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Servicing BMW in Atlanta for over 35 years! We love German cars! We service BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper and Mercedes Benz cars and SUVs.

We have the latest in diagnostic equipment and training for our techs. We use only the finest parts and stand behind our work with a 3 year warranty!

Please give us a chance to show you why allowing us to be your service center is the best choice you can make. Give our friendly staff a call now to make your appointment and mention you saw us on BimmerShops for an extra discount!

19 Reviews

  • Jamie Kennington
    Jamie Kennington5 years ago

    Ok, so this is how awesome Bavarian Imports and the owner-Mike are regarding service. I've had a small fleet of BMWs and I go to Mike and not dealerships even if I have a warranty, because Mike and his team are BMW Certified Mechanics. Not only do they have all required tools to fix your Bimmer but everyone there has a lot of experience.

    Since Mike and I have an incredible relationship, I asked him to please look at my Mother's 2000 9.3 SaaB. He said, "my techs will kill me if I show up with a Saab, but I will do it for you." They spent of lot of time and energy before referring Saab to SJ Automotive on Howell Mill RD. SJ are certified SaaB Mechanics and can actually get certified SaaB parts even though SaaB are no longer built. I have a great review for them coming up but back to Bavarian, Mike and team even went so far as to download codes for this SaaB before discovering he just couldn't get it going. After all, his focus is on BMWs. So he just sent car to SJ Automotive and has not even pinged me to discuss the tow to SJ or charges for work on SaaB. I recommend Bavarian as an exclusive BMW go to shop. Call them. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they get you in and how reasonable repairs are, even if under warranty. Thanks again for reading go call Bavarian!!!

    2015 BMW X5
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  • Sherriah Johnson
    Sherriah Johnson5 years ago

    My BMW loves Bavarian Imports! Bavarian Imports provides impeccable service -- and have the abilities and skills to perform multiple automotive services. The team provides scheduled & regular maintenance on my vehicle. They have also completed flawless body work and repaired damage to my convertible top within 24 hours. Mike, Jabari, Alphonso, Corey, Mark, Donnie and Stetson have gone above and beyond to assist. If you are searching for trustworthy, loyal automotive specialist -- Bavarian Imports has the team for you.

    2004 BMW 645ci
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  • Stetson White
    Stetson White9 years ago

    As most BMW owners are, I am very picky with whom I let come in contact with my BMW. After extensive research for BMW repair shops, I decided to give Bavarian Imports a shot when my transmission started to go out. Other shops told me I needed a whole new transmission, but this shop had machines that other shops didn't have, saving me time and money. 10,000 miles later after the $315 service my car performs flawlessly if not better. The staff is very professional and friendly and I will be coming back.

    2001 BMW 330Ci
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  • Randy R
    Randy R9 years ago

    I recently relocated to ATL and was in need of an oil service. I had some other issues with my car and Mike (the owner) communicated the issues to me with care and concern. I've owned my vehicle for 18 years and counting and the personal attention they provided was exceptional. My first experience today has been unlike any other. They provide top quality service and fair pricing compared to the enormous prices the dealership charges. Not sure about the other shops around but Bavarian Imports have really won me over. Derrick, Jabari and the owner Mike are very personable and knoweldgeable.I will definitely take my there for my future car needs and highly recommend this shop to BMW owners.

    1995 BMW 525I
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  • Kelcy Smith
    Kelcy Smith9 years ago

    I used Bavarian Imports today for the first time. The Customer Service was superior. All the staff was very friendly. They were informative and educated me on some of the repairs needed for my BMW 325ci as well as calling my father (engineer) at my request and speak with him since car lingo is a foreign language to me. I will be using them in the future for my import needs. Their prices were much better than the dealership as well. Thanks for a great first experience.

