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At Auto-Therapy, we want to help you experience the long-term enjoyment a properly maintained world-class BMW automobile can offer.

We have been building, servicing, and racing these cars for the better part of three decades. With multiple wins in PCA, SCCA, and NASA we have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to do just about anything you could imagine for your Porsche, Audi, BMW or Volkswagen. Whether your looking for street performance an all out race car or just your regular factory recommended service, we will be happy to satisfy your needs.

4 Reviews

  • Jose Bordetas
    Jose Bordetas10 years ago

    It was a pleasure meeting Roger today, had the oil changed on my Z4M. Great service, fast and left my engine bay as clean as it was when he go it (can't say the same about the dealer that did my last one). Will definitely be bringing my car back to Auto Therapy for future services. Good to know a good indy is in my area.

    2008 BMW Z4M Roadster
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  • Nick Enciu
    Nick Enciu12 years ago

    I have recently been looking for a trust worthy mechanic for my BMW. I found Roger and Auto Therapy through and have to say the this has been the most stress free experience. He was upfront on the repairs and did what he could to find the most inexpensive parts through his connections to help me. He was very fair with the price and though it took some time I feel much comfortable in driving my car.. My BMW is noticeably smoother and considerably powerful. Thanks Roger.

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  • Andrew Anderson, MD
    Andrew Anderson, MD13 years ago

    This does not sound at all like my experiences with Roger. He has been my main mechanic on all my Porsches and BMWs, and has worked on some of them for more than 30 years. He has saved me several times when I was stranded late at night by walking me through repairs step by step over the phone. Most ethical mechanic I have ever met.

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  • marlon marner
    marlon marner14 years ago

    I have a Porsche 944, I took my car in for an engine exchange and what i recieved wa s a wiring nightmare. Communication with Mr.Bratter was not well he seemed like he was more concerned about gettin more money from me than doing a good ervice . If he does Bmw's like he does Porsches I would steer clear away from his shop.

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