the keyless entry system not responding, and smart phones not being able to sync with the Bluetooth technology. The navigation system also has bugs that can be a major inconvenience, but also lead to dangerous situations. There have also been reports of the road-side assistance notification failing.

The iDrive also has climate control issues. When it works properly, the iDrive can control the air flow and temperature levels separately for all the passengers with its four-zone air-conditioning system. However, this system has been known to crash or not react to the passenger’s requests. Voice commands throughout the system can be full of glitches and not recognize the owner’s voice.

Some solutions to the problem include software resets or reprogramming the entire system. If you are experiencing any of these troubles with the iDrive system in your F01 7-series or F02 BMW, then visit a local BMW repair shop. They will have the technology and know-how to repair your Bimmer.

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