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Finally BMW service withOUT the dealership prices!

Customer Satisfaction is our first priority. Our primary goal is fix it right the first time. We guarantee customer satisfaction, quality, excellence, professionalism, commitment, hard work and honesty.

Newly remodeled facility with up to date tools and equipment. We also have the proper diagnostic equipment GT1 & Progman with updated software for all BMW makes and models. Family owned and operated, 30 year combined service experience, BMW Certified Level 1 Master Technicians.

Call TONY Direct: 847.977.4086


  • Just called and spoke with them! Highly intelligent & knowledgeable about BMW! I own an '89 BMW 735i and had questions on my radio codes. Highly recommend this mechanic for BMW work!

    Tye Council Bluffs, IA on April 12, 2013

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85 Reviews

    JOHN MCGURK3 years ago

    NCA has treated me like family since I’ve gone to them for service for both of my BMW’s (E92 M3 & F30 335) for the past year. Weather it’s general or preventative maintenance, performance modifications etc, there’s nothing they can’t handle and troubleshoot in no time. Their prices are very reasonable and their work is swift and proper. Could not recommend them enough.

    2013 BMW 335i Xdrive
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  • Louis
    Louis5 years ago

    Tony and the entire team here at NCA Motorsports are professionals who explain the issues, how to fix it, and quote reasonable prices.

    I purchased a 2001 330ci, and he went through the entire car and suggested repairs/maintenance, and gave them to me in a step-wise fashion in order of importance. He gave very reasonable prices for parts, and his rate was reasonable as well.

    After discussing what the car needed in both technical jargon and plain language, we developed a plan and he was flexible in timing and when to drop the car off.

    He quoted me about half off for the repairs necessary to bring the car to showroom quality as compared to a BMW dealership. The work was perfect, and when there was an issue, it was addressed IMMEDIATELY and without issue. In addition, he saved the parts and showed exactly what was wrong with the part, explained why, and showed me the new part in proper working order. He used only genuine BMW or OEM parts.

    To summarize, he gave me detailed advice, guidance, and explained it all using both technician jargon and plain English. He then explained, in order of importance, what really needs to be done now and what can wait if I wanted too (with his professionalism I was more than happy to do it all at the time).

    I can not imagine the cost and worry of owning an 18 year old BMW would be without Tony and the entire team. If you want professional work, attitude, and reasonable prices look no further. My 18 year old 330ci runs like new, and frequently mistaken for a 2 year old BMW. I am in no doubt that this is due in part to NCA Motorsports, and I look forward to performing the required maintenance for the life of the car with NCA Motorsports.

    2001 BMW 330ci
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  • Sam
    Sam8 years ago

    I brought my 2005 530i to N.C.A. Tony did a great job diagnosing the problem. He fixed the electrical problem and delivered the car on time. The car is running great. Thanks to Tony and his team. I highly recommend the shop.

    2005 BMW 530i
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  • andrei
    andrei9 years ago

    i brought my 2004 x5 and 2008 535i for repairs , everything was done in timely manner and for reasonable price with clear explanation . will bring my cars for regular maintainance or repairs in future .

    2008 BMW 535i
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    BRETT9 years ago

    I had my car towed to the local BMW dealer when it broke down only to find out that I had major engine damage. Unfortunately my powertrain warranty would not cover the damages and the dealer quoted me $10K to put in a used S54 M3 engine. I immediately starting looking for other local BMW mechanics and found NCA Motorsports. Tony was very knowledgeable about my car and was willing to work with me on the cost of fixing it. I ended up having the car towed over to NCA Motorsports where they installed a new engine, replaced the clutch, coil springs, and rear brakes. There service was professional and done relatively quickly. They even sent me text message updates on the progress and pictures of the new engine etc. to keep me informed. This nightmare situation ended well due to NCA Motorsports. I intend on going to them for all my oil changes etc. in the future.

    2006 BMW M3
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  • John Armour
    John Armour9 years ago

    I have brought my BMW into his shop for several years, and I am always completely satisfied with the service and the knowledge that he has about BMWs. He throughly explains everything when recommending the needed repairs. His prices are very reasonable. I would highly recomment N.C.A. Motorsports in Morton Grove, IL.

    1999 BMW 328is
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  • Tony
    Tony9 years ago

    I came across this repair shop via a recommendation by the BMW dealership on an issue I was having in my motor. Tony was welcoming right away, He and Jesse explained everything thoroughly and the guys took care of the problem perfectly the first time. Since then, I have been back for performance modifications, oil changes and overall preservation of my 2001 M5. They have and will continue to impress me with their BMW knowledge and professional abilities. Thank you very much N.C.A Motorsports, I will continue to send my friends your way.

    2001 BMW M5
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  • Melissa
    Melissa9 years ago

    In trying to find affordable repairs I have found that well intentioned mechanics who don't specialize in these cars can wreck havoc on both the car and the cost. I've also felt that being a woman has been hard when dealing with car shops. I feel confident that I have found excellent quality of work at a reasonable price.

    Tony's bio speaks for itself, I'll speak for Tony. I have been his client for 2 years. I recently went through the process of selling my 1998 740i and buying a 2001 740i Sport. He helped me through the process and was able to guide me through decisions I had to make keeping my last one up. He's patient in explaining what is going on with the car even though he is very busy. He takes the time to show you the parts involved and how they work. I understand more about how cars work since becoming his client. Before I just liked to drive them and hated to deal with mechanics because I felt they treated me like I didn't know anything about cars. Which was true, but I still didn't like it. Tony has gotten me interested in learning some basics and driving has become even more pleasurable now because of it. I think it's really wonderful that Tony can inspire that. A huge perk of having to spend money to fix your car. He gets the work done when he has promised or sooner. He returns calls promptly or answers personally. He obviously loves these cars and knows them inside and out. He is a nice person and I trust him. I feel lucky to have found him, I was bereft without him when something would go wrong. I want to be able to drive one of these machines, they are so exciting. But it can feel completely irresponsible to own one. I feel like Tony makes it a safer choice. He's a gem.

    2001 BMW 740i Sport
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  • Lenny Balsamo
    Lenny Balsamo10 years ago

    This past week Helga #3 refused to start so instead of having it flatbedded to the dealer I had it taken to NCA Motorsports. Tony told me that I needed a new starter, at a cost of $700.00, which is $300.00 less than the dealer. I will be going back there again, and the work was performed quite well.

    2004 BMW 330cic
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  • Tony Jung
    Tony Jung10 years ago

    I have taken my 335xi to Tony twice and have nothing but good things to say. The first time I had the water pump and thermostat replaced. The second time I had the valve cover gaskets and some oil leaks repaired. Tony provided an in depth diagnosis and repair. Tony is now the only mechanic I use to repair my 335

    2007 BMW 335xi
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  • Darrell
    Darrell10 years ago

    Although I don't live in Chicago, I recently purchased a 2001 M5 from a Chicago-area dealership and needed an expert to look the car over as a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI). The catch was - the car was an ultra low-mile example and very desirable so I needed to move quickly or risk losing the car to another buyer. Finding a shop that was able to get a PPI done with less than 24hrs notice was no easy task. Tony @ NCA Motorsports was very accommodating and did an outstanding job on the PPI. His price was extremely competitive and his entire crew was friendly and knowledgeable. If I didn't live 1000 miles away, I'd definitely be back at NCA for future service! Thanks Tony!

