Bergman's European Autoworks

112 Edwards Ave,
Brandon, FL 33510 US
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Bergman's European Autoworks is a BMW repair shop located in the center of Brandon, Florida. We have several Master ASE certified techs, as well as extensive factory training and tooling from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, and VW. Our warranty is the best in the business; 24 months, UNLIMITED miles (most repairs). We offer free 6 month same as cash financing, with approved credit! Stop by for a tour of our state-of-the-art BMW repair facility!


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4 Reviews

  • Josh Corson
    Josh Corson7 years ago

    I found this shop online, and checked reviews. Made an appointment, and took advantage of the free loaner car. My car needed the basic maintenence, as well as front brakes. They also caught the torn lower control arm bushings the dealer had told me about, but I had forgotten to mention. They performed the above work, on schedule, with an alignment, and called when it was complete. Total experience was seamless. Total bill was about $20 under estimate, and I got a box of Girl Scout cookies as well! This was my first visit, but based on it, I give them a thumbs up.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Travis
    Travis13 years ago

    I had a not-so-good experience a few months back. I had heard they were very good and such, and by all means, maybe they are. About a year ago, I replaced 3 of the 4 main gaskets involved with the intake manifold. The one I did not change was the throttle body gasket. Fast forward to a few months ago, the car was stalling severly. I took it to them, and even explained I replaced those gaskets. They came back and quoted over $1000 to replace the gaskets I had already replaced. Fair price for the work, but I heavily doubted their choice.

    I took it to another mechanic, and he was able to truthfully tell me it was the throttle body gasket that had a vacuum leak. About $60 bucks later I was rolling.

    It was saddening to know that this shop claimed to have tested it twice and said all the gaskets had a vacuum leak when they infact didn't. This is just my one experience, but it was a bad one none the less.

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    CARL BERGMAN13 years ago

    Good day, I am Carl Bergman, owner of this shop. Travis, I am sorry you were dissapointed with our service. Normally, with these intake manifold seals being a known issue, we will always suggest replacing them all. I am not sure what happened in your case, as I don't have your last name. If a customer let us know some gaskets had already been replaced, then we would not suggest them, unless smoke testing showed them to be leaking. There may have been a miscommunication with the advisor. If you read this, could you please email me at, so I can review the records and see where we failed. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, so this is a concern to me. Thanks in advance for your time, Carl Bergman.

    BILL CRIMMONS13 years ago

    I have been bringing my family's cars to Bergman's European for 4 years now, and have watched them grow, and move twice. They have put a ton of effort into the new shop, and it shows. They work on my Mercedes, my wife's BMW, and my kid's Honda and Toyota. They are a little more expensive than a chain/franchise tire or muffler shop, but I have never found them to be more expensive than the dealer. They quote me what they REALLY think my repairs will cost, not a low-ball figure to get me in the door. Often they help me to prioritize so I can budget, and do things on several trips. I will probably keep my cars a bit longer, because I feel confident in their abilities to do preventative work. I don't want my daughter breaking down at college! I just wanted to write something for them, since they have done such a good job over the years taking care of our cars. I see the same customers there when I come in; they have a regular following. Thanks for reading my post.

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  • Copernicus
    Copernicus13 years ago

    The guys there are very nice and detailed oriented. But their labor rates are similar to the dealer. Very expensive. They also prefer to replace than repair so you will tend to see your bill inflate a bit.

    On the other side, they analyze every detail that needs repairing and they do help you understand each repair and grade each one from 1 to 10. If you have no clue about your car, they could be a very good alternative to the dealer. You get a friendly face, knowledgeable staff, a personalized report on your car but like I said, their rates are quite high. If the dealer where you live sucks then these guys will take care of you better. They are very customer focused unlike most dealerships.

    I found a much cheaper alternative for repairing my car but I haven't thrown out their number. I'd go to them in a pinch if I had to.

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