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2011 SW 70th Ave., A1,
Davie, FL 33317 US
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Ultimate Euro Repairs specializes in BMW repair serving Broward County, including Davie, Weston, Plantation, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Miramar and Hollywood, FL.

21 Reviews

  • Richard Carlson3 years ago

    I have been going here for years. Santiago and his dad Raul are the best, they kept my 328is going for well over 350000 miles and it would have kept running for ever! I recently traded that car in and got a preowned 530i and the only reason is because I have a place I trust to bring it to. I would recommend them to anyone who owns a BMW and is sick of being ripped off by Dealers!

    2005 BMW 335i
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  • Lydia4 years ago

    I'm compelled to write a review because it may help others who may be looking for a place that will service their vehicles properly. Recently, my BMW 325i had the "service engine soon" light on. Not wanting to pay the dealership's charge for looking at my car and being new to the area presented a bit of a challenge. So began my search for a trustworthy place. Fortunately, I took the car to Ultimate Euro at the suggestion of another repair shop. Spoke to Santiago, one of the owners, who came across very professional and knowledgeable. Santiago checked my car and provided his findings and what my options were. I took a deep breath of faith then told him to please do the repairs. He did. When I picked up my car, I found it drove better than before. The cost for the repair, although high for me, was much better than it would have been at the dealer. So, for me, this place merits a positive review. They are professional, trustworthy and the place is clean. I am recommending this establishment as a good place to take your car when it have service needs.

    2005 BMW 325i
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  • Andt S.4 years ago

    After 10 years of being bled dry by BMW dealers for service and repairs, I finally decided, "no more". I found Santiago and his Dad Raul on the net and thank goodness for them. Remember the old days when you could get good honest service at a fair price? These guys are the real deal. You know up front what needs to be done and what it will cost. No excessive dealer mark ups, no unnecessary work, no excessive labor fees.

    These guys are great and I continue to refer all my Euro driving friends to them

    2002 BMW X5
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  • Heyner4 years ago

    Great team! Very knowledgeable and honest. I just had my car repaired there and I won't take it to any other shop in the future. My car had a couple of issues but I couldn't afford to have them fixed all at the same time, so Santiago advised what needed immediate attention and they took care of it for a fraction of the price that they had quoted me at the dealership. I live in Miami and will gladly drive to Davie for future visits. Highly recommended!

    2009 BMW 328i
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  • Ricco A4 years ago

    I had my E46 Convertible in for a check as my radiator kept leaking water. The leak was hard to find as it was a tiny crack in the expansion vessel that only opened up under heat and pressure, however they did it. Further to that i had them check the general state of my car and they advised me things i needed to do now and things that i should be aware about in the future. My car that was just alligned 2 months prior had a servere wear on the inside of my tires, come to find the car was alligned wrong. Santiago explained me how it was supposed to be done properly and afterwards my car was handlig like a BMW should :).

    I have now used them several times and Santiago really amazes me with his knowledge about BMW's and his ability to smile and be polite regardless how stressed he is. If you are fed up with sketchy mechanics and want no BS, this is the place to go.

    BMW 323Ci
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  • George5 years ago

    I went to this shop for the firs time to repair a gas leak in my bmw, the inspection was free and cost of repair was way below dealer charge. I definately will be making Ultimate Euro my only repair shop from now on...5 stars....GREAT SERVICE.

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  • Dave/O6 years ago

    Living in the Davie area and driving a 2001 X5 BMW - Glad to have these guys so close to me.

    Been dealing with them for 4 years now and always leave happy. Thanks Raul and Santiago for making all my visits affordable and keeping me up-dated as to what my 10 year old BMW will need in the future. You guys have been GREAT!

    Thanks again for all your help.


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  • Tom T6 years ago

    Coming down here from New York I had a couple "near nervous breakdowns" under my belt as far as dealing with sneaky mechanics. Wasn't much better here. Took my X5 to a couple of local shops and each time came out of "repair in a worse shape then before. Nobody really had a solution for my ABS/Break light on. Finally I've come across raving reviews for Ultimate Euro Repairs. I went to the shop and guess what - they are all right on the money. Santiago is fantastic, knowledgeable, mechanic which seems to go by the old fashioned rule: do a good job and customers will come. Even with tight schedule and line of clients, the job was done on time and as per dollar estimate. No surprises, no hustle. Got the full diagnosis and a fix to couple small things which kept my service light on - all for a more then a fair price and in timely manner. He should run a Sunday workshop for all the mechanics out there - for a fee of course...

