Georgia Luxury Automotive

2972 Ask Kay Dr.,
Smyrna, GA 30082 US
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Formula One is dedicated to all your automotive needs. We specialize in BMWs — our technicians have years of training working on BMWs and have been in the industry for some time as well as working for BMW directly.

We have all of the latest technology and software to diagnose your BMW and be able to get it back in a pristine condition. For any more questions please visit our website or contact us directly at the shop.

2 Reviews

  • WT
    WT3 years ago

    Georgia Luxury Automotive has always treated me and my BMWs very well. For body-work and mechanical repairs, their prices have been extremely reasonable. And they haven't wasted time to accomplish the tasks necessary to finish the job. I have no reservations to endorse this firm - money well spent.

    2001 BMW 750iL
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  • Doquar
    Doquar9 years ago

    Wow... I've had nothing but good experiences with Georgia Luxury Automotive. They've worked on four of my vehicles and a few friend's cars that were satisfied and more than impressed with the service. They always detail my cars when serviced and offer loaner cars even though I have more than one vehicle. The labor is more than reasonable and what they charge for routine services are much less than dealerships. I'm sure that if the owner knew of this, you would be very well taken care of and compensated. I will mention this the next time I go into the shop. wow.....I'm speechless.

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