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We are a new BMW exclusive independent shop in the Chicagoland area, with some old and new faces from R&N Bavarian Motors. Ryan and Nelson are now at Bimmer Werkshop inc, and are ready to service all your BMW needs. We have a new location that is conveniently located right off the 90/94 split and half-a-block away from the blue line. Thank you to all of our returning customers, and future ones. We hope to see you and your BMW soon!


  • If you are driving the ultimate driving machine, you sure as heck don't wanna take it to a shop that works on anything. My car is my baby and thus I hate putting her in the hands of a complete stranger. This place is the exception to that rule.

    I walked in with a check engine light and some other minor issues I was having. They put my car up and we went through every single concern - showing me what was where and what could be some relevant causes. They did the diagnostic for FREE - who does that?? Surely not the BMW dealership as you can read about in my other review. The going rate for a place just hooking the diagnostic machine ON YOUR CAR is $70. They also charged my battery for FREE!!!

    Nelson knows BMWs. They were knowledgeable, sincere, and thoughtful. I was made aware of different issues and given the associated level of importance. This was one of the first times EVER that I went to a place that didn't tell me 10 things were wrong and they all needed to be fixed ASAP.

    Most mechanics make you feel like you are being robbed, this place made me want to have them over for dinner. I can not say enough good things about them.

    Seeing is believing, check them out!!! I wish I could give them 10 stars!!!

    Emma on January 19, 2010
  • This is the best service I have ever received in regards to a service. Nelly is so humble and honest. If there is anything that you dont understand they are more than helpful in furthering a customer's understanding.

    Everytime I have been I have always learned something new. I really wish I had found them sooner. I would not have WASTED my time by going to the crappy dealer.
    When I tell you they know their BMW...they really know their BMW. I am so frantic because I like my car and to have a car you like and honest guys who knows how to repair it makes life easier. Trust I have been to places that say "they can fix BMW's, and I still would drive away with the same problem....but not here.. The other posters are head on with their reviews.......I will highly recommend these guys. 10 stars across the board .............EASY!!!

    Tiniko on February 4, 2010
  • I am writing to echo what has already been posted by the other owners: Nelson is professional, friendly, and informative. He clearly explains what the issues are (and could be) with your car, the urgency of the repairs, and a clear estimate of the costs involved. And speaking of the costs, he is very fair with their labor, both in terms of the time they incur and the rates they charge.

    Also, as other posters have mentioned, they do take a thorough look at your car when you bring it in to make you aware of other issues that may be coming down the pike. Then they break the issues they see down into what I call "need to", "should do", and "eventually, it's probably a good idea" categories, which is very helpful when budgeting out repair/ownership costs.

    Lastly, they are nice enough to share their wireless connection if you want to get a little work done while you wait.

    I have a 2003 3-series and have been in twice to see them. Highly recommended.

    Dan on February 16, 2010
  • Nelson thoroughly inspected my car and went out of his way to bring my car back to life. I could not have been more satisfied and impressed. They specialize in BMW’s only and have top-notch service, very reasonable prices and go the extra mile to take care of you.

    I hope this helps other BMW owners realize there is an option for premium service besides the dealership. A sincere thanks to Nelson for all their help!!

    Espin on April 20, 2010
  • This is the place guys, look no further. Honest and knowledgeable, you can't ask for anything more.

    Nelson took care of my care and was completely up front the whole time. This shop deserves all sorts of awards, mainly for honesty. You will not get jerked around...

    Hagop on August 17, 2010

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11 Reviews

  • Sonia
    Sonia3 years ago

    These guys are fantastic! So incredibly honest! I will not take my BMW anywhere else! I'm on the fence about buying another BMW in the future, but would consider it because of Bimmer Werkshop. A few times they have not charged me for labor (small jobs). I recommend them 110%.

    2004 BMW 330
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  • Kirk
    Kirk4 years ago

    These are the most honest people I've met so far. These mechanics know exactly what they're doing unlike other shops. I would highly recommend Bimmer Werkshop.

    2011 BMW 528i
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  • Drew
    Drew7 years ago

    I'm really happy that I found Bimmer Werkshop in Chicago after the bad luck that I had been having with dealerships in IL and MD. They fixed a driver's side vapor barrier water leak that three different dealers failed to fix for more than 6 months at a time. They were very helpful when trying to mount a Mason Engineering strut brace on my car to avoid the Z4 defect of broken strut mount brackets for the firewall support bars--Initially the brace didn't fit due to the DISA valve location on the 2.5i engine, but after some modifications from Mason Engineering the brace went back on with no issue. Any they didn't even charge anything to put the bar on, remove it, and then put the bar back on again since I already had my car in for other various work each time. One of the best things that I like is that I get to talk with the guys working on my car and learn something in the process.

