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Fairfield Imports is the Florida Panhandle's premiere BMW service center. We specialize in BMW repair in Pensacola, FL.

Our BMW technicians use the latest factory diagnostic technology. We honor after-market warranties, have thousands of parts in stock and finish the job same day or next day. All work done by appointment only. Contact us today!

Our BMW services include:

  • Oil Change
  • Tire Balance
  • Transmissions
  • Brakes
  • Engine
  • Electrical Systems
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Alternators/Starters/Ignition
  • Fuel Pumps
  • And More


  • After Hours Drop-Off


  • My window was not functional in my BMW 525i and took it in the morning. They knew right away what was wrong and finished the job within a few hours. Anywhere else would have taken a lot longer and would have been more expensive. Very friendly and professional guys that know what they're doing.

  • Richard and crew are truly at the top of the game! Great service and friendly people to do business with. Highly recommend you check them out. They have been taking care of my '06 BMW 330i for two years now.

  • Quick, skilled service at an affordable rate. Fairfield Imports beats every last place my BMW has been to, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, reputable shop.

  • I would bring my BMW here from now on...they are honest, friendly and professional. After having several bad experiences with BMW dealer in Pensacola, I was looking for an efficient and honest shop like this one. You guys made my day!! I would recommend this place for anyone especially BMW owners.

    Mike E. Pensacola, FL, via Yelp on February 10, 2014

17 Reviews

  • Gwen
    Gwen1 year ago

    Took my car there three times - each time Richard said he completed a computer diagnostic on it and each time it was something different and it cost me a lot of money...each time I had to return with the exact same problem.

    First it was a - $$$, Second was a battery - $$$ and lastly my car would not start at 6pm (female) and had to have it towed at my expense and then Richard claimed it was definitely the starter so more $$$$. After three days (Monday) of getting the car the third time, it is not starting again. I had to Uber to work (late) and I have had to get a rental car and incur more expenses.

    I called to inform Richard and the receptionist put me on hold to let him know - came back to the phone and informed me that Richard said "have it towed to him and he will figure it out". Really! He did not offer to have it towed or help me get the car to his shop for the fourth time.

    Of course I did not, and my car is still not repaired - Thanks to Richard! Steer clear of this place.

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Tyrone T Willis
    Tyrone T Willis3 years ago

    I took my vehicle to Fairfield Imports for valve cover gasket. Fairfield Imports finished the job but with a misfire on cylinder 4 after repair. I took car back and mechanic knew what had occurred. He fixed issue immediately. I'm glad they are very knowledgeable . Also when I dropped the car off, the owner dropped me off. Thanks for repair and honesty.

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • Sonya Millredge
    Sonya Millredge5 years ago

    He did a great job with the engine repair but stole my exhaust pipes and replaced them with old rusted and green tail pipes.

    2008 BMW 328i
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    RICHARD BEHN5 years ago

    Her last mechanic put on a crappy pair of tips from pepboys and she blames me that they are turning green and made them rust. Any given year I see around 2000 customers and i have the time to take off her exhaust tips and replace them with some ill fitting crappy tips. She later came back and bought a set of bmw tips....

  • Yusuf A.
    Yusuf A.5 years ago

    I purchased my Bimmer at Fairfield Imports and was really impressed with the quality of the vehicle and even more impressed that it came w/ warranty! Richard and I did the usual back and forth on the price, and I got the car for a GREAT deal. I was very happy with my purchase and feel VERY confident that when the time comes for it to be serviced, that Richard and the crew will be more than happy and capable to get me back on the road. If your in the market for a BMW or need yours serviced, hit him up. it's worth it!

    2007 BMW x3si
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  • Mike
    Mike6 years ago

    I brought my '04 325Ci convertible in to see Richard. The top would not complete the open procedure and there was a rattle coming from the back seat area. Richard told me that it could be the top motor in the trunk, which would cost $1000, or it could be the top cover motor in the back seat which would cost $1000, or it could be the hydraulics which, you guessed it, would cost $1000. He thought it was the top cover motor but no matter which it was it was going to cost $1000. I told him there was no way I was putting $1000 into fixing the top and left. Well, after a bit of research on the www I ran across a BMW repair forum and found a solution to my EXACT problem that ended up costing me less than $5 in parts and an hour or so to fix. That was the first and last time I ever set foot on the property of Fairfield Imports...

    2004 BMW 325 Ci Convertible
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  • John Fields
    John Fields6 years ago

    Replaced the timing chain and guides, also had Fairfield Imports do the seals in the cooling system, and pcv valve on my 4.4 BMW powered Rover almost 3 years and 40,000 miles ago. Fast, fair price and outstanding service. Truck still runs like a clock and is smooth as silk.