    2001 BMW M5
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  • Dan Van Dyke
    Dan Van Dyke10 years ago

    Tony is the man when it comes to BMW's. Just got my 2008 535i back from getting new brakes all around.Initially just thought that I needed rear brakes, but I ended up needing the front as well. Tony showed me the old ones and explained to me why they needed replacing. I saved hundreds of dollars by taking my car to Tony. NCA Motorsports has just stolen another Fields customer. I will bring my BMW here from now on. Thanks Tony!

    2008 BMW 535i
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  • Chris H.
    Chris H.10 years ago

    Hello, I live in another state, I found Tony via this website and his plethora of positive reviews. I have found in life that people generally only say nice things about people they like, and in business people generally only say nice things about people they like, and they trust. If you read the reviews about Tony and his shop, you would choose to do business with him as well. I contacted Tony to do a "pre-purchase inspection" on a car I was thinking about purchasing. I was told this car was "immaculate" by the person who was selling it. Upon inspection, Tony found out otherwise. The car was in very poor condition mechanically, needed a lot of work, and had also had some body damage fixed at one point. Suffice to say, I passed on the car. Thank you Tony for everything, it was money well spent!

    2006 BMW X5 4.8is
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  • Mike Toya
    Mike Toya10 years ago

    Tony,it was pleasure doing business with you my friend.for those of you whom do not know Tony,He is sharp,honest,and straight to the point.if you are looking to service your car needs,N.C.A Motorsports is the best service shop within 100 square miles radius in north side of Chicago and the suburbs i should add.they are simply the best.they actually show you the work they they have done on your car,not like other shops,keep you in the dark and stick you with the over charged bills and hope that they have changed the part or not,that is if they do the job right at first,2nd,or even 3rd visit..As for tony i don't get to see him that often for my car needs and that is a good thing i guess :-)) that means he is doing his job right..THANKS TONY!! Again,it was pleasure my friend..

    2001 BMW 740il
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  • Rodger
    Rodger10 years ago

    I recently purchased a low mileage off-lease 535i (F10) from a high-end used car dealership in Morton Grove. Not wanting to risk the large dollar amount of the purchase on what could, potentially be a problematic car, I wanted to have a pre-purchase inspection done by an independent 3rd party/qualified mechanic. I found Tony on www.bimmershops.com and thought I'd give his shop a try, especially since they were only a mile from the dealership. Tony called me back the same day - on Saturday evening! I was quite impressed by this. The following Monday, Tony's shop performed a thorough inspection and test drive of the car, and promptly called me to report the results. What really impressed me was he only charged $100, which is a bargain. I've had pre-purchase vehicle inspections done in the past, and they typically run $150. It was money well spent having peace of mind knowing there were no issues before plunking down hard earned cash on a used car with only 6 months of factory warranty remaining.

    2011 BMW 535i
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  • Mino
    Mino10 years ago

    I have nothing but great things to say about NCA Motorsports. Tony took great care of me since the first moment I spoke to him over the phone about my Z4. I had hit a pothole and my front wheel suspension got severely damaged. The steering wheel would often jerk to the right and to the left and the alignment was completely off; it just didn't feel safe to drive at all. So I dropped off my car at Tony's shop for an inspection early in the morning and got a call within less than two hours and was given a diagnostic. Tony thoroughly went through every single part that needed to be changed with me and explained what each part's function was. He ordered the parts and installed them the same day they arrived. My car was ready within the next day. I also got an oil change and other components checked out while I was there. He suggested that I change some of the gaskets and water hoses because there was a leak and that could potentially damage the engine in the future. So I asked to fix that as well. My Z4 is now running as smooth as when I first purchased it. Tony is the kind of mechanic who is honest about his work and won't try to rip you off. He just wants your BMW to run smoothly like it should. This is definitely my new shop to go to for all my maintenance services and repairs. Thank you Tony.

    2004 BMW Z4
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  • Joe
    Joe10 years ago

    I took my car in to get the brake fluid flushed and an oil change and I more than thrilled with the service that I received. You can tell that Tony is passionate about what he does and that passion trickles down to the people that work for and with him. He is genuinely one of the nicest individuals that I have ever met. He knows BMW and is worth seeking out. I will definitely continue to take my business to Tony and NCA Motorsport for all of my vehicle repair and maintenance needs.

    2008 BMW 550i
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  • Tony
    Tony10 years ago

    Tony is the best BMW technician around he know BMW'S backwards and forward.my local BMW dealership is a joke they wanted to charge me 2x times the price of what Tony charges. Same thing with the parts, look here if you have a BMW and your like me a enthusiast, Who loves these cars Tony at NCA Motorsport and his team of highly skilled technicians is the place to take your car to, to keep it operating like new. Tony with over 30 years in the business will not let you down, I guarantee you, he is a no nonsense type of person. No monkey business here, he uses only original equipment parts . I drive all the way from the NW suburbs to have him work on my cars because he is the best. Give him and his team a try you will be glad you did, and save a lot of money in the process .Thank you Tony, you make owning a BMW fun exciting and affordable.

    2000 BMW M5
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  • eugene
    eugene10 years ago

    With 195K miles, very concerned about risk of undertaking a major repair. Another shop thought I had a timing chain issue, possibly metal parts in system, and my best bet was simply replace the engine. Found NCA through this blog, met w/ Tony, discussed thoroughly, then rather than replace engine or abandon car, opted to try a fix that included replacing timing chain, flushing the system, and additionally replacing seals, belts, water pump, thermostat, and a hose or two. Glad I did! I stopped by on occasion to view Tony's progress, picked the car up 2-15-14, have driven over 300 miles since and engine has kept its power and runs smoothly. Is another 200K miles too much to hope for?

    1998 BMW 540i
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  • Adam
    Adam10 years ago

    HIGHLY recommend NCA Motorsports. Had a great experience with them just before Christmas when I had some unexpected issues with my e46 323i wagon. I was headed to the north ‘burbs for the holidays when I suddenly had my speedo quit working on me on the drive in. Jumped online to find a good reputable BMW shop nearby, and was instantly drawn to all the great reviews on NCA. Gave them a call Monday morning and Tony said he could take me in right away despite it being the LAST day before they were going to be closed for the holidays and an extended shop renovation. I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to source a new wheel-speed sensor ON THE SAME DAY, but Tony reassured me it would be done that day before they closed. 4-5hrs later I received a call saying everything was done. Impressive. At a normal dealership I would have had to wait 2-3 days for them to get the part in and then paid dealership prices on top of that. I HIGHLY recommend NCA to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy, highly competent mechanic to work on their BMW.

    2000 BMW 323i Touring
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  • cris beltran
    cris beltran10 years ago

    These guys are great and they know everything about their craft and they have expertise in what they do, Tony and Jessie are the best! pricing on their labor is fair.Definitely I will recommend them to bimmer owners out there.Thanks guys and Happy New Year!!!!

    2007 BMW X5
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  • Laurence J. Groff
    Laurence J. Groff10 years ago

    Tony's shop does a great job. They are the most trustworthy mechanic I have ever dealt with. They will tell you what you need, why you need it, or why it is not really what you should do at this time. Any shop that will tell you up front that a repair that they could make money from you on is not necessary, is someone that can be trusted to do what should be done to serve the customer, and is not just out to make a buck. I have complete and total confidence that N.C.A. Motorsports is by far and away the best place to have any vehicle, let alone a BMW, serviced, if you want to trust your mechanic. Trustworthy mechanics are extremely hard to find in a time when the almighty buck rules the world. this is THE place to go for good service.

    Tony and his shop has done everything from oil changes to replacing engines and I have never been happier. Bring your car to Tony's and you'll be happy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1995 BMW 325is
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  • siegrid hardt
    siegrid hardt10 years ago

    I bought a new 2003 525I BMW in Northfield. Loved the car. The moment the warranty ran out everything became wrong with the car. From nuts and bolts to the radiator and the motor of one of the windows I practically lived in the lobby of the dealer. Six times they kept the car overnight, sometimes for 2 days.

