Common Repairs on the BMW 4 Series - F32/F33/F36 First Generation

The BMW 4 Series 1st Generation (F32/F33/F36), introduced in 2013, marked a significant departure from its predecessor. With its blend of performance, style, and luxury, the BMW 4 Series 1st Generation appealed to enthusiasts and those seeking a refined driving experience. Listed below are some of the common problems owners have encountered.

Engine Cooling System: There have been reports of coolant leaks and issues with the water pump in some 4 Series models. This can lead to overheating and potential engine damage. Take it to your local BMW repair shop to have this addressed.

Electrical Problems: Malfunctioning sensors, intermittent power window issues and problems with the infotainment system persist in the 4 series. These issues can be sporadic and challenging to diagnose.

Suspension and Drivetrain Components: A few drivers have experienced premature wear on suspension components, leading to a rough ride or clunking noises. Generally this requires component replacement.

Fuel System Issues: There have been instances of fuel pump failures or fuel leaks in certain 4 Series models. These problems can result in poor performance, stalling or even potential fire hazards.

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