Autobahn Daytona

1516 State Avenue # I,
Daytona Beach, FL 32117 US
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Daytona Beach European service center, specializing in BMW repair and maintenance.

7 Reviews

  • Patrick
    Patrick5 years ago

    I recently cracked a rotor doing an HPDE at Daytona Speedway (April 2016). Rick was able to immediately get me in, replace both front rotors within hours, and get me back on the track ASAP! Excellent work, reasonably priced, and super fast. What more could you ask for??

    2004 BMW E46 M3 Coupe
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  • Chuck Payne
    Chuck Payne8 years ago

    Don't waste your time or money on the big shops. This guy is good, takes his time and goes out of his way to help you. Family run and Really want to help you.Make your appt. drop it off and be worry free!

    2006 BMW 330
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  • t
    t10 years ago

    Rick is one of the best technicians I have used in over 25 years in the automotive business. This guy is not a parts swapper. He can actually fix the problem without just throwing a new part at the problem. I would rate Rick @ Autobahn A+++++

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  • Recycle Ken
    Recycle Ken10 years ago

    Daytona Autobahn is a Ma and Pa operation which caters to the needs of their unique array of customers. They provide individual service which is up front and truthful. They go out of their way to make sure the customers are happy and their work is way above average. Try and take parts to a dealer and ask them to place them on your car, see how hard they laugh.

    The customer must always know what they are asking Autobahn to do for them and the price is always discussed, as much as can be predicted, up front and in detail.

    I have know the Nobes for over 15 years, as a customer then a friend, and have nothing but great things to say about the quality of their work and the professionalism shown their cutomers.

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  • Andrea
    Andrea10 years ago

    We have used Autobahn for at least 6 or 7 years. They have repaired all of our cars including Volkswagen Jetta, Porsches 924, 944 and Boxter. They are always well priced, the work is excellent and I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • kevin
    kevin10 years ago

    Rick is the best!! The best mechanic in Volusia county and the most honest!! Works on all of my cars and my families. The comment from Iamaws is so far from the truth!!

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  • iamaws
    iamaws10 years ago

    Autobahmn Daytona is a rip off. They quote you a price for two axels but when you pick up your car: “Surprise!!!” that was only one.

    I was quotes $420 for front and back rotors brake pads replacement. Cash only! Well I thought – sells Brembo rotors for $148/pair front and $106/pair rear. - $254 total. Zimmermann is cheaper – like rear rotors at $80/pair.

    Pads from the same source cost $85. They said: labor is about $100. Makes sense…. Well no.

    It was $420 plus tax for the front only! That is the highest by far in the area. Avoid this place. Even when you agree over the phone, there is no guarantee that you get what you’ve been promised.

    They did not charge me for fixing brake wires, but it broke before I got the highway. It looks like this place has interesting business model “screw up the customer he is not coming back anyway”.

    The place is located in a not so very friendly neighborhood too. If I knew I’d do it myself. Use this place only there are no other mechanics in Daytona and you can’t hold wrench by yourself.

    BTW somehow they wrote a couple of positive reviews on BMW forums. DO TRUST THEM.

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