    I brought the car in for an oil change and paid. Came home and the oil was leaking. brought the car back 2 more times and paid again 2 more times. the oil was still leaking. Brought the car in for a brake job. Came home and the brake fluid was leaking. The explanation was "well things just brake".

    I brought the car to TONY in July 2013. He fixed everything for an affordable price and I have been happy. I will never bring this car or my next one to the dealer but only to TONY.

    2003 BMW 5025I
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  • John Wernecke
    John Wernecke10 years ago

    I have been going to Tony at NCA for almost two years now. It started out when I read about NCA right here on bimmerforums. After my first experience with NCA I was hooked. The prices are right, the staff is A+, and Tony is a MASTER BMW technician with access to the same tools and computer equipment that the dealers use. I was so pleased with their service that I now take ALL of my cars there. They have now worked on my BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, and my Volvo will be next. Don't be fooled. While they are HANDS DOWN the best BMW shop on the North side (and maybe anywhere in Chicago) their knowledge and expertise extends to other makes and models.

    I simply can't say enough good things about the crew at NCA. If you don't at least stop by and check it out you are missing out. If you go to the dealer for ANYTHING you are a fool and will be paying at least double for the same work.

    Thanks Tony and crew for all the great work on my vehicles. I always look forward to bringing my car to you as I know I'll be getting the best deal and the best quality work.

    2003 BMW M3 Convertible SMG
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  • Kamil
    Kamil10 years ago

    I first heard about Tony from a friend of mine. He recommended him to me few years ago when he still worked on the side out of his garage. I needed some basic maintenance things done (oil etc etc)

    First thing that convinced me about him was the fact that his garage seemed to be more organized than any other shop I have ever seen in my life. He looked over my car, told me what I will need to get done in the future and always paid attention to details.

    I have done several repairs with Tony over the years. First at the garage and most recent ones in the shop. He is hands down the most knowledgeable mechanic I have ever seen and will definitely never take my car into any other place.

    There is never any guessing with him. He knows his stuff really well and can answer any questions you throw at him.

    If anyone is looking for a one stop shop that can get it done right the first time look no further. NCA motorsports is the place. They use quality parts(not the Chinese crap that lasts a month), do quality work and can face any problem your previous mechanic could never figure out how to fix.

    I've always recommended Tony's shop to all my friends and have not heard anyone complain. Thanks a lot Tony for many years of your great work and looking forward for many more to come

    2003 BMW 530i
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  • Nico Spatola
    Nico Spatola10 years ago

    I had an SMG issue on my M3. After long drives, the SMG COG light would come on and as a result, the car wouldn't start for about a half-hour until it was cooled down. I took it to another indy and they THOUGHT it was the SMG pump. They said they can replace it, but they didn't even know that it was the cause of the issue. That just didn't seem right to me.

    So I took my car to N.C.A, and Tony told me it was the clutch and why (I forgot exactly what Tony explained)

    What was done on my M3:

    -New clutch

    -Inspection II


    -Water pump

    When I picked up the car, Tony had showed us all my old parts and told me exactly what wrong with them and why they were replaced. At the other Indy, I just didn't think spending money on something that I didn't even know would fix my car was the right decision.

    My usual commute that I take daily which triggers the SMG light to come on (and causes my car not to start) is gone.

    Thanks Tony

    2004 BMW M3
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  • Ulysses Aiken
    Ulysses Aiken10 years ago

    Owning a BMW is an honor when i just realize I've been going to the same person and his crew over 20 year. That's one of the reason so many of my family members and friends go to N.C.A.

    Motorsports. When my car arrive at N.C.R. Tony takes charge and he will not only check the problem if there is something else that I need to be aware of he is on it with a professional approach. I will and have sent many customer to N.C.R. Motorsports.

    2004 BMW 525i
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  • Mitch
    Mitch10 years ago

    Tony and his guys are great. I always feel like I'm getting honest and trustworthy estimates and the quality of work is top notch. You get dealer service without having to pay those outrageous prices. Would recommend him to anyone with a BMW

    2009 BMW 335xi
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  • Armagan
    Armagan10 years ago

    For honest and low cost estimates, professional service with attention to detail and excellent customer service for your BMW, this is your place.

    Tony is outstanding. He will tell you what your car exactly needs, fix it right the first time, show you the parts he replaced, the problems he found and repaired.

    You will be million times happier that you went NCA Motorsports instead of the dealer that will rip you off.

    2007 BMW 525XI
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  • Joe C
    Joe C10 years ago

    My only regret is I didn't find Tony's shop sooner. Just after my warranty expired, the dealer tried to tell me I needed over $4k in service and repairs. Tony got the work done and saved me half.

    My car has been running great ever since. Tony's attention to detail is second to none. He's extremely thorough and always walks me through the work he performed on the car, even showing me replaced parts, etc.. Tony and the crew at NCA have always exceeded my expectations, and i'm sure they will exceed yours too!

    2006 BMW 530xi
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  • Val
    Val11 years ago

    I've heard about this place from managers at service from a local dealership. What can I say. TONY IS YOUR MAN!!!!!!. My fathers car had an fault code with his suspension. Smart that I thought I was I went to a friends shop and he informed me to use his $3000 scanner to delete the code and diagnostic. Long story short, I messed the car up even more. I called tony and he had already closed. Few mins later I got a phone call from him telling me to meet him shorty at his shop. Tony had just locked up, went home to spend time with his kids, told him I was in need of separate help, you know what he did next???? He left his wife and kids at home and rushed to the shop to take care of me after he was already closed for the day. This ship exceeded any expectations that BMW Fielda would have met, he's is truly your one stop shop for any BMW repair or question, I will be bringing all my families cars from now on here. He does all European make and models. his prices are way fair than what the dealer will charge you. Clean shop and professional experience. Your one stop shop!!!!!!

    2002 BMW x5
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  • Alan Wolf
    Alan Wolf11 years ago

    A little about me: I love older Bimmers, always wanted them when I was younger but couldn't afford them, now I'm older and can't afford new one's , not that I would want one anyway, so I searched for the original one's that caught my eye when I was younger......and now I can afford then. I would rather find a nice clean old one that needs work than find one that had, who knows what kind of work done to them, and by whom. I now have a '91 850i I found for dirt cheap in Ohio. Now I know it needed work, but didn't know where to take it to bring it up to my specs. Had driven up and down Dempster St. for decades, and lived in MG for several years and always noticed the endless stream of BMW's circulating through this small shop at Menard and Dempster. I finally stopped in to discuss my low power steering fluid in the reservoir. Learned that it was not a normal hydraulic fluid but mineral based. Tony and Frank topped it off and advised me to watch for any leaks that would explain the fluid loss. Sure enough 3 days later a big puddle of the new fluid appeared under the car. Well I finally had a reason to have the car looked at and an opportunity to examine some systems that I felt needed attention. After Tony and the guys looked her over they confirmed my thoughts, and I left the car with them to do their magic. I can't fully explain how I felt leaving the 8 with guys I hardly knew but I tried to sleep as well as I could. Well my anticipation was far exceeded by the quality of work done by NCA. I couldn't be happier. So happy in fact I went out and bought another Bimmer just to have them work on it. OK that's not exactly how it went, but I had this 740iL in sight out in LA. But right after picking up the 850 I went home and booked my 1 way flight to LA to go pick-up the 740......again dirt cheap and probably needing work. It made it back to Chicago but the great thing was while I was driving through Arizona I called Tony on my cell and explained a misfire issue I was experiencing at that exact moment. His knowledge of my vehicle and what was happening was very reassuring, and I couldn't wait to put it in their skilled hands when I returned.

