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The Finest German Vehicles Pass Through Our Doors Every Day!

You Don't Have To Go Back To A Dealership!

Oil Changes • Tune-ups • Brakes • Transmission - Clutches • Fuel Injection • Cooling System /Air Conditioning • Shock Absorbers • Suspension /Tires & Alignment • Electrical • Preventative Maintenance/Factory Schedule Service • Extended Warranty Accepted • Tuning • Car Sales

RENN HAUS has over 60 years of combined experience in servicing and repairing BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, PORSCHE, MINI, AUDI and VOLKSWAGEN as well as other fine German automobiles.

The Renn Haus staff takes the time to listen to each owner's concerns in order to determine the best solution for every customer. Our technicians always ask "If this were my car, what are the options and what is the best solution?" We then present those options to each customer for approval.

Our technicians hold certifications for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technician, BMW Master Technician, BMW M Series, Mercedes Technical Specialist, Mercedes SLR McLaren, Mercedes G-Wagon, Mercedes Diesel and many other system specific certifications.

This is why we know how can repair and service your car to keep it as the high performance automobile you love!

We use only BMW OES or OEM parts!

Meet Eric Blackmon

Eric Blackmon - 30+ Years Experience

Eric is a life-long Sarasota resident and spent 12 years at the local BMW dealership. He has been passionate about cars since high school and has spent his 30+ year career learning and improving his skills. He started at the local Ford Dealership, moved to Toyota and then worked at some of the top high-performance shops in Sarasota before joining BMW in 1998.

  • BMW Master Technician Certification 2004
  • BMW Certified Diagnostic Technician 2003
  • BMW Complete Vehicle Certifications
  • E46, E60, E63/64, E65, E70, E71, E85, E90, M3, M5, X5
  • BMW Advanced Diesel Technology Certification
  • 17 Additional BMW Systems Certifications
  • Consulted with BMW North America on Difficult Diagnostics

Eric is a tireless diagnostician that will not give up until he has found the solution to any issue and the best option for the solution. This makes him invaluable to every customer with his old world diagnostic skills as well as his new world factory trained skills.


  • The car is running great and for what it is worth I feel perfectly confident that the Renn Haus is the only capable business to take care of my vehicle - that includes the BMW dealership. I will highly recommend this company to friends and acquaintances.

    Mary G. on January 24, 2013
  • I am very satisfied with Renn Haus. They perform the work that we agree to without finding additional work to do that may not be needed. Their staff is courteous & professional. The facilities are well maintained. They had my car ready when they said they would.

    Ed C., BMW 325Ci Independence, OH on January 9, 2013
  • Everyone who owns a vehicle wants it serviced at a place where they can trust individuals who work there, and know that their vehicle is being worked on by qualified and expert mechanics. Renn Haus is such an establishment. Their management and staff makes you feel like family. I'm glad I found them.

    Carl S., BMW Z4 Osprey, FL on January 2, 2013
  • The work is expertly performed at reasonable prices. You will never go back to a dealer shop for service.

    Paul S. Osprey, FL on January 9, 2013

Awards & Affiliations

ASE CertifiedASE Certified

2 Reviews

  • bill warner1 day ago

    We took our 2002 BMW 325i in to Renn Haus auto repair at 6244 Clark Center Ave Sarasota Fl for a oil change on 7/21/2017 and also had the replacement of the oil filter stand gasket and a new oil filter kit with O ring, the cost was $566.44, they had kept the car overnight. The next morning Renn Haus called from 941-922-3600 and said the car was ready. Upon arrival the sales person Mitchell said, oops, there was another problem. It appears that in putting the parts back together that morning the mechanic had used a power ratchet on the bolts to the Vanos camshaft adjuster solenoid and over tightened with a power ratchet and cracked the cast iron housing of the Vanos camshaft adjuster solenoid. Mitchell claimed there must have been a hair line crack in the Vanos camshaft adjuster solenoid that we did not know about and it was not there fault, they put some epoxy in the crack ans sent us on our way. They gave us a quote of $1,500 to correct what appears to be their mistake. On 7/26/2017 we took the 2002 BMW 325i to a reputable BMW auto shop and they looked at the cracked Vanos camshaft adjuster solenoid and told us the only way that could have happened is if the "mechanic" over tightened with a power ratchet and cracked the cast iron housing of the Vanos camshaft adjuster solenoid. You do not ever use power tools on sensitive and cast iron housings in the BMW engine. Do not let Renn Haus work on your car!

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Jim Johnson6 years ago

    These guys are superb, honest and fair. I would not go anywhere else!

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