    2002 BMW 325Ci
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  • Catalina
    Catalina10 years ago

    My first experience at Bavarian Imports was absolutely phenomenal. It's the greatest service I've ever had at a car shop, not only the quality of the work and the reasonable pricing, but also the warmth of their staff and the honesty with which they treated me and have treated me ever since. I own an old 1993 red BMW convertible and me being a student and lacking knowledge on cars I was always scared to take my baby anywhere. I heard about Bavarian through a friend and decided to give it a shot. My car had been making unusual noises every time I stopped and turned and something simply didn't feel right. i went there and they were fabulous. They explained to me and showed me that my brakes were absolutely done and that I'd been in danger of having an accident. They took care of everything within a few hours, offered to give me a ride back home while my car was done and were great about the prices considering I was on a low budget. I've never met another car shop that interacts so well with their customers. I've been back there ever since and they are the only place I trust with my car.

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  • SunNY
    SunNY10 years ago

    I finally was blessed to purchase my dream car... A 1990 325i convertible! Like the one Mekaih Phifer has in the movie "Paid And Full". So I researched, even spent money on a cpl inspections at other locations... Bavarian Imports tho! Answered yet another prayer! Not only are Derrick and Mike great guys. They'er a great team. I watch a lot of channel 2 news tough questions. So I was very cautious and affraid of the rip off and over charge! Not with them! Great work! Mike treated me like a son... THIS IS NO EXAGGERATION!!!!! A guy at ACE hardware name Ed will tell you the same! New struts and shocks, tore rod, thermostat, water hose all done very well... I've found a Doctor for my Rich Porter (BMW's name). I'm looking to completely restore this vehicle. I've found the right people. PEACE!

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  • William
    William10 years ago

    Bavarian used to be a great shop but I'm not sure what happened. I used to bring my 2002 BMW 530 there for repairs and never had an issue but then I purchased a 745 and took it in for repair and didn't receive such good service. My original complaint was that the car's warning lights kept flashing on and off and the car would lose power, they told me to bring it on in so I did and about an hour later they told me I needed a new battery and alternator and quickly explained the cost would be $1800 so I asked them are they sure that is the only issue and they assured me it was but it seemed funny to me because I never experienced the car not starting or having to ever charge the battery. I went to pick it up and immediately the lights came back on less than 2 miles away. Unfortunately the shop was closing and had to wait til the next morning. I took it back in and now they tell me the computer is messed up and I needed a new one and that would cost $1900 I said hold on, you assured me that my issue was resolved and it is not which leads me to believe I never needed the alternator or the battery. Derek had the owner Mike call me and he told me there was nothing they could do about it and refused to refund me or even reinstall my old battery and alternator. I eventually took it to the dealer and they fixed the computer module. Over time I have probably spent well over $8000 in repairs with this company and absolutely refuse to use them again.

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  • mike ventola
    mike ventola10 years ago

    I have found the ultimate "doctor" for my 1988 BMW M6...I was introduced to Mike Lembcke, the owner of Bavarian Imports, by a fellow BCCA member recently and i was blown away with the knowledge Mike had! he is truely an "old school" mechanic. Most importantly he listened to what my needs were and he turned into my personal car consultant. Just got my beloved M back and i could not be happier. I would recommend Mike, and all the techs, at Bavarian imports...they will take personal ownership in your car

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  • Randall Burgess
    Randall Burgess10 years ago

    After bad experiences at Nally I met Mike Lembcke;owner of Bavarian Imports; at a car show. We talked about my troubles and he suggested I stop by his shop for him to check out my 1990 BMW 735 ( Edna Mae ). Reluctantly I drove 30 mile to visit Bavarian Imports. The service was fast, competitively priced with the highest quality of work I have ever experienced. His entire staff is honest and trust worthy. I love these guys and I will never let anyone else service my 1990 Edna Mae. They also serve a great cup of coffee.

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  • Khai
    Khai10 years ago

    I called to get a price estimate on a motor swap in my 94 BMW 325i. I've always known of Bavarian to be an excellent name in the BMW community, (even before owning a BMW). But, as soon as I explained what I needed; The only thing the guy on the phone said was, "Ok. Your looking at 40 service hours" Long pause, I asked, "Ok. So what does that mean?"

    REP: You're looking at about 40 service hours

    ME: So how much is it going to cost?

    REP: Well you're looking at about 40 service hours, so that's about $4200

    ME: So the fact that you only keep saying 40 service hours, means you only want the money...

    REP:---------HUNG UP---------

    Really? This is my 1st experience with Bavarian....