    But let's get to the point.......finding people like Tony, Frank, Jessie and the guys doesn't happen often in our lives. Knowledge, patience, understanding, forthcoming, honesty and a total take ownership of your vehicle as if it was their own has made them the "GO TO" shop for all your automobile needs. Really their only desire is to have you leave happier than you thought you could ever be with your BMW (or any other make). They really want you to be happy with the car you drive. Now if I could just get over being embarrassed every time they show me a pile of used-up parts they replaced on my cars.......but I guess that is the price we pay for quality service......and for buying great Bimmers of the past. Hmmm....you think Tony has an easy fix for that darn cup holder that won't come out of the dash???........lol.

    1991 BMW 740iL
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  • Tyler Y.
    Tyler Y.11 years ago

    I have known Tony and Jesse at NCA motors for about six months now. I just wish I could have met them sooner. They are the most honest, dependable, and professional mechanics that I have ever met.

    I moved to Chicago about two years ago and bought a used BMW. When I bought the car, the car salesman recommended that I take the car to someone at Perillo's service department for my servicing needs. Unfortunately for me, I would need to get my car serviced many times. Each time I visited Perillo, my frustration mounted. They were not very transparent with me and their prices were ridiculous.

    When my battery gave out six months ago, I finally snapped and decided to take the car elsewhere. I didn't know how I felt about getting my BMW serviced by a smaller shop (I always had servicing done at the dealership), but I was so frustrated with Perillo and felt it was worth a shot. That was the best decision I ever made.

    When I first called NCA, I was desperate because I didn't think I could get my car to start again. When my call was not answered, I just decided to take the car there and see what happened. Luckily, the car turned over and I was able to drive over. When I arrived at NCA, I saw that the place was busy. I found Tony, introduced myself, and just launched a long frustrated diatribe about the issues with the car and with my experience at Perillo. I guess Tony felt sorry for me. He told me to pull the car into one of the bays so he could take a look even though his entire week was already full with other appointments. After looking at the battery, he recommended that I replace it. Also, he hooked the car up to a computer and did a complete diagnosis of the system. What I found completely shocking was that Tony took his time showing me what was happening on his computer and explained what everything meant so I could understand it. Every flag that came up in the system, he explained what it was, what might be causing it, and what I should do about it. The fact that Tony help someone he had just met for the first time to this extent was just mind boggling. I had shown up without an appointment! That day, Tony put in the new battery and wrote down everything we talked about on a piece of paper. $300 for a new battery and a complete system diagnosis for a few hours of work. I know I would have paid twice as much at Perillo. I could not be happier. I promised Tony that I would call to schedule an appointment to fix other things in a few weeks.

    Ever since then, I went back to NCA a few more times to get other things checked out. Each time, Tony gave me a VERY reasonable price and took his time explaining what was going on. When I decided to sell the car and had some trouble finding a buyer, Tony even offered to show my car to one of his customers! Tony and Jesse both helped me review my vehicle history and servicing records, and they even examined the car thoroughly again to make sure I knew exactly what I was selling and how I should conduct negotiations. All of the consultation and advice came free of charge -just two really nice guys looking out for one of their customers.

    I know this was a long review, but I seriously cannot say enough about how great this place is. Once you get to know him, Tony is as nice, professional, and dependable as a mechanic can be. Compared to my experience at the dealership where everyone treats you like someone who doesn't understand cars and so doesn't care to explain anything, my experience at NCA where people like Tony and Jesse explain everything and have your best interest at heart has been truly life changing. And most important, they give you a great price! This is the best BMW certified dealer around this area in my opinion and I am glad that I found this place. If you read through this review, don't hesitate. Call Tony right now.

    BMW 328i
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  • Alan Alexander
    Alan Alexander11 years ago

    I've been bringing my car here for the past couple of years and I have nothing but good things to say. Tony is by far the most honest and trustworthy mechanic I've run into. Tony and his staff know and breathe BMW's. They are true enthusiasts. For any e46fanatic or chitownm forum member who's looking for an honest mechanic I will vouch for this guy. PM me at ggmvoodoo on e46fanatics, if needed. These guys don't disappoint and their prices for any services are unbeatable and incomparable. Any local dealership just plain and simply cannot compete with them. I have to thank Tony and his staff for always being so quick on repairs. Most recently I dropped my car off with Tony on Thursday and went on vacation for one week returning the next weekend. He met me at the shop, ON A SUNDAY, to let me pick up the keys to my car. This is what makes Tony and the N.C.A. staff legendary, their customer service is absolutely the best in the Chicagoland area.

    This is the only shop I trust to bring my car to. Just doing his job, he's earned a lifetime customer.

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Faiyaz N.
    Faiyaz N.11 years ago

    Tony is a wonderful guy and does excellent work. He is hoenst and helps you understand what is wrong with your vehicle and what exactly he would be doing to fix the problem. After I picked up my car, he showed me my old parts and even through in a few extra parts free of charge!

    Overall, if you choose NCA, expect nothing less than the best. Tony does not dissapoint.

    2006 BMW 3251
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  • Yousif S.
    Yousif S.11 years ago

    This is probably my first review toward a place that offered me service. And i must say, NCA Motorsports is the best place to take your car for service. I recently replaced my BMW, and the old one had many problems due to improper work by the mechanics; when i got my E92 335i, i promised myself to find the right shop that will do everything professionally regardless of what the cost will be. I searched online and asked some BMW owners; despite their suggestions, I decided to visit "the place on Dempster with the big BMW logo" and ask a few questions. When I got there, I was warmly greeted by Tony. Even though he seemed busy, he still answered the questions i had for him and also told me to bring my car in for an inspection. The first couple of things i noticed about their place is that everything looked professional and organized. I was also introduced to Tony's coworker, Jessie (another great person), he lifted my car and began inspecting it. He told me a lot about the problems i might face in the future and how i could avoid them; not many places take the time to carefully inspect a car that has no problems, but they did, and that immediately made me realize how this is the right place for my car. Ever since that day, I've been taking my car there and they never disappoint! Tony is a great person and he takes care of his customers more than any other mechanic, he's very honest and will never try to cheat his customers to pay for unnecessary things like other places do. I know my car will be in great shape as long as i have his shop around. The work they do is very professional and the material they use is all high quality, and fairly priced. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE FOR EVERYONE, I PROMISE THEY WON'T DISAPPOINT!

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • Nick S.
    Nick S.11 years ago

    I've known Tony for about 15 years and have always sent friends and relatives to him for car repairs. I never had anyone complain about his work or prices. When it comes to BMWs he can take them apart and put them back together blindfolded. I just purchased my first BMW and would not have even thought of buying one if I did not know Tony. I trust Tony, and would never question him about cost or what has to be done with my car. Tony takes pride in his work, and treats your car as if it was his own. Even his mechanics are very knowledgeable and know their stuff about BMWs. I would have no problem with either of them working on my car. Not only does he do good work, he and his guys treat you with respect and take the time to explain things to you.

    2006 BMW 325XI
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  • Dave Bautista
    Dave Bautista11 years ago

    I have to tell you folks, Mr. Tony is the best mechanic I have ever met, hands down!

