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BMW Maintenance and Repair, factory trained ASE certified technician. 25 years of BMW specific maintenance and repair experience. Oil changes to overhauls, street to track, old to new, mild to wild, Sam's Automotive does it all. If your BMW is out of warranty, the dealership should be in your rear view mirror. Take it to Sam's for the correct repair at a price that's fair.


  • Friendly and amazing people. If you own a BMW in the Jacksonville area, I would highly recommend only taking it here. They are fair and affordable.

    Psyco N., via Google
  • Sam is super knowledgeable and fair on pricing and shop hours. I don't take my Mini anywhere else.

    Eric G., via Google
  • Sam and Sonya are awesome! They gave me the sense that my car repairs where necessary and not an up-sell like other shops.

    Randel B., via Google
  • Sam's is the best! Friendly and honest!

    Jason H., via Google

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17 Reviews

  • Rob
    Rob9 years ago

    I've been coming to Sam's shop for the better part of 3 years. Previously with my 2004 330 ci, and now with my M5 e60 and have always been VERY PLEASED with the service, pricing, and integrity.

    UNFORTUNATELY, Mitch is no longer with Sam. I'm sorry to say that the customer service and client relationship is definitely suffering in just the last two MAJOR jobs that I'm having them do on my car. I'm spending nearly $10,000 just in the past 2 months on the work - and all I ask is expectation of delivery. Sadly disappointed.

    2008 BMW M5
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  • T. Ezell
    T. Ezell9 years ago

    I have been using Sam's Automotive for my BMW repairs for many years. The integrity of there shop is unmatched in the service industry or any industry for that matter. The quality of their work is amazing. They really look out for the customer like you are their family. They stay pretty busy because of the quality of their work but I wouldn't let another BMW shop touch my car as long as Sam's keeps their doors open. I have left Sam's feeling like I should give them more money than they asked for a repair. You deal with and you will feel the same way. The kind of guys you would invite to your house for Thanksgiving. Simply put they are awesome.

    2000 BMW
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  • Jessica from Mt. Pleasant, SC
    Jessica from Mt. Pleasant, SC9 years ago

    Last week, on my way from Charleston, SC to Tampa, FL, my BMW overheated and I was lucky to say the least to have found Sam's Automotive. Mitch took great care of my BMW and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and back on the road safely. I would highly recommend Sam's Automotive to anyone! Thanks again for everything!

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Stu Weinreb
    Stu Weinreb9 years ago

    I had Sam's Automotive perform a pre-purchase inspection on my 1982 323i, and I was very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection, and their knowledge of the e21 series BMWs. Based on their inspection, I purchased the car. Also, they helped facilitate the sale and transport of the car from Florida to Massachusetts. I highly recommend the knowledgeable, professional, and courteous people at Sam's Automotive!

    1982 BMW 323i
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  • Keith Shoemaker
    Keith Shoemaker10 years ago

    Sam only works on BMWs and does it well.

    Does good work at a good price. He came recommended from a friend that has owned plenty of BMWs for years that is a car guy.

    Had him check out my BMW before purchasing used. Best money you can spend if you are in the market and looking at used BMW.

    2001 BMW 325i
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  • Kevin Spicher
    Kevin Spicher10 years ago

    How fortunate could I have been to find a certified BMW service center where honesty, ethics, and caring are first priority! Sam, Mitch, and the professional team of mechanics at Sam's Automotive were exemplary in every aspect. I was 16 hours from home back in Ohio, on vacation with my family, and broken down! I appreciate the fact that everyone was far more occupied with making sure my car was repaired and safe to drive home than anything else. This would not have been the case anywhere else! In the end, you and your professional staff could have taken advantage of me, but you didn't. Sam and Mitch worked with me, and the integrity and honesty from everyone clearly showed. My X5 ran flawlessly the entire trip home. My only regret is that you don't have a shop here near us in Ohio! Everyone's interest to work with customers and expertise and honest disposition alone, would make Sam's business another huge success up here! Who would have thought that breaking down 16 hours from home would have helped establish my faith in good people passionate about their jobs.

    Thank you for your professional ethics, and moral compass - it is rare these days. It is a true shame that most service centers miss the boat on this.

    Best to you and your continued success.

    Kevin Spicher

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  • Matt Kile
    Matt Kile10 years ago

    I started taking my 528i to Sam's Automotive a few months ago and at this point I am going to start taking him my Z4 also. I could not be happier with the service that Sam's provides. His pricing is way below the dealer and he can also get you parts if you want to DIY. My 528i went to a mechanic who performed two head jobs over the course of 7 months on the car just to find out that the overheating problem still existed and sent it to Sam's when he couldn't figure it out. Sams got the car and figured out pretty quickly that it was a simple water pump failure. I have been taking my BMWs to Sam's ever since. I also told a friend about it when he was having problems with his 325i and he loves them now too. The guys are great, give these guys a chance and they will wow you.

