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We are a BMW specialized shop in Barrington, IL with all BMW diagnostic software and scan tools.

Established in 1973.

By the 1970s the location was a Citgo Service Station - and that is when the Hollis Brothers come in. Oldest brother, Tom was working at the station doing auto repair, when the original owner, who was leasing the building to Tom offered it to him. Tom invited his younger twin brothers, Dave & Steve to become partners in the business. Hollis Brothers Automotive Repair was born in 1973. 30 years late, in 2003 - with Tom divesting himself, the brothers decided that a major renovation was necessary. The need for a gas station was not necessary, so they decided on a plan that more than doubled the size of their current facility. Hollis Brothers designed and built a beautiful two story garage that can service vehicles in six bays. It's that same care and design with the facilities that transfers to the values Hollis Brothers have in service to their customers. November 2022 Dave & Steve retired and sold the establishment to Alan & Gilbert the new proud owners of Hollis Brothers.


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Meet Our Team

  • Gilbert Khoshaba, Co-Owner at Hollis Bros AutoWerkz in Barrington, IL

    Gilbert Khoshaba


    Gilbert, the co-owner, is BMW master tech trained and certified by the dealer and manufacture with over 15 years of experience.


  • Hollis Brothers is legit. They will provide you honest/expert advice on your vehicle. They charge a fair price and I trust them, you should too. Dave and Steve (actual brothers) run a 1st class operation. This is a family business and you can tell in everything they do.

  • I will attest to 20 years of service. The Hollis brothers are most honest and reliable mechanics in town. I'm so grateful they are in downtown Barrington and always with a lending hand. Dave has rescued me many times —from the side of the road, dropping me off at work, or talking me through an issue on the phone. Thanks, guys!

    Monica L., via Google
  • I have been using Hollis Brothers for a couple of years and they treat my German cars very well. Very professional and certainly more reasonable that the dealer.

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2 Reviews

  • Jeff Voorhees
    Jeff Voorhees5 years ago

    No, no, no. Hollis Brothers Auto Service are not on the up and up. Brought our 535xi in for oil leak and after not replacing the OFHG and instead the oil cooler gasket, our BMW is leaking worse than ever. The story given is once we repair one leak, others usually present themselves. Really? So instead of fixing a known suspect issue, you repair another only to then send the customer away with a bigger issue? Ok, that makes a lot of sense.

    I will leave the ridiculous other issue that I had with these guys on our audi allroad since this is a BMW shop review site. Let's just say I had to have Hollis Brothers take it off the lift and towed elsewhere so they did not cause more damage than already undergone while in their lot waiting weeks to get to. Never again.

    2008 BMW 535xi
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    Steve Hollis2 years ago

    At that time of our diagnosis of the oil leak (which was the oil cooler), we had learned earlier on in a BMW training class, that engine connecting rod bearings were failing after any dismantling of a component that would drain the oil circuit of the oil pump. Our instructor was advising us to hold off on doing any oil filter housing gaskets until the reason was determined. To this day there are BMW shops out there that will not replace any oil filter housing gasket on any BMW due to the liability of this repair. BMW issued SIB #11 09 15 in 2009 concerning this issue.

    To address Jeff's other snide reference towards us about his Audi, is that the car wouldn't start up for us where he had parked it. We had called him and asked if this was an ongoing problem? Of course he said no. I remember us pushing it into the shop to diagnose the no start - he didn't want it fixed and accused us of doing something to it. To show our concern of any misunderstandings we paid to have his car towed to his home with no charges for diagnosing - and then he writes this review?

  • Bob Akers
    Bob Akers10 years ago

    With 130,000 miles on my BMW, I've had it in the shop several times of the last couple of years. I have found my local dealer's mechanics to be totally inept. Just the opposite with Steve and Dave. They're friendly, professional, problem solvers and extremely reliable. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. In fact, when I'm in the market for another car, I'll only buy a car that Steve and Dave will work on. Would highly recommend Hollis Brothers Auto Service.

    2002 BMW 535i
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