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We are a professional repair shop for your European vehicle with a friendly, family-like atmosphere. We perform services from the simplest oil service to technical restorations and engine modifications and everything in between. We are also well-known for our suspension alignments. We can set up your vehicle for great tire wear or for aggressive driving for events such as autocross and the like. Give us a call or stop by, we would love to hear from you.

3 Reviews

  • Royal B.
    Royal B.9 years ago

    Thomas and the guys at Cars and Concepts, especially Matt and Tommy, are 100% of the reason my wife and I are such BMW enthusiasts, having bought and sold a half a dozen preowned BMW's over the past few years. We tried every BMW dealer in the greater Tampa Bay area and none of them come close to the quality of work, attention to detail, or reasonable prices you will find at Cars and Concepts. Frankly, before finding C&C - a referral from a friend - our love affairs with Bimmers was quickly turning into a divorce. I vividly remember my first visit with Thomas to discuss the state of affairs with a recently purchased 318ti - he actually listened to what I had to say and we were immediately on the same page - get a base line on the mundane stuff (fluids, filters, hoses, belts, etc.) and the create a list of what needed to be done and when, budget permitting. We later sold that car for almost as much as we paid for it and the new owner inherited a meticulously clean, well maintained car. Anyway, if you are still reading this review then you probably know you MUST maintain your used BMW or it will turn into a money pit. Do yourself a big favor, forget the dealers, and bring your out of warranty BMW to Cars and Concepts. It's not going to be dirt cheap, but will save you some bucks over the dealers and the quality of service is going to be much, much, much better - really no comparison. A big THANK YOU to Thomas, Tommy, Matt, and the crew at C&C

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  • Greg
    Greg11 years ago

    Thomas along with the other guys at Cars and Concepts are not only personable. But they are some of the best BMW techs on the East Coast. With their help and knowledge I had a E30 M3 that was hands down one of the most well rounded 4 cycle bimmers that had the chance to grace the Tampa Bay area. I wanted a fast car being young and having a lot to learn about BMW cars. And the right way to do things. Don't get me wrong I got a fast car. After I cooked the motor and Thomas rebuilt it. But I also had a car that would handle and break like nobody's business. Do to unforeseeable events I had to sell that car. Thinking about it. It still breaks my heart today. If you want excellent work for a very reasonable price these are the guys. But if you want to really understand what it means to own a car that feels like an extension of your body. There is no place else to go. I currently live in South Florida and miss being able to just stop by to see what is next. When I get my Alpina E30 it will be the 1st place I will go. Thanks for everything C&C. Good luck on the track Thomas. Even though you don't need it with that little beast.

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  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones12 years ago

    I have ben driving and collecting BMW's for a long time and have done business with many of the big name shops (Korman, VSR, etc.) on the Eact Coast. Without question, Cars and Concepts is the best of the shops I have ever used. They have worked on a wide range of my cars both classic (2002's, E30 M3's, Alpina B9, Euro E28 M5, etc.) and modern (X5 4.6is, Dinan S2 M5, 740i, etc). They have always done what I consider high value work (premium work for a fair price). I recently had an S14 2.5 rebuilt by Thomas and the care and attention to detail was the best I have experienced. I have also taken frustrating problems to them and they accept the challenge and are straight forward about solving the problem. For example, Steve figured out the problem with my dual side drafts even though they no longer see many carbed cars. They have deep knowledge of the marque and do craft quality work, The owners are enthusiasts in their own right and it transfers directly to the customer experience. Highly recommended.

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