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The premier independent repair shop in Alpharetta for your BMW, Porsche, Mini, Audi, VW, or Mercedes Benz. BMWCCA & PCA Club member discounts available.

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1 Review

  • Dan5 months ago

    After seeing a few suggestions for German Car Repair, in Apharetta, I wound up using them to PPI a '99 C2 Cab that I was interested in. I flew down for the PPI yesterday am.

    I had a great experience with Alan Kidson (owner) and Jerry Weiden (their Porsche Master Mechanic). Beautiful shop, friendly, accommodating service. They worked with the seller to schedule the work (the seller sent it in by towtruck) and agreed to hold it in the shop over the weekend for pickup Monday.

    Unfortunately, the PPI ended almost as soon as it began, with a number of issues identified right off the bat. Before going any further, Alan and Jerry brought me out to discuss the issues, their required or potential solutions (some of these items were not fully diagnosed, but simply identified) and to make a determination to stop right then and there (at no cost to me) or to continue. I chose not to continue, the car was not what I expected.

    They had no horse in the race and could easily have gone through the whole process without giving me the option. They appear to be straight shooters and professional. I'd certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a PPI in the Atlanta area.

    So, a big emotional roller coaster (I woke up yesterday like a kid at Christmas), a waste of my hard earned frequent flier miles on a pretty last minute trip, but I took the opportunity to check out 4 other cars in the area after the aborted PPI, got a bit of an education, and found another likely candidate, too.

    1999 Porsche 911
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