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  • JIm Flax6 years ago

    Could not ask for a better experience. I brought my BMW there just before the warranty ran to see if there were any problems I couldn't detect. I was willing to pay a reasonable fee knowing there was value to me if a problem was found that I could get BMW to fix for free under the warranty. Santiago refused to charge me for the "exam." The tech at Ultimate Euro found that both my left and right tension bushings were leaking. Santiago wouldn't even take some $ after the problem was found. I called BMW to let them know I was bringing the car in and to confirm that the problem would be covered under the warranty. I was told that it would be covered if the issues were due to a defect and not normal wear and tear. I called Santiago when I was on my way to BMW to tell them about the potential "defect vs. wear and tear" issue. He assured me that it was absolutely a defect and that I should definitely "push back" if BMW gave me any grief. No hassles from BMW but thanks to the Santiago and the free inspection at Ultimate Euro, I got the bushings fixed at no cost at BMW -a job that I understand may have cost me $600 or $700 outside the warranty. Now that I'm out of warranty, I will certainly send my car to Ultimate Euro for any future service or other work and would highly recommend them to anybody. As professional and honest as could be hoped for.

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  • Denny Mendez6 years ago

    THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO FIX BMW, AND MERCEDEZ!! I RECOMMEND THEM!! they fix my 330ci and its working beautiful!!! thanks Santiago and Raul!!!! you are very professionals!!! thanks!!!! forget about the dealer, and the rest of the shops!!!

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  • ron6 years ago

    Hands down most reliable shop around. I have had more than 1 car worked on by them and I have never had a problem.

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  • Kevin J6 years ago

    Santiago is a great guy! I have had so many bad experiences with the dealership concerning my 2002 BMW 540i, but never again! I tried another independent mechanic, but when he just couldn't fix the problems, I luckily stumbled upon these guys. I highly recommend them."

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  • Kathryn W7 years ago

    I took my 2002 525i to a local BMW dealership to find out why my windshield washer fluid was leaking. The service writer said the mechanic said I'd need a new reservoir, and the cost would be around $400.00. Yikes! I declined the repair. Then, I went on line and found Ultimate Euro Repairs. Santiago looked at the car, and diagnosed the issue as a windshield motor, not the reservoir, and the cost was a total of less than $60.00. I was thrilled and do not plan to go back to the dealerships. I am so glad I found Santiago, and his terrific, honest repair team!

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  • JB8 years ago

    Extremely knowledgeable and capable staff, and frankly just nice people! I've had a number of cars over the past 10 years, and this is the only shop I use - BMWs, Mercedes and Porsches...I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for expert service from a team of true professionals that are as passionate about these cars as we owners are. I could not have afforded these vehicles without Ultimate Euro!

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  • Angel Salcedo8 years ago

    I have a BMW 528i, my clutch went out. Long story short, i took my car monday got it back wed. Been workin pefect since. So now im wating to get my tune up this weekend. So just really want to recomend them, because they gave me great service. Thnx

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  • Jeff Nova8 years ago

    I have used them now for 10 years on 3 BMW's, bar none the best run shop I have ever encountered for auto repairs. Honest, efficient and great people to deal with.

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  • Vladimir9 years ago

    Very professional stuff, nobody trying to rip you off, honest and reliable on the price.. Thanks guys!

    BMW 530i

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  • Joe S9 years ago

    Raul is the best he will go out of his way to help you out at a good price.

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  • John Mondone9 years ago

    I have my cars repaired by Ultimate Euro. These guys, Raul & Santiago are great. They know more about Mercedes - Benz then the dealer.

    ML320 / E320

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  • Lloyd H.9 years ago

    Raul and Santiago (father and son) do great work at this shop. Very professional and know what they're doing. I would highly recommend any BMW owner to use them...Good, honest, professional...I will use them exclusively for my M635csi...Great work!

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  • Mark M10 years ago

    I've used these guys a couple times and I have to say they do top notch work. I live in North Miami and still drove north to Davie to get repair work and service there. They've worked on two of my past BMW's, An E36 as well as an E46.

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