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BMW Repair Shop in Smyrna, Marietta & Atlanta

Motorcars International in Smyrna, GA is a full service BMW repair shop providing an alternate to the BMW dealership service experience. We serve Cobb County, Smyrna, Marietta, Vinings and the Atlanta area with expert BMW repair and service.

Our certified BMW technicians have decades of BMW repair experience. We are committed to the safety and reliability of your BMW.

  • Bosch Automotive Service Center
  • Member of Automotive Service Association
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • 24 Month/24,000 Mile Warranty
  • Free Rental Car (24 hrs)

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BMW Service in Smyrna, Marietta & Atlanta

Our deep understanding and knowledge of the electronics, diagnostics and computer software of BMW automobiles allow us to accurately service your BMW. Our highly trained BMW mechanics are able to pinpoint any BMW issues or faults you may be experiencing using our state-of-the art equipment. We provide quality BMW service for all repairs, minor and major.

We offer the following BMW services to keep your BMW running at maximum performance:

  • BMW Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Brake System Repair
  • Ignition System Repair
  • Electrical System Repair
  • Heating & Cooling System
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Engine Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Auto Glass Replacement

Visit our full service BMW maintenance facility in Smyrna, GA for your next BMW service or repair.

Meet Our Team

  • Walter Wiesboeck, Owner at Motorcars International in Smyrna, GA

    Walter Wiesboeck


    In 1976, Walter founded Munich West Inc. and expanded into a second location 5 years later, aptly named Munich West of Smyrna. Because of the overwhelming demand of European auto repair in the Smyrna/Vinings/Marietta area, services were expanded beyond BMW repairs to include European and Asian auto repairs. The shop name was changed to Motorcars International, Inc. thereafter, in 1992, to reflect the overall servicing and maintenance of European and Asian automobiles.

    Over the years, Walter has developed a computer-based shop management system called "Autowise," and has 40 years of experience in European and Asian auto repair.

  • Tony Mion, Service Manager at Motorcars International in Smyrna, GA

    Tony Mion

    Service Manager

    Service Manager, ASE Service Consultant
    ASE Master Tech – Certified In 8 Categories.

    43 years experience in automotive repair. With Motorcars since 1992.


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  • My oil pan drain plug was stripped. The VW dealer wanted $450+ to replace oil pan. Based on the other reviews I read here, I took the car to Motorcars Intl instead. They were able to re-tap the oil pan and use a larger plug, saving me over $300! It’s a very professional and honest shop. I will be using them for all future repairs on both my cars.

    Satisfied Customer
  • I've been taking my Saab to Tony and the crew at Motorcars International for over a year, and they are just great. They know Saabs, can explain the problem in plain English, and are very patient with my many questions. Whether you make an appointment or stop in on your way home to have them "listen" to the bad sound, they make the time to assist you. I have been nothing but satisfied with this company, and will happily continue to use and trust them to complete quality work on my vehicle.

    Satisfied Customer, via Kudzu on December 11, 2008
  • There is something to be said about a company that offers incredible customer service and top quality work, Motorcars International is one of these companies. I needed to get my 525 BMW serviced. Tony and Charles took the time to explain to me what was needed and what was not needed to get my car in top shape. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Period. I will ALWAYS take my BMW to Motorcars Int. and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who appreciates top of the line service and some of the friendliest mechanics around.

    Chef S., via Kudzu on May 2, 2009
  • Took my Audi here after I was disappointed at the dealer. These guys were on time, reasonable, through, and careful. They accurately diagnosed the problem, something the dealer did not, and fixed it to my complete satisfaction. GREAT place to work with!

