Common Repairs on the BMW 7 Series -G11/G12 Sixth Generation

The BMW G11 and G12 are part of the 7 Series and represent the sixth generation of this flagship luxury sedan. The G11 and G12 continued the tradition of the 7 Series as a symbol of automotive excellence and refinement, however it is not without any issues.

Electrical Gremlins: While improved, there have still been instances of electrical problems with door locks, window regulators and various sensors.

Engine Oil Leaks: Like many BMWs, the G11 and G12 may develop oil leaks, particularly from the valve cover gaskets and oil pan gasket. Get to your local BMW repair center asap if you notice any leaks underneath your 6th generation 7-series.

Brake System: Premature wear on brake components, including brake pads and rotors, have been reported as a concern by some owners.

Fuel Injector Problems: Issues with fuel injectors leading to engine misfires or rough idling have been experienced by G11/G12 owners.

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