    Last week, my car's service engine light came on and I brought it to Mr. Tony. He told me that the car has 4 cylinders that are misfiring! I had the car tuned up a year ago from this other shop and Mr. Tony found out that they have used a brand (Bremi), for the ignition coils, as replacements which was recalled by BMW on 2006!! Thankfully Mr. Tony had the right tools and experience to tell what was wrong with the car. So I had to get my ignition coils and spark plugs replaced. Also, I was due for a valve adjustment so I got everything done for 1/4 of the cost compare to the stealership =) Thank God someone like Mr.Tony and his fellow mechanics, Jesse and Frank who are very honest, very skillful, very knowledgeable and true to their job, whom I could count on to take care of whatever the problem is with my car.

    From now on, this is where I will be getting my service done.

    2006 BMW M3
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  • John
    John11 years ago

    I recently experienced major problems with my e60 m5. Luckily I had Tony at NCA handle my repairs. Initially I had an issue with the smg motor, which subsequently led to having my entire engine replaced. If I had gone to the stealer it would have been a total mechanical loss. Tony was very helpfull and was able to find me a nice used engine and install it at a reasonable price. Throughout the entire process Tony kept me updated and explained what was going on. It was a complicated process as my car has a lot of technology. Tony and Jessie worked really hard and went out of their way to get the job done right. Along the way they pointed out things that were done improperly from past service and corrected them at no extra cost. Despite unforeseen circumstances that manifested Tony and Jessie were able to finish the job on time when promised. I would have to say that the service at NCA is of way better quality than that of the dealer as they don't rush things to get it done and out of the way. Also their pricing is literally half of the stealer. I would highly recommend this shop for service and repair.

    2006 BMW M5
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  • Emerson
    Emerson11 years ago

    I'd felt a great vibration at idle. Didn't know what to do, so I started to research and came along with this forum which talks about how great NCA Motorsports were. I was a bit skeptic at first so I called Tony, set up an appointment, brought the car in for an evaluation. I had a bad experience with the dealership before and wanted not to go through again in which I paid a lot of money. After few hours, Tony called me up and it turned up I have a multiple misfires on the cylinders and pump that needed to be replaced. And so I had him fix and next day it was done, ahead of schedule. Car runs great. The cost was less than dealership offers. Thanks Tony! He does not play around and goes through straigth to the point and execute. He's a compassionate person and may God bless him and the NCA Motorsports! This is the place and I standby with my great experienced here!

    2007 BMW 328 xi
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  • Steven kowalisyn
    Steven kowalisyn11 years ago

    I have known Tony for 7 years. We worked together at the Bmw dealership and I have never worked with a technician who is as thorough, and knowledgeable as Tony. When told left the dealership to start his business it was a hard blow to the service department since he is a great technician and has always lent a helping hand in solving problem vehicles.

    2003 BMW 330xi
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  • Alan Gordon
    Alan Gordon11 years ago

    I pulled in to N.C.A. with my gullwing, coming from another repair shop that had just rebuilt the braking system. I left that shop complaining that I felt something dragging, they told me to just drive it and it would free up. I drove 20 miles smelling brake smell and things got worse for 20 miles, I finally new I could pull into a BMW shop I saw and I did, I pulled into N.C.A. smoking. Pete, Tony, Frank, and Nikko came running out crawled under the car, and said leave it we will fix it, we know these cars! I was so fed up that I just left it, called my friend to pick me up and a day later the fellas from N.C.A. called me and said the brakes weren't adjusted properly from the previous shop. They readjusted the brakes, and even retuned the engine for me! I love these guys, I have several cars and from now on I'm bringing them to N.C.A. for their excellent service and great pricing. I recommend this shop, it is a 5 star shop!

    1954 Mercedes-Benz coupe
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  • Eli Clarke
    Eli Clarke11 years ago

    My car has been out of warranty for since June, 2011 and started running a little rough a few months ago. I was hesitant to take it to my dealer, knowing the exorbitant prices they quote for service. I found N.C.A. Motorsports on Bimmershops.com and called to speak with shop owner Tony Housakos, Certified BWM technician. He was very patient in listening to all my concerns about the car, and in explaining his service philosophy and pricing. I brought him my car and he completed the work in about a day, In that short time he replaced leaky head and oil filter housing gaskets, the head bolts, spark plugs, air filter, performed a standard scope, topped off all fluids, and even power washed the engine. And all at much less than a dealer would have charged! My car runs great now and I will be taking it to N.C.A. for any and all service.

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • El Cid B.
    El Cid B.11 years ago

    Tony and his crew at NCA go the extra mile to get the job done right! Their knowledge, experience and business model are the reasons why you see so many positive reviews for his shop; and my awesome experience with them is the reason why I'm leaving this one.

    I've been experiencing a rough idle recently and then got the dreaded SES "service engine soon" light along with the "increased emissions" control message over Labor day weekend. The following Tuesday, NCA was able to get me in the shop, diagnose the problem, order the necessary parts, and get me back on the road by Wednesday. My car is back! Idling sooo smoothly and pulling just like when I first bought it.

    Thanks Tony and NCA for all your help and saving me money! The typical "stealership" estimates are just crazy! You guys definitely have my business moving forward and I'm recommending you to all the local guys on my 5Series.net forum. If you're out of warranty and need help with your BMW, call Tony / NCA!

    2005 BMW 545i
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  • Sebastian
    Sebastian11 years ago

    I was looking for a new shop to repair my older 1996 328 and found N.C.A. Motorsports. Their quote was very fair and Tony went the extra mile to get the job done. Great place, this is definitely my "go to" shop in the future!

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  • Don
    Don11 years ago

    Just purchased a new to me BMW X5. Should have done a better job of inspecting the car before the purchase because when I got it back home I discovered that both outer CV joint boots were torn. I have owned BMW's before, but they were all RWD and this was an AWD. I would normally DIY the job myself, but looking at the web, I saw that you will need a couple of special tools to remove the axle. So I decided to bring it in and let a proffessional do the repair.

    After a search of various BMW forums I ran across Bimmershop. I typed my zipcode in and the website spited out a bunch of shops close to me. Upon reviewing the list I saw that NCA Motorsports had the most comments. I read through all the comments and decided to call NCA Motorsports and get a quote for the repair.

    Tony was very nice and and gave me a quote that I thought was Fair. I scheduled an appointment to bring the X5 in the next day. Drop the X5 off the next day and Frank was nice enough to drop me off at the train station. My car was repaired very quickly (probably quicker then if I had done it myself). Happy with the service that I received at NCA Motorsports and will bring the X5 for repairs that I don't want to do myself. Thanks Tony and your staff at NCA Motorsports.

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  • Danny
    Danny12 years ago

    Jeep SRT8 with an issue with my Brembo brake system. My boss referred me to NCA Motorsports on Dempster, just west of I-94 and I dropped the SRT off after hours on May 23rd. I left the key with the clerk with my contact info attached, then left "Tony" a voice message with a description of the problem. The SRT was ready for pick-up by noon today (one day later)!! I'm guessing by the cost that it was an easy fix but he had every opportunity to take full advantage of me like many other mechanics have done to me in the past. Upon picking the truck up, I found the shop was clean and organized, vehicle lifts, well lit, and a spacious work space. I could have even filled up with gas if I needed. Tony told me that "Frank" performed the work and when driving home, the brake system stops on a dime and is better than new! Although it seems that NCA's specialty is European sports cars from the BMWs on the lifts, they proved to me that they can do American muscle cars too. I am glad I was referred to NCA.

    Summary: Convenient and easy to get to, fast turnaround time, honest work and honest price, clean shop, safe and trustworthy.

