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1717 McGuckian Street
Annapolis, MD 21401 US
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Chesapeake Import Services specializes in BMW repair and BMW service in Annapolis, MD and throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.

We provide:

  • Quality BMW Maintenance
  • State-of-the Art Automotive Technology and Skills
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Alignment and Tire Services
  • Air Conditioning and Climate Control
  • Engine and Transmission Work


  • After Hours Drop-Off

Awards & Affiliations

ASE Master Auto TechniciansASE Master Auto Technicians

5 Reviews

  • Jack Floyd
    Jack Floyd4 years ago

    Very professional shop, good customer care, great quality work from Chesapeake Import Services at a reasonable price. They take care of the customer.

    2012 BMW 535I
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  • Rob
    Rob4 years ago

    Very good service by Chesapeake Import Services. Saved me many $ finding a way to fix parts. Not just replace.

    2003 BMW 330Ci
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  • Jana Brenning
    Jana Brenning5 years ago

    My car is happy, and I am happy! All thanks to the excellent service at Chesapeake Import Services. Very knowledgeable, and they take the extra time to fix other things that they notice at no charge (Oh, OK, if it is something big they call me). At 200,000+ miles I expect the occasional problem, but my car runs like a dream and I can thank Chesapeake Import Services. They treat me and my car very well like the quality person and machine we are. Hmm, does that grammatically make sense? As many stars as I can give them and +++++++++++!

    2000 BMW 540i
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  • Joe
    Joe6 years ago

    Once again, I had my 2006 BMW 330xi serviced at Chesapeake Import Services on McGuckian in Annapolis. Once again they proved to be not just experts in foreign vehicle service, but the best kept customer service secret in the country. These folks bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule, kept me informed as to the repairs needed and the cost, and returned my vehicle to me on time and in great condition. They kept great records for me and assure I am made aware of notices from BMW as well as service alerts. Jessica is an especially great service advisor, who knows my car and what a BMW needs to keep it happy and young. I cannot recommend these folks higher! Use them, and you will experience true expert, courteous, efficient service.

    2006 BMW 330xi
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  • Michael
    Michael9 years ago

    Had an overheating issue with my car. $600 later, the owner Chris told me that the issue was fixed. Drove the car for 30 minutes at which time an over-tightened coolant return hose broke the plastic housing it was attached to and discharged all of the coolant. Had car towed to local auto shop which informed me that there was at least 1 blown head gasket. Repair would cost over $3000. Called Chesapeake Imports and explained but they would only agree to pay for a tow, not fix the issue. BOTTOM LINE: I didn't pay $600 to have a $3,000 problem. I don't have any other experience with Chesapeake Imports and therefore can only say that if this is a rare mistake, the least they should do as a reputable shop is take accountability for it and help the customer. All I asked was for the cost of service (not parts) refunded, $400, which they wouldn't do for me. Peanuts when you compare it to my $3,000 additional cost to fix the problem which was caused by Chesapeake Imports.

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    Chris8 years ago

    This individual was referred to us by his brother, who is a current customer. He was in town from Va. Beach when his BMW overheated and blew out its coolant. At his brother's request, we worked him into our schedule in order to help him get back home to move.

    The vehicle was towed in with a ruptured thermostat housing assembly. We performed a thorough vehicle inspection for overall condition, which is our policy for any vehicle, especially a car we have not worked on. The vehicle was in poor condition, due to lack of maintenance and repair.

    We informed the customer that we needed to perform the minimal service required to get the vehicle running to be able to test the cooling system for proper operation. After replacing the thermostat and housing, road testing was performed. The customer was advised to leave the vehicle for further testing because the head gasket appeared to be suspect.

    The customer refused to leave the vehicle and insisted on taking the vehicle. At no time did we state that the vehicle was "fixed." In fact we stated that the probably will overheat again. The problems with this vehicle are the direct result on the owner's lack of maintenance, repair, and understanding of the issues confronting him.

    This is a fine example of the old adage, if you don't like the message, kill the messenger.