    2005 BMW Z4
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  • Eddie
    Eddie7 years ago

    I've had a brake job (pads+rotors+sensors), oil change, and water pump+hoses+coolant flush done by Bimmer Werkshop. Their rates are very fair and the work is top notch. They're also friendly and work in a pretty relaxed environment. Only downside is no fancy espresso machine, but I'm paying for my car to get fixed, not for coffee. Only bummer is that there aren't many places to hang out within easy walking distance of them if you need to wait a couple of hours.

    2008 BMW 328xi Coupe
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  • Shawn
    Shawn8 years ago

    Fantastic experience already. I called Bimmer Werkshop out of the blue and spoke to Jake who quickly found out that I could jump into the shop, same day, to get a small coolant leak checked out. Fast forward 20 minutes later and I met Ryan whom within 20 more minutes (while allowing me to hang out with him) diagnosed my reservoir as the issue, showed me the issue, then found/showed me a crank housing intake valve issue (I think this was the proper name for it that is).

    I have yet to even have the work done here and I already have complete confidence in these guys. Professional, kind, and knowledgeable.

    2007 BMW X5 4.8i
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  • Orlando E.
    Orlando E.8 years ago

    Thank you to Nelson and his staff at Bimmer Werkshop for recently servicing my 99 BMW which is now running smoothly!

    These guys are experienced technicians who understand customer service and will go the extra mile to satisfy you. They always explain to you in detail what work will be done to your car, and treat their customers with respect and honesty. They are very appreciative of your business and always make you feel welcome.

    It takes a few minutes to get there from downtown and the shop is one block off 90/94. Very convenient!

    1999 BMW 323i
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  • Steve
    Steve8 years ago

    I recently visited Bimmer Werkshop for service on my '06 BMW 330i - I couldn't be any more pleased with the service and overall customer care they provided for me and my car. I now have a brand new set of brakes along with a nice (dent free bumper). Special thanks to Ryan and Nelson for taking the time out to do this for me even though they are NOT a body shop. Definitely A+++ services as well as a great bunch of guys. I will definitely be returning and would recommended Bimmer Werkshop to any BMW enthusiast looking to service their vehicle. See ya soon guys!

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Tony
    Tony9 years ago

    I have been searching for a BMW shop for a long time now. I have tried several shops in the Chicago land area and never felt at home like I did when I brought my BMW to Bimmer Werkshop . This repair shop is top notch Nelson ,Ryan,and Jake really care about BMWs. They gave me several repair options. Others shops would of push the most expensive option first. They even let me hang out while they fix my BMW. Give them a call you won't regret it these guys are definitely my go to for all my BMW needs.

    2006 BMW 650i
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  • Fernando Padilla
    Fernando Padilla9 years ago

    These guys are passionate and love to do what they do. I've taken my 650i to Bimmer Werkshop for several occasions and they always deliver. They are honest and caring and they will take care of your bmw! Come to Bimmer Werkshop, these guys are amazing!

    2006 BMW 650i
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  • Chicago M3
    Chicago M39 years ago

    Nelson and Ryan's extensive background and experience promotes excellence for their newly opened Independent BMW Service/Repair Shop, loyal customers and future ones. Bimmer Werkshop has confidence in their ability to serve you in the most competent, economical and professional manner possible.

    Nelson and Ryan's characters & customer care is very rare, they are all willing to work with the desires/unique needs of the individual customer.

    I ask all Metro Chicago BMW owners to stop by at Bimmer Werkshop (they have a convenient parking space at side of their shop) and look for Nelson [bring your estimates from other shops or try their service], 100% guarantee you will be very satisfied with their rates and become a loyal customer!

    FYI: They do not double dip on labor hours & do not charge extra for things like brake cleaners

    BMW E53 & E90
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  • Deon Hardin
    Deon Hardin9 years ago

    I have found a home! I took my 745 to Bimmer Werkshop and these guys are excellent in finding out the problem unlike some Bimmer shops that take chances with your money! Ryan, Nelson skilled trained BMW mechanics will bring you in the shop and lift your car up and give you and visual diagnostic of your vehicle. They are nearly half the price of a BMW dealership depending what your situation is and customer service is much better without the coffee, lol.

    2004 BMW 745li
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