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We specialize in German luxury & performance vehicles. From your basic maintenance task to any kind of servicing, major overhaul or any performance upgrades and setup, we are your One Stop shop.

We have the knowledge, training and equipment to keep your amazing vehicle running at its' best. Even though we specialize in German automotive we do still love our European neighbors and our shop has the equipment, experience and training to also service and repair your British, Italian or even domestic high performance, luxury or exotic vehicles.

Moved to a larger location to better service our large customer base. Come and see us!


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1 Review

  • Phil D.10 months ago

    Would not use again, not cheaper than dealer and excessive delays. Engine cover came back heavily scratched (like someone stood on it and twisted it) and missing bolts, Pictures are attached. Avoid the hassle and look elsewhere for service.

    They had my car for 19 days (Towed in 8/1/18 late in the day and demanded it back 8/21/18 at closing as it was still not repaired). I called on 8/1 asking if they took extended warranties as they were local, and I like to support local businesses. In the beginning everything was normal they diagnosed the car on 8/2/ and called on 8/3 to let me know that an insurance adjustor would be out on Monday or Tuesday to look at the car and she will call me back with what they would cover and what I would be responsible for. Insurance Adjustor came out Monday 8/6 and I received a phone call with the breakdown on 8/7 with an estimated completion date of 8/10. I patiently waited till 8/10 and had no contact from the shop after calling several times through out the day with no answer I get a call from Gary on 8/10/ @ 4:39 PM informing me that the car would not be done on that day as it was “a lot of work to do on the car”, these things happened and he assured me it would be done Monday 8/13. Monday came, and I had not heard from them, so I called @ 12:37 pm and again no answer, left a voicemail and did not hear back from them that day. I then called again on 8/14 @ 11:22AM and at that time was informed that the car was not repaired and that after a smoke test they found another vacuum leak and that after hanging up with me they were contacting my warranty company for another claim and would call me back with what my cost for the new repair would be. No contact from them 8/15 and after I called 8/16 @ 09:32AM and at 10:00AM with no answers I called from another phone number and was answered on the second ring. They stated that they were on the other line with my warranty company and accidentally hung up on them to answer this line. They asked for ten minutes and they would call me back. I called back @ 11:10 again no answer, Called again @ 11:54 no answer, called again @ 12:10 and was informed that my warranty company is giving them grief for their diagnosis and that Now I have to call the Warranty Co. and clear up the confusion (they did not file the claim on Tuesday as they stated they were as when I called my warranty co. they claimed the claim was filed that day @ 10:41 AM, after my original 10:00 AM phone call from another number). After I spoke to my Warrant Company I called the shop back and told them they should be able to go ahead now. The shop called me back @ 1:01PM and informed me that I was now required to pay another $98.50 for the warranty company to send out an inspector again for this missed problem, and that we could not continue unless I approved this. I having no recourse approved it and she said that she will call the warranty company back and try to get an inspector out the following day. The next day 8/17 I called them @ 12:35 pm and again no answer I left a voice mail and the returned my call @ 1:52PM informing me the inspector had been out and they should here something back by Monday. On 8/20 I called them @ 12:18PM and left another message and they returned my call @ 2:24pm letting me know the repairs were approved and should be done best case scenario Tuesday 8/21. I called on 8/21 and left a message again and got a call back @ 2:08 PM stating my car was being put back together and should be good after a Test drive, I never heard from the again till I told them I was on my way down there when they told me that the car still had problems. This would be the third diagnostic and another 98.50 fee towards me. I asked if the car was put together and took possession of it then. Upon looking in my engine bay my Engine cover was scuffed like someone stepped on it and missing bolts. Do not Recommend.

    2010 BMW 535i
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