    Satisfied Customer

Awards & Affiliations

Bosch ServiceBosch Service
ASE CertifiedASE Certified

2 Reviews

  • Oscar Hobson3 years ago

    Great Experience - BMW dealer said clutch and car was finished. I was about to buy a new car but then found out you guys were near the dealer and my job. Towed it over to Motorcars and they made it drive like new. Will be back soon for more repairs. Very fair on price where dealer had been charging me a fortune (literally 2-3 times more) and Motorcars worked on it in less time. Thanks and Great job and hope to see you soon. (I Vote for Saturday hours)

    2002 BMW 330CI
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  • Alvaro4 years ago

    Be careful with this shop, a guy called Tony,is a very dishonest person, they will rip you off if you don't pay close attention to what they do, they do not disclose all charges before getting your approval, I took my bimmer to have them make an upgrade to my front headlights, upgrade that he said they can do with no problem,however after they tried for more than a week to have my headlights ( I provided ) installed, they gave up, they quit ,and they said that they won't be able to make that upgrade for me, so, I decided to buy a new regular set of headlights similar to the factory ones, and they agreed on installing this new ones instead of the previous upgrade I had, what they did not tell to me in advance it was that they were going to charge me for all the time they spent since the first day they started working on my car, which I ended up instead of paying them just $250 that we initially agreed on, I ended up paying them $700 just for installing this new set of headlights ....can you imagine guys...paying $700 just for labor installation , this is ridiculous , they are not reliable,nor honest people, since all the did to me is taking advantage of my poor ENGLISH speaking knowledge ....this place deserve a big Red flag...don't trust them....ask everything before...they did not honor to pay my 1 day rental car....go somewhere else...don't waste your time supporting them...

    BMW 525i/03
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    Walter Wiesboeck4 years ago

    Motorcars prides itself in dealing honestly and ethically with all of our customers. We try very hard to provide only needed service and explain what is needed in such a way that our customers understand. It is unfortunate that some people only tell one side of a story.

    The customer complaint has conveniently omitted the following details:

    When car was first brought in, customer reported insufficient illumination from headlights. Inspection revealed physically broken headlight adjuster mechanisms for both left and right sides, as well as clouded lenses.

    Repair was not possible. An estimate to replace both headlight assemblies with new O.E.M. BMW units was given to customer. Owner declined replacement, stating that he would research lower cost alternatives online.

    Customer called back and stated that he wanted to convert his headlights from the original halogen design to an aftermarket xenon type. We advised customer that the car was not originally designed for this type, and no O.E.M. upgrade existed. Customer insisted that he wanted to utilize aftermarket kits he had found online (made in China/sold from west coast of U.S.). These units were halogen units sold with xenon add-on elements. They also incorporated L.E.D. turn signal/park lights rather than original incandescent type. We advised owner against the conversion for a number of reasons. Owner insisted that our concerns were unfounded; he stated the seller guaranteed suitability for this installation and would provide technical support through a toll-free phone number. We pointed out that conversion would entail additional labor due to required modifications. Customer restated his desire to proceed.

    Customer supplied parts and work commenced. Conversion from halogen to xenon required modification to housings and wiring harness connectors to fit. Lamp igniter modules (required for xenon, not used for halogen) had to be mounted in car in such a way as to be secure and allow for future servicing of adjacent components. L.E.D. wiring included with kits was adapted to original wiring per included (but very sketchy) instructions. During initial tests, several elements of the lights failed to function. Multiple attempts were made to consult with “technical support” using supplied 800 number. When we could actually get someone to answer, they were unable to provide any useful information; the story for several calls was that the correct person was “out” and would call back. No one EVER returned a call. Repeated calls and interminable minutes of being on hold finally resulted in a new person who took the information, admitted they had no useful information to impart and promised to contact “manufacturer” for help. No call backs over several days despite continued attempts on our end. During this time owner was kept informed of events, but expressed a reluctance to get involved directly with the seller (despite the fact that HE had selected them against our recommendation). Owner finally directed us to remove and repackage all components for return to seller. We did so. Owner then provided a pair of O.E.M. headlight assemblies (the same ones we had recommended and quoted for at the outset) and had us install them. We did so and the lights operated normally.

    Labor charges were appropriate for the time spent working on car. Owner’s accented, but very good English played no part in this encounter. He was fully aware from the outset. He made poor choices that he later came to regret. Buyers’ remorse is no excuse for failing to accept responsibility for ones actions or to resort to calling someone dishonest.

    Walter Wiesboeck,

    Motorcars International Inc.