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  • Satya Menon
    Satya Menon10 years ago

    I've been going to Sam's Automotive for a little over a year now. While they tend to be quite busy all the time (a pretty good indicator of the quality of their work that they're flooded with customers), they're thorough and also reasonable from a price standpoint (certainly better than a stealership). They also make it a point not to turn you on to unnecessary repairs.

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  • willliam townsend
    willliam townsend11 years ago

    Phenomenal. Oil change at Sam's Automotive was $100 less than Tom Bush. Tom Bush just lost a customer.

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  • Fred C. Dobbs
    Fred C. Dobbs11 years ago

    This shop charges as much or more than the dealerships does with much slower turnaround. There are a number of other independent BMW shops in the area who don't feel they need to become millionaires -- Why would anyone take their BMW to this dingy little hole in the wall?

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  • Beth Adair
    Beth Adair11 years ago

    The service and work done by the team at Sam's Automotive is unbeatable. I never feel like I am getting rooked when I bring in my car. This is important especially being a woman, lotsa mechanics in town think i fell off a watermelon truck yesterday. I have owned the same '99 Z3 since 2000 and real maintenance didn't begin until two years ago. With these guys, I know it will be done right and at a timely fashion. When time is money, this is important! I recommend a "facebook" page as I commonly refer Sam's to friends who buy new BMWs, when their cars go out of warranty, they simply should take it to Sam's.

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  • Robert
    Robert11 years ago

    I am very pleased with these guys. Very honest and reasonable pricing. They do not charge you an arm and a leg unlike some of the other non dealership facilities in the area. Also they know what they are doing. I was asked $675.00 for a job by one of the other guys in area which Sam's Automotive said they get it done for $450.00 ( and he did not even know what the other guy was asking from me). I will definitely take my car to him again and will want him to work on my car which is out of warranty. I recommend this facility.

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  • Hal Hackendale
    Hal Hackendale11 years ago

    The best BMW mechanic around. Sam is the best BMW mechanic in Jacksonville, bar none - perhaps the best in the Southeast. He will repair your new or late model BMW right the first time, and do his best to save you money, as compared to the dealerships. Great service. Honest.

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  • Matthew T
    Matthew T11 years ago

    I mistakenly took my 540i to another car repair shop that didn't specialize in BMWs after I bought it and which ended up costing me a couple thousand in un-needed repairs. When I took it to Sam's Automotive, Sam fixed the initial problem with a 99 dollar part from a VW (same part as the BMW OEM but quarter the price) and sent me on my way. I've taken my car to him for every major problem I can't handle since that time. He's always fair, has never mis-diagnoed any of my problems and tells me how to make changes for the future that save you money! He will always have my business.

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  • Anders
    Anders12 years ago

    We have lived in Jax and have maintained our BMWs with Sam's Automotive for almost 10 yrs now. Sam and his crew are honest, trustworthy, provide a quality job at a fair price. The only reason I would deal with anyone else is if Sam closes shop. Thanks for taking such great care of our vehicles.

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  • Ed Kennedy
    Ed Kennedy12 years ago

    It would be an understatement to say these guys are fantastic. I flew to Jacksonville from Atlanta to purchase a Z3 and made arrangements to have Sam's Automotive to do a pre-sale inspection. Sam, Mitch and the rest of the crew treated me like I had been a customer for years, they spent the better part of the day checking out the car, discussing and explaining the issues with me and found several things that required attention. Long story short the dealer approved the repairs and requested that Mitch order the parts and make the repairs. Results, dealer sold a car, Sam's got the work, me completely satisfied and drove home to Atlanta. It goes without saying that I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat. Great job guys!

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  • David Barr
    David Barr13 years ago

    Sam and his crew are great folks to deal with. Sam's pleasant attitude is reflected in his style of conversation and willingness to help. I visited with him in person several times. The first when I went by to meet him after our mail carrier recommended him to me. Second when I went by to ask him several questions about an oil change in my Z4 and why it seemed to cut in and out at higher RPM. He test drove the car by himself, again with me driving, and again by himself before he made a diagnosis of the car not having been driven enough. This proved correct, as the problem disappeared after a 2,000 mile trip to ZFest. Third when I stopped by to have the oil changed before my trip. He took me right in and did the work with out me having to wait for an appointment. Forth when I stopped by to make an appointment to have my headlights adjusted. Again he took me right in. As it turned out he had to order a special part, so one of his crew drove me home and they kept the car overnight. The part arrived the next morning and the job was completed by noon that day. All of the work done at Sam's Automotive was about half the cost of having it done at the BMW Dealership. I highly recommend this certified BMW mechanic and will continue to have him take care of my Z4.

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