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APM Tuned is founded under the premise that good work means quality, and quality looks good. APM Tuned has had this mentality from the first day of opening its doors back in 2007.

APM Tuned is striving to be at the forefront of the automotive community. Reliability, dependability and integrity are the most important assets for everyday life, we just implement that tactic to our every day service.

Specializing in import vehicles such as BMW, VW, Mercedes, Audi, and more!

Tacky introduction aside, we exist to provide quality services for the local European vehicle community. Everything from race track preparations, engine builds, to oil changes. We aren't here to grab and go, we are in it for the long haul!

Services we offer:

  • Dyno Tuning of all BMW's (DME Reflash)
  • Programming ECU's
  • Carbon Cleaning
  • Walnut Blasting
  • Coating
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Diagnostics
  • General Maintenance/Tune-ups
  • Engine Overhaul/Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Race Track Prep (Corner Balancing)
  • Suspension & Alignments
  • Tire Servicing
  • Brakes


  • Free Wifi
  • Magazines
  • Customer Lounge
  • Vehicle Sanitizing


  • APM Tuned is a great place to bring your car for all kinds of services. Ben and the guys here went above and beyond the quality of workmanship and customer service better than I could ever imagine. I honestly cannot say enough about them. My car wouldn't or couldn't be where it is without Ben and the team at APM. I will always go to them with my cars. Thank you very much to everyone at APM Tuned. Again, I appreciate everything Ben and the guys did. Call APM Tuned and talk to Ben, you'll be glad you did.

    Domenick, via Facebook on April 19, 2018
  • I've always had impeccable service here. These guys really know their stuff and take the time to properly diagnose issues rather than the typical "replace and see" method you get at other shops. From basic maintenance, to replacing both faulty DISA's on my e90, they do it all with exceptional workmanship. Highly recommend, especially if you're in the market for a custom tune.

    Matt, via Google
  • Best place around, whether you have a squeaky noise, need regular maintenance, or performance work you can count on Maciek and the crew. They are very knowledgeable, honest, professional and always deliver quality work for a great price. I was looking for a place like this for the longest time now I will never take my car anywhere else.

  • Ben has been the best automobile shop for me to deal with over my ten years of owning my car. They have the best customer service and are skilled mechanics who value their customers and their needs. I would be lost without them! They have a customer for life in me! I have gotten detailed, timely estimates that made sense and it has been convenient to schedule my car for servicing. As a women, I don't speak "car" very well and appreciate Ben's patience and thoroughness with making sure I have understood the why and what of repairs my car has needed. Don't look any further than APM for any of your automotive needs!

    Jennifer, via Google

4 Reviews

  • Parwinder Bhagat
    Parwinder Bhagat4 years ago

    I honestly would not go back. I do not recommend the place either. I would put the facts here and you can decide as a consumer. I was charged 158 dollars for a oil change on a BMW X5 2015. It uses synthetic oil 5W30 and needed a oil filter replacement. That's it.

    Their labor charges were 48 dollars which is high but I won't argue about that. It is their shop and they decide how much to charge for labor.

    They charged me 88.86 for the oil saying that it is the high efficiency and performance oil from pentosin. Fair. I looked it up. The first place to buy it from sells it for 32. That's 3x markup. The same place sells the filter for 6.99 where as I was charged 12.99 (2x markup).

    I mean I understand that everyone has to make a living and I don't mind paying a bit extra for good service but I cannot support blatant rip off.

    When I pointed this out to the owner he offered me a 15 dollar discount because he didn't want to lose a customer. Which to me, added to the insult.

    I will attach the receipt with the review. Decide for yourself. For this price I could have got it done at the dealership.

    2015 BMW X5
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  • Indri shehaj
    Indri shehaj6 years ago

    I got a dyno tune from Auto Performance Modifications and a remus quad tip exhaust installed. They did an amazing job trimming the bumper to make it fit and the BMW has felt amazing ever since, i have a simple full bolt on setup and i had a cobb accesport prior to the dyno tune and i felt the difference afterwards, ben was a great help and even called me months after to ask how the car is doing. Highly reccommend them.

    2011 BMW 335i xdrive
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  • Mike
    Mike6 years ago

    I wanted to reach out and thank the team at Auto Performance Modifications and express a little about the great work being done and the great passion the guys have over at APM. Maciek the Owner, Ben the General Manager and their technical staff run a really great performance garage. They have years of experience with BMW’s as well as other makes and manufacturers. Whether your needs are for a trackday, doing laps or looking for some serious racing, these guys can do anything from change your oil to tuning your car into something really exciting.

    I have been bringing my BMW’s to them for every need. They are highly knowledgeable, reasonably priced and are always professional including great quality and quick turnarounds. They are a wonderful and trustworthy group to work with. I have had them do suspension upgrades as well as tunes on my cars from my 2013 F10 5 Series to my 2015 F10 M5 and most recently to my 2017 F13 6 Series Coupe. The latest Stage-2 OBD-II ECU tune was a great install and really added some much needed power to the 6 Series. I can’t thank these guys enough.

    2017 BMW 640i xD
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  • David M
    David M6 years ago

    First and foremost, Great customer service right off the bat! Spoke with Ben and within minutes had my appointment set up for some new spark plugs. He was very attentive to all my questions and concerns! Sometimes with mechanics shops, setting anything up or talking with the mechanics, you get the feeling that you’re interrupting or bothering them. Not here! All of my questions were answered promptly and honestly. They are very quick to respond to calls or emails! They make you feel at ease and are very knowledgeable about everything! They did a great job with my car and were finished in only a couple of hours. Great staff, great service altogether, and honest fair pricing! That’s hard to find when looking for a tuning and service shop! I look forward to bringing my car there in the future with all my performance and service needs! Most importantly, I feel that my car is in good hands and that they will take care of everything it needs in an honest and professional manner! I recommend Auto Performance Modifications to anyone in search of a great shop!

    2011 BMW 335i xDrive Sedan
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