Auto Europe

1923 Piedmont Cir. NE,
Atlanta, GA 30324 US
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Atlanta BMW repair experts!

3 Reviews

  • Mario
    Mario13 years ago

    Norman is the man. Knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful. He's an enthusiast that gives service above and beyond. Think money grubbing shyster, well Norman is the EXACT OPPOSITE.

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  • Mark Sorensen
    Mark Sorensen13 years ago

    They were great. Super nice and I trust them. They fixed my car and got me out the door as cheaply as they could. They ran an engine mapping update that helped a ton with my cars downshifts. Nobody else had thought to do this for my car.

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  • Kevin Bailey
    Kevin Bailey13 years ago

    I've known Norman Campbell for years. He is the lead BMW tech at Auto Europe and has always done fair and thorough work on any of the late model BMWs that my family and I have taken to him. He will recommend what needs to be done, and will prioritize for you those items that could be done but won't leave you stranded if you need to delay.

    I'd highly recommend his work. I do all of my own basic maintenance (pads, rotors, oil/filter/spark changes, etc) but rely heavily on him for all items that require a lift or expert diagnosis.

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