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  • Jeffery Wilkerson
    Jeffery Wilkerson11 years ago

    I'm a retired U.S. Army Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, who knows outstanding service as well as personnel when i come across it. I have never ran across a better automobile repair establishment in my life. From Derrick, the service manager to the outgoing, extremely friendly, owner Mike. You would of thought i have known those guys for many years the way they interacted with me. Not only did they jump right on my vehicle when i got there, but the owner gladly gave me a ride back home about 15 miles back across town. The next morning, Mike called and offered to come pick me back up while explaining everything they done to repair my vehicle. From this day forward, there is no doubt that if i need anything else done to my vehicle, nobody but Bavarian Imports in Atlanta, GA will touch it. For the work i had done, the final price was unbeatable. If you need any work done to your import, don't short change yourself and go somewhere else. They will go out of the way to make sure you don't feel like just another number coming to the shop. Not only did i receive outstanding customer service, but feel i just made 2 new friends in the process. Simply the best, Bottom Line! If you have any question about my review, you can contact me at

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  • Allison
    Allison11 years ago

    Wow, I am impressed by Bavarian Imports.

    They were my go to garage when I was in school. They worked on both my '98 VW Beetle and my '91 525. They were always prompt and fair back then.

    Today, I found myself in a panic. I had a flat tire, a slow leak, and took my Acura to the tire shop up the street. They immediately insisted that my tires were shot and I should buy four new ones from them right away. I was there with my infant daughter and they really laid it on thick about not driving away with her on those tires. Knowing my wear bars were no where in sight, I drove a few hundred feet down the road to Bavarian to ask for a second opinion since my husband is traveling and couldn't investigate. Derrick, the service manager, came right out and took a look. He went back and got Mike, the shop owner, and before I knew it, they were both crawling on the ground thoroughly inspecting my tires. Mike then took the time to explain that my tires were certainly not pristine but they had bad cracking and dry rot (we used to live in the CA desert) and should probably be replaced very shortly. He gave me the name of his tire rack representative who can help me pick the best tires for my needs and told me he'd be happy to install the tires on my Acura.

    I really appreciate the time these guys took to do a thorough inspection and, most importantly, give a proper explanation of the situation. If only they could work on my Acura all the time... My husband will definitely be taking his 2003 330 here!

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  • Lia
    Lia11 years ago

    I love these guys. They take care of their customers as if they are family. I dropped by the shop on a Saturday because I couldnt get the stupid license plate bulb out to replace it . (Derrick the manager said "come on by" when I called). When I arrived, Mike and another employee came out to my car immediately, took care of my bulb, laughed about how silly BMWs can be,added windshield wiper fluid (per my request), and sent me on my way.

    And, Mike has the coolest Afghan Hound who is always in the office. You have to visit them and the dog.

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  • Kevin Mann
    Kevin Mann13 years ago

    Bavarian Imports really went the extra mile. I recently had my alternator replaced in my 02 M3. The quote was around 40% of the cost of getting it done at the dealership. They dropped me off at home when I dropped my car off, and picked me up from home when I picked my car up. They called multiple suppliers to see who could get a new alternator the quickest. And to top it off, they washed my car before I picked it up.

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  • ben hyek
    ben hyek13 years ago

    bavarian imports is a great shop, i have used them for years on 3 different vehicals with nothing but positive experiances. they have always matched or beaten any other quotes i have brought to them A+++ all the way!

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  • Trip
    Trip13 years ago

    In response to Steve comments above, I can absolutely promise that Bavarian had nothing to do with a stolen GPS . I know everyone there, and they are all great people, in addition to doing some of the best work in the city. There is more experience in that shop than anywhere in town, and they love what they do. That combination makes for a great place to have your BMW worked on. Fair prices, great work, and good people.

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  • Steve
    Steve13 years ago

    I had a new radiator installed at this shop and all was good. I went back to them to have new tires put on, and my GPS unit was stolen out of the glovebox. They do good work, but I won't be back.

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  • Kevin Mann
    Kevin Mann13 years ago

    I've been getting my oil changes done at Bavarian Imports for the past year and have received nothing but professional and courteous service. Although I haven't had to get any serious work done (yes I feel lucky), I feel confident in recommending this shop.

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