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  • RJ Jackson
    RJ Jackson12 years ago

    I've happily been taking my BMW's to Tony (N.C.A.) for years now, I followed him from before he had N.C.A. Everything is always taken care of quickly, and I never feel like I've been taken advantage of. I drive all the way from the city (Chicago) which is about 11 miles, not only to have my cars worked on by a master BMW mechanic who gets it done right the first time, but to also save some dough from getting raked over the coals at the dealerships! The parts are always factory warranty'd parts . They take cash/credit card and will work with your warranty or extended warranty company! The icing on the cake is that Tony is an awesome guy who is friendly, honest, and fair!

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  • Brian L
    Brian L12 years ago

    If there is such a thing as an honest mechanic, Tony is it!

    For example, my car dealership told me I had an engine problem and was going to be about $1,500 for the repair. I wanted a second opinion, so I took it to Tony. Tony checked it out and said the dealership wrong... there was actually nothing wrong other than a loose oil filter (or something like that). It's been about 15,000 miles since then and no problems. Ever since, I take my cars to him for everything minor to major. My wife had a deep scratch on her Mini, and Tony took care of the problem and had the vehicle repainted for half of what the dealership wanted.

    It's great doing business locally...

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  • Patrick Cameron
    Patrick Cameron12 years ago

    I was first introduced to Tony in 1994 by one of his current technicians. I trust no one else to keep my vehicle on the road. He has always been honest when describing the work that needs to be done on my car and his pricing has been fair. At one time I lost contact with Tony. He sold the shop he owned in Skokie. My vehicle's maintenance suffered because the mechanic who took over the shop could not adequately care for the car. I was lucky enough to find him again at Fields BMW. When I had my car serviced there, I requested he work on my car. During this time, Tony also worked on my car off site.

    I now bring my car to his shop on Dempster in Morton Grove. The technicians there are knowledgable and can handle a range of duties ranging from the simpliest of rapairs to the most complex computer aided diagnosis and repairs. There is no way I could own my vehicle without the assistance from Tony on my maintenance. He knows my family and he's like family to me.

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  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith12 years ago

    I must say, your service was indeed spectacular. You not only fixed the problem I faced with my 2005 X5, you informed me of a couple other problems free of charge! I came to get an oil change, not having knowledge of the damage unclean oil can do to my engine; but with your experience and expertise, you informed me.

    Also, I've been to plenty dealerships whose prices are very steep, technicians have no true knowledge of BMW's, and they rush your vehicle to pull another one in, but your prices are very reasonable and less steep. You speak one on one with your customers, which give them a sense of hospitality and make sure they leave with a smile on their faces. I must say, I definitely left with a smile on my face!

    Thank you again for your hospitality,

    Kyle S. Smith

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  • Chris
    Chris12 years ago

    One of my personal stresses in life is that I never seem to have a car mechanic who I can REALLY TRUST. I've taken my 2002 BMW to dealers as well as 2 different indy shops in the city. I began to lose faith in my last shop after several incidents where it seemed like they were just throwing darts at the check engine light problem, and each dart was costing me a couple hundred bucks! And magically each time I had to take it back after the light reappeared, another oil leak was also found which required, you guessed it, more money! The final straw was that they didn't know how to repair some water leaks in my doors, yet I ended up learning how to do it myself through E46Fanatics and spent 2 hours and did it perfectly! How can I trust a "BMW Specialist" shop who doesn't know how to fix a common BMW issue like that?

    Anyway, I had an alternator failure and finally I decided enough was enough and searched for a new shop. Came across this ad for NCA and called Tony. He was very gracious and told me to bring in the car THAT NIGHT and he'd meet me and have a look. What is immediately apparent with Tony is that he actually knows BMWs in and out. He talked me through some things he noticed and pointed out some areas where the other shop did a so-so job. Next day he worked up quotes for a few things that had been on my squawk list as well as the necessary alternator repair. His pricing seemed fair and reasonable. My last shop did everything "by the book time" which means a 10 minute hose replacement might cost 1.25 HOURS of labor if that's what the "book" says (darn book!). They wanted to charge me 65 bucks to change my wiper blade inserts! I timed myself when I did it this weekend and it took me about 5 minutes, and I wasn't rushing.

    Tony ended up working out a good package price which I felt was fair, and I told him to go ahead. When I picked up the car, not only did things look good, but Tony had completely degreased and cleaned the engine bay area. Honestly my car looked new and the engine bay hasn't looked that good since, oh, the day I bought it new in 2002. Is it hard or expensive for him to do that? No. Is it a nice touch that sets him apart from many shops? YES. Actually there is a real benefit to it too, since it is much easier to actually see if there are new leaks developing.

    I also asked Tony about changing ATF fluid because I had some clunking, and he suggested that I update the car's software. So I had him reprogram everything. Honestly, my car drives much smoother now (no, it's not just the placebo effect in my head). Amazing. Money well spent on that!

    This was my first experience with Tony and I will definitely be going back. I am really really hoping that I've done what is often so hard in life, which is to find a mechanic who knows a lot about my car, and is honest and fair. Tony knows BMWs, he spends a lot of time chatting about your car (unlike my last shop where it seemed like I was bothering them if I asked some follow-on questions) and his pricing is fair. I never would have found him or trusted him if it hadn't been for these reviews (I generally wouldn't have stopped at a Marathon gas station to get my BMW repaired, and that's where his shop is).

    Try him out and see for yourself. Hopefully he'll continue to be the real deal in the future.

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  • Deborah
    Deborah12 years ago

    I recently took my 2003 X5 to Tony after hearing good things about him here and on other sites. He did a great job fixing everything that needed attention for a lot less than it would have been elsewhere. He even pointed out some of the things that the dealership had done the last time they "fixed" my car. When I arrived to pick up the car, he explained everything he had done, and what should be done in the future, but not necessarily immediately. What a breath of fresh air! I think I have found the Holy Grail of mechanics - thanks Tony!

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  • J.P Lee
    J.P Lee12 years ago

    I went to NCA motorsports because I heard such great things about this place and Tony. I brought my sons bmw there and spoke with Tony. I've never experienced a more RUDE and Pompous person in my life. I'm not sure if he was having a bad day but he was extremely rude and on his personal cell phone more than half the time he was "helping me". I felt like I was at a nightmare repair shop that you might see on a geico commercial. He seemed like the typical "rip you off mechanic" who tries to "fix things" that don't need to be fixed. What a nightmare mechanic. His attitude alone turned me off and then I find out that 50% of the things he told me I needed to be fixed weren't even an issue. Be careful when dealing with this individual, very rude and easily offended. I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere.

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  • Ardeth G.
    Ardeth G.12 years ago

    I recently had some problems with my 5 series. I didnt know what was causing it not to start. I called several close friends who are also mechanics to diagnose the problem. My son's friend was visiting who mentioned that his dad services BMWs. I ended up taking my car to his dad, Tony. I was extremely pleased with the finished product. Not only did he fix my car, but he took the time to explain and point out what was done. He is extremely professional and I have to say that I have found a new mechanic :)

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  • srini
    srini12 years ago

    My 7 series had the dreaded coolant pipe leak, the dealer quoted me 6K for the repair. After researching Chicago repair shops, I came across NCA motorsports. The reviews about Tony are very true, the guy loves bimmers and gives personal attention to your car. He fixed it ahead of schedule and well below the dealer quote. He has my business..

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  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin12 years ago

    I just wanted to say, that I was very pleased with the level of service and the attention to detail that I received by Tony. He is a very honest person that will take care of his costumers and stands behind his work. He is very experience as a BMW tech, and his shop is clean and organized. It just says something about a person that works hard to open up his own shop to help people cut cost of what the BMW dealerships charge. I'm very happy with Tony and NCA and you will too.

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  • Greg P
    Greg P12 years ago

    July 26, 2011

    I met Tony last week after searching the internet for a local BMW mechanic that everyone recommended.

