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Oscars Automotive is proud to be the premiere auto repair shop for BMW, Mini Cooper, SMART car, and Mercedes Benz repair and service in the Boise area.

Since we opened in 2002, our core values at Oscars Automotive are honesty and getting-the-job-done-right. Our team has decades of experience and take an individualistic approach to our work. Whether you are a car expert or a casual owner, our technicians will assess your vehicle’s specific needs, enhancing your automotive experience. This is what we do best at Oscars Automotive. We have factory level specialty tools that allow us to provide excellent service, repair, and performance services for your BMW, Mini Cooper, SMART car, Mercedes Benz, and more.

We specialize in only BMW, Mini-Cooper, Mercedes and Smart Cars. We carry factory level equipment and LSID for vehicle specific programming and testing.

Meet Our Owner

  • Bradley Martinez, Owner at Oscars Automotive in Boise, ID

    Bradley Martinez


    I was born and raised in Boise in a home where automotive has always been near the center of my family. In 6th grade I moved, with my family, to the house where my dad built a shop and started what would inevitably be called Oscar’s Automotive. I first got my start in automotive working with him when I was 16 years old. I started helping him out at the shop during the summers between school. He consistently coached me on all my early fundamental technical skills. It was sporadic for those first years and after high school I ended up moving away for 3 years to Seattle. After moving back, I didn’t immediately join my dad’s side again. I joined the fitness industry at Bodybuilding.com where I learned a tremendous amount of information not just about health and fitness but also business culture. It would prove to be important later in my career. After my 2 years with Bodybuilding.com and 9 years of my Dad at home, our family met a fork in the road. My dad was forced to make a tough decision. Move the business he worked hard to build or give it up. Giving up was not an option for my brother, my dad and I because this was what my Dad had built the foundation of our lives on. My brother and I took it upon ourselves to quit what we were doing and help carry on our father’s legacy of helping people with their automotive needs. In Sept of 2010 we opened the doors to Oscar’s Automotive. As any entrepreneur will tell you, the road can be tough. After 7 years of running the business with my brother and Dad, I took an opportunity to move to Oregon to go learn more about running an automotive business. I was lucky enough to join forces with an admirable man who taught me a lot about myself and how to do automotive better. After 2 years of learning I came back with one mission. To enhance the automotive experience for everybody. I want to show everybody that they can be cared for in ways that are extra-ordinary for the automotive industry.


  • We take our vehicles to Oscar’s Automotive with confidence that we’re getting quality and efficient work done. We recently brought our vehicle in for the 60k maintenance and they mentioned a new service that could improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. I’m always skeptical of anything that seems to be too good to be true, but Brad did an awesome job of explaining this new proprietary service. The 3C Induction Cleaning removes buildup and restores the engine performance that seems to dwindle over the years.
    After around 500 miles, I am very satisfied with the results. I’ve gone from averaging 14-15mpg up to 17-18mpg and it’s running like new again.

    This isn’t some inexpensive additive from the parts store or the stuff you pay a little extra for at the pump. Excellent return on investment and we’ll have this done on my wife’s car at the next service appointment.

    Oscar’s has earned our trust and our continued business!

    Satisfied Customer

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1 Review

  • Faith Chennette
    Faith Chennette3 years ago

    I took my beautiful on the outside and not so pretty on the inside BMW X5 for a CEL. These guys are honest, responsible, and personable. And the shop is clean and smells good! I would use them again in a hot second. I often wonder why car care is not as efficient as people care- these guys are!

    2011 BMW X5
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