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Former BMW master technician with over 10 years of experience. One of the top ranked technicians on the East coast with accolades to prove it.

Shop opened in 2009 built on reputation and honesty. Check out our local rating on Yahoo.


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  • They do a great job at a great price!

    Gerry S., via Google
  • Been taking mine and my family’s European cars to Import Auto Werks for years. Always great service, communication, top quality work and great prices.

    Tre M., via Google
  • Great team. Excellent communication and turn around time. Explained all options and possible outcomes. Delivered exception service!

    Meliza A., via Google

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  • Graham Jones10 months ago

    This is THE place to go for BMW service and upkeep in eastern MA. Heard great things about the crew ahead of time (just moved back up to MA from NJ) and was not disappointed. Russel is a BMW ‘whisperer’ - able to diagnose and get my E89 Z4 3.5i back quickly and also great at explaining the unique features of the vehicles maintenance needs. Also spot on with replacement tire selection - ride is perfect. Support this business - true enthusiasts and prices are very reasonable.

  • Sean Sullivan1 year ago

    I was recommended to Import AutoWerks by a family friend and couldn’t have been happier with the service there. Alvin and Russell were great to work with and consistently communicated everything that was going on with my car. The work was done well and faster than I expected, for a cost that was below the estimate. I’ll be bringing my BMW back there for years to come. Thanks!

  • Lee Wareham1 year ago

    My BMW suspension was making noises. They just tightened all of the bolts up and did an oil change that I had asked for and I was good to go! Very trustworthy and knowledgeable.

  • ed rose1 year ago

    Russ and his team are the best. Always on time and never any surprises. They do a great job and are a pleasure to do business with whether it's for my bmw or porsche cayanne.

  • joseph caraman1 year ago

    They offer a great ecu flash service here for your bmw. Quick and clean no issues great place