    Before that, I took my car to 2 other mechanics that have done work for me before and both said they could not help and did not know what the problem was or what needed to be fixed first. They were guessing. I called Tony at 7pm on a weekday night and described all the problems. He said drop it off and I’ll take a look at it. The first thing the next morning Tony had answers and prices to fix the problems, he also had recommendations to fix some other things that were neglected.(besides firing my last mechanic) Needless to say Tony was give the entire job.

    He’s honest, fair, does quality work and will continue to be my mechanic.

    Greg P.

    Morton Grove

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  • Roula
    Roula13 years ago

    I have been taking my BMW to Tony since 2004. He is the best and most honest mechanic and friend that I have ever met. I wouldn't even trust the dealerships with my car, like I trust Tony. He know exactly what he's talking about, and will always tell you the hnest truth.

    Tony has the best personality, knowlege, and customer service. I wouldn't let anyone else touch my car but him. He explains everything that is wrong in detail, and he lets you know exactly what its going to cost and he doesn't mess around. Bacically to make what could be a long story short, Tony is the best there is !

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  • Mike Anninos
    Mike Anninos13 years ago

    From the first day when I met Tony, I knew this guy was top notch! He was honest and straight forward. He gave me a price for the work that was needed and boy did he deliver. I brought in my 7 series and my X5. He fixed everything that was needed on my cars and at a price that was fair and honest. I finally found a mechanic who knows how to work on my cars, but minus the dealer prices. For anyone looking for a solid mechanic that will do the right job, the first time, go to NCA Motorsports and see Tony.

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  • Adam Monreal
    Adam Monreal13 years ago

    I have known tony for more than 30 years. He is only auto technician that i truly trust. Honesty and forthrightness are part of his character, for these attributes he has succeeded. I am the owner of a 1987 BMW L6. To say that this a rare vehicle would be an understatement. Tony has completely restored this vehicle. We have replaced every part. Although restoring this vehicle has been costly, Tony was / is the only person that I have met in this industry that is able to see the passion in the owner and is willing to work with the person so that a dream can become reality. I love this car and because of Tony, its on the road every summer. Without any hesitation or reservation I recommend NCA Motorsports and Tony.

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  • Mark Swedlow
    Mark Swedlow13 years ago

    To sum it up in one sentence, Tony is by far the most honest, trustworthy, reliable mechanic I have ever met. I started taking my BMW to Tony about 5 or 6 years ago, and I can honestly say that had it not been for Tony I would have been stuck with an expensive car that I couldn't afford to fix. I first met Tony when the car sprung a leak in the heating system. The local dealer told me it was going to cost over $1500 to fix, and a guy I worked with told me I had to go meet his mechanic. The car was not drivable without over-heating, so wherever I ended up towing it to had to be the place that was going to fix it. I took a leap of faith, trusted my co-worker, and had the car towed to Tony. Within a few hours, he called me with a full breakdown of everything that needed to be replaced, how long he felt it would take (he did not just go by the book that most shops use, regardless of how long it actually takes them), and his price was nearly half of the dealer cost. Needless to say, I was extremely happy with my first experience with Tony.

    Over the next couple of years, Tony worked on just about every component of the BMW, and each time I left as satisfied as anyone could be when their car breaks down. He would do a full inspection each time it was in, whether for an oil change or a repair, and would tell me what needed immediate attention, what could wait for a while, and what was purely optional at the moment. The way he explains everything he did or was going to do with each repair always made me feel confortable that nothing would ever be done that I didn't fully understand. He also has no problem letting you be in the shop every minute he works on your car, which I have found many mechanics aren't comfortable with.

    I have since sold the BMW, and currently drive an older Lexus that I have taken to Tony from the day I bought it. I have sent countless people to Tony with everything from ford, to range rover, to Mercedes. Ech time Tony makes an impression on my friend so much that they thank me and tell me they will never go anywhere else.

    Tony is just a quality guy who runs a quality shop and I can't say enough about his work or his character.

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  • Maciek
    Maciek13 years ago

    I have been taking by BMW to Tony for many years and anyone else I know with a BMW takes it there too. He is one of the most honest mechanics you can work with, who has tons of experience acquired at Nortfields BMW. I will highly recommend Tony to anyone looking to service their car.

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  • Nick
    Nick13 years ago

    I took my BMW many times at another very well known BMW dealer and they couldn't find the problem and they admitted that the problem was still going on, which it wind up costing us a lot, until I met Tony and he suggested that it was a completely different part from what the other dealer had replaced and it turns out Tony was right, spark plug it was and a lot cheaper..... I was afraid to buy a BMW after that experience but now I know that you don't have to be a big shot dealer to have good and honest mechanics.....

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  • Dan
    Dan13 years ago

    I have been bringing my BMW X5 to Tony for several years now and I won't trust anyone else but NCA Motorsports working on my SUV now. I have had the experience of bringing it to the dealer, being over charged and the problem not fixed. I have had the experience of bringing it to a local mechanic and charging just as much as the dealer and the problem not being fixed. I had a problem with my coolant reservoir kept busting. I took it to Tony after it being changed 4 times and he fixed the problem of what others couldn't, including the dealer. Granted I took my X5 to him at the end of the day almost in the evening, he changed it for me in the dark and got me going, that same night. This is something you can't get from a dealership or a regular mechanic. He goes beyond the point to give great customer satisfaction. Tony and his team are very knowledgeable in BMW's and I would recommend him to anyone I know.

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  • Demetrios Varnasidis
    Demetrios Varnasidis13 years ago

    I have had my vehicle serviced at many places but no one has ever treated me as well as this shop. The prices are fair and reasonable and half the costs of a dealership. Tony is an honest and friendly person who is a certified BMW technician with over 25 year’s experience. I am always happy to bring all 4 of my vehicles to him.

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  • Stan McKinney
    Stan McKinney13 years ago

    Lucky Morton Grove. N.C.A. Motorsports is a family run shop delivering quality work at a fair price. Having used Tony's services in the past, I was quite pleased to hear the announcement of the shops opening. Tony and Albert are very knowledgeable and friendly. Best of all I have made some good friends in the process. I have recommended their services to both family and friends. If you have the need, I would recommend you check with N.C. A.

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  • Gunil Lee
    Gunil Lee13 years ago

    I went to N.C.A Motorsports for the 1st time on Monday 5/2/11. I was given a full inspection and full diagnosis before any work began. Tony himself gave me a quote on the work that was going to be needed. I wasn't being upsold like if I was at a dealership. He went thru all the problems that may be causing my sensors to be going off. He even showed me the areas and walked me thru where the leaks were from the hoses and by showing me visually and pointing them out with his hands. Today i had all the work performed and it was to the price quote that Tony had given me. Albert who worked on my car showed me step by step what was being done and took his time to make sure everything was done properly. I praise the team at N.C.A , which has proven to me that small businesses are much better than the big dealerships. I would highly recommend this place to other owners since they are very friendly and tell the truth also their prices are very faif.

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  • Maria
    Maria13 years ago

    I am in the market to purchase a BMW - and one part of my research is learning a little bit more about German cars, and who I can trust with my future purchase.

    Good maintenance is EVERYTHING with the amount of miles I put on my car.

    I'm happy to say that I would only trust Tony with my car, I have heard nothing but fantastic feedback. Its good to know a mechanic who KNOWS what he is doing.