    2004 Land Rover Range Rover
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  • Tim
    Tim8 years ago

    Richard has helped me bring my BMW back to factory specs. Work was well done and in a timely fashion. Pricing was reasonable and his experience allowed me to make informed decisions and allocate my resources in the most effective manner. Highly Recommend Fairfield Imports!

    2004 BMW 330 ci
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  • Cam
    Cam8 years ago

    Great service. In Pensacola house hunting when my passenger side window regulator went out. Fairfield Imports fit me in to their busy schedule and got it fixed for a great price. Highly recommended.

    2003 BMW 530i
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  • Victim
    Victim8 years ago

    You're better off going to a Dealership than to have F-Imports service you. If you are having anything done that really needs "Professional" opinion like engine work I would definitely not come to F-Imports again. They run outdated diagnostic software that takes about 15 tries for your vehicle to register on. Not to mention it only found 1/3 of the problems which took about half an hour. The dealership took about 2 minutes and found more serious problems which in my case were severe if never found if I continued to drive. He had my car for an hour and he called me telling me that my car caught on fire for a short while. All they do is mask the major problems and fix whats not broken. I left with more problems than what I came with.

    2001 BMW 325i
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  • J B
    J B8 years ago

    Great service, very reasonable price, really know there stuff, honest. Clearly Fairfield Imports is your best choice for a BMW repair shop.

    2003 BMW Z4
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  • Roger Chapman
    Roger Chapman8 years ago

    Just had air conditioner resistor motor installed. Great experience. Well done. Very pleased. Will use Fairfield Imports again.

    2003 BMW 5
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  • Bobby Britton
    Bobby Britton8 years ago

    The maintenance done on my vehicle with 90k was a complete valve job which included valve cover gaskets, seals and vacuum hoses in which afterwards the car ran as if it was a new vehicle. He and his guys are very professional.

    I would recommend any BMW owner to give Fairfield Imports a visit.

    2005 BMW LI
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  • Phillip D. Styles Sr.
    Phillip D. Styles Sr.8 years ago

    Met Richard before he acquired his new facility. He gave me an honest quote and he stuck to the numbers that he quoted. My newly acquired B

    1990 BMW 735il
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  • Tammy O.
    Tammy O.9 years ago

    Richard and crew are wonderful. They are fast, efficient, friendly, knowledgable and stand behind their work. The price is less than at the dealership and it doesn't take me 3 weeks to get an appointment. I took my Z4 there the first time because I couldn't get in to the dealership for more than 2 weeks. Since then I will not take my bimmer anywhere else. I love the fact that Richard will take the time to explain what is wrong with your vehicle. I never feel rushed while on the telephone or in the shop. I would highly recommend Fairfield Imports (and my family could tell you how picky I am with my car)

    2007 BMW Z4
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  • John S.
    John S.9 years ago

    Took my high mileage (195K) 2002 X5 to Fairfield Imports to have the clutch replaced. I was hesitant to put that much money into a car this old however manual X5s are rare, no longer made so really want to keep it in good shape. Didn't know anything about Fairfield Imports but their price was at least 1/3 less than the local dealer so decided to give them a try. Glad I did. They did a great job at a great price. New clutch was installed and works as expected. Manual X5s, because of the long shift linkage, do not shift that great even when new. After nearly 200k miles mine was getting very difficult to shift. Richard worked on the linkage also and it now shifts at least as good as it did new.

    Highly recommend Fairfield Imports for honest well priced service and repairs.

    2001 BMW X5
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  • Douglas Koontz
    Douglas Koontz10 years ago

    Rarely, if ever, do you find a business that is owned and operated by people who are incredibly knowledgeable, honest, fair, and passionate about their work. These guys at Fairfield Imports know EVERYTHING there is to know about Bimmers. I took my 2001 330i to Richard after he was recommended by another mechanic. Richard and his guys made my car (97k miles) run and shift just like it was brand new. They used top notch BMW parts, were extremely thorough, and completed the work in a very timely fashion. In addition to the outstanding quality and service that I received, I was amazed at how fair the labor charge was. These guys worked hard, and really delivered a product that exceeded my expectations greatly. I whole-heartedly recommend Richard and his crew. You will be extremely happy. I'm thankful that these guys are here - this is the ONLY shop that my 330i will ever see.

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  • Mary W.
    Mary W.10 years ago

    Nice guys. They put new power steering pump on, a new battery that was the proper one. All programed to the car. With the new rear break job, they even helped out with a new sensor. They helped check out the 325i that i just bought, so i knew what all it needed. Trustworthy, and knowledgeable. I will use Fairfield Imports again.

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