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  • Mike Shields
    Mike Shields13 years ago

    I've had Tony fixing my BMW's for over ten years. I will not let anyone, including the dealers, do even an oil change. I go to Tony exclusively. I have recommended him to all my friends over the past decade without any complaints. A sign of a great mechanic is getting it right the first time. I've been able to drive 5-10 year old BMW's because Tony is affordable. The dealerships are outragous in cost. Tony is honest , affordable and the best BMW mechanic in Chicagoland area.

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  • Rosemarie Allioto
    Rosemarie Allioto13 years ago

    I was so impressed with Tony, owner of N.C.A. Motorsports, from the first time I met him. As a woman, I feel extremely confident that I am not being taken advantage of. He is very professional and honest. You receive BMW dealership workmanship at an affordable cost. Tony is very experienced and it is apparent in his work. I have a 2004 BMW and prior to finding Tony, I always took it to the dealer for repairs. I love the convenience of the location of N.C.A. Motorsports. The work is done quickly and correctly. Thank you Tony for being such a great mechanic and wonderful person. I highly recommend N.C.A. Motorsports. Just try it once and you will be totally satisified.

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  • Jeremie Martinez
    Jeremie Martinez13 years ago

    I've always been the type to take my car to a dealership for all repairs and maint. But I would not hesitate to bring my car here. Super friendly, talk to you like a real person, and there primary concern is your satisfaction.

    Tony is great, and seems willing to always go the extra mile.

    If you own a BMW or any high end vehicle and are tired of getting cracked at the dealership, go here, you won't regret it.

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  • Joe Matsakapetros
    Joe Matsakapetros13 years ago

    I started bringing my bad machine (A BMW) as I use to call it. Tony has done such a great job, it is no longer called the machine but the Bem Vee.

    Thank You! Tony on such a great job you do.

    And such a modern facility to bring my car to.


    Tony is way cheaper than the dealer.

    What more can I say about NCA Motorsports.

    I very highly recommend the establishment!

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  • Christina
    Christina13 years ago

    I had purchased a BMW and within 6 months I was having a problem with it. I took it to THREE BMW dealerships and not only were they RUDE, NONE of their mechanics could even diagnose the issue. I heard from a friend to go see Tony at NCA motorsports. He was so nice and honest, he diagnosed it within one hour, and explained my options on how to fix it. He was well experienced and very knowledgeable. He actually made me understand the problem and what it was going to take for him to fix it. I WILL NOT GO TO ANY OTHER MECHANIC BUT TONY.

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  • Mike Underwood
    Mike Underwood13 years ago

    These guys are by far the best mechanics around. Certified BMW guys who use only genuine BMW OEM parts. No after market junk.They guarantee their work and are way cheaper than the dealers. Dealer service with out Dealer prices.

    simply the best.

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  • Matt H
    Matt H13 years ago

    I have been taking my three cars to Tony for over four years. Tony is an expert master BMW technician and his work demostrates his attention to detail.

    Under the leadership of Tony at NCA Motorsports you will get a thorough diagnosis of the repair in addition to cost effective measures to complete the job. You will get a better understanding of your BMW by simply talking to Tony. He explains the repair in a clear, concise, manner and finishes the work promptly.

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  • Steve Livo
    Steve Livo13 years ago

    I have been bringing my BMW and Range Rover to Tony at NCA Motorsports for years. He is one of the most knowledgeable mechanics on German engineering that I have ever come across. He knows exactly what your car needs without trying to sell you on extra garbage that you typically find with mechanics.

    Extremely competitive prices, WAY cheaper than the dealer.

    What more can I say about NCA Motorsports.. Extremely clean shop and very nice employees.

    I highly recommend!

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  • Chris Kintner
    Chris Kintner13 years ago

    I was quite hopeful to find a dependable and capable alternate to the BMW dealer I typically have gone for my 2002 M3. Luckily N.C.A. Motorsports opened close to my house not too long ago. I stopped in and met Tony, the owner. He was a Master Technician at a local BMW dealer so he is obviously quite knowledgeable. He has helped me out a few times already saving me hundreds verses the dealer's prices. N.C.A. Motorsports is now my exclusive shop for my car maintenance needs, I fully recommend them!

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  • George Spilios
    George Spilios13 years ago

    For those taking the time to read this review,

    I had trouble with my car on numerous occassions with various problems. I took it to a few different mechanic shops and I kept on getting the run around because they could never figure out the problems I kept having. Fortunately, I was told to go and see Tony...in quotes from a close personal friend, "He is the best!" So I took it to Tony and he analyzed and evaluated the problem and was able to figure it out quickly and efficiently. The car has been running smoothly ever since. His care, customer service, education of the problems are second to none. His prices are extremely fair and always looks out for the best interest of his customers. I highly recommend Tony for any and all car problems.

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  • Bruce Powell
    Bruce Powell13 years ago

    Tony has worked on many of my cars and has always done an excellent and top notch professional job. He has always gone the extra mile and gotten me back on the road in record time even on a Sunday! A truly honest and professional business I would highly recommend. Thank you Tony!

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  • Bill
    Bill13 years ago

    My initial feeling was a secure one. From the moment when I spoke with Tony about my concerns, he was more than open to first share his experience with working on BMW's and then how with that experience he will be able to expedite and bring my automobile back to it's full glory. Somewhere in BMW T for Tony needs to be include because not once have I ever seen such passion and dedication of getting the job right...The first time! I full recommend N.C.A. Motorsports in Morton Grove, IL. Luxury never felt so good with the results you will receive from Tony.

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  • Lynn Oliver
    Lynn Oliver13 years ago

    As a BMW owner, I want to bring my car to a reliable place with top notch techs and great service. Found this at N.C.A. Motorsports. A great experience from the moment you drive in. My car was fixed in a timely manner and I am not paying BMW Dealership PRICING! Recommending this place to everyone I know.

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  • Wayne Coleman
    Wayne Coleman13 years ago

    I recently was extremely fortunate to come across the NCA Motorsports ~ BMW Repair Center in Morton Grove, Illinois. This is a TOP NOTCH repair facility. No job is to big or small for their two Certified-Master Mechanics, Tony & Albert. Not only do they do excellent work, they are reasonably priced.

    Because of Tony & Albert, I'm able to afford to keep my BMW 545 in excellent running condition. These guys are the BEST.

    Bring your car by for a repair... You'll be glad you did..!!

    Wayne Coleman

    Golf, Illinois

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  • Diana
    Diana13 years ago

    I just want to start out by saying that N.C.A Motorsports has to be the best place to get your BMW serviced if you want dealership quality service, without the outrageous dealership prices. I had a problem with my BMW in January and went to three different BMW dealerships to see what the problem exactly was. Each dealership had a different diagnosis and also wanted to charge me thousands of dollars to fix the problem. I was referred to N.C.A Motorsports by a friend of mine and was told to go see Tony.

    Tony was the most knowledgeable BMW mechanic that I have ever met and was honest about the work that had to be done. He took the time to explain what exactly was wrong with my vehicle and what needed to be fixed in order for me to not have the same problems. He did the work quickly and efficiently and also charged me a fair price which was a fraction of what the three BMW dealerships wanted to charge me and I am extremely happy with the work that was done.

    I recently came back to see Tony last month for an oil change and he still gave me that same customer service experience that I had the first time. This is an awesome shop and if you ever need your BMW serviced I suggest you go and see Tony.

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  • david ford
    david ford13 years ago

    i have been looking for an honest bmw repaire shop and finaly found it ,at NCA motorsports ,after i met with Tony the BMW certified tech that ownes that facility ,he was very honest ,and a friendly person, and i was very pleased with his service and pro as a BMW experiance person and the right price that he gave i would recommend his shop to all of my bmw owned friend .my was fixed the first time and fast and almost half of what the dealer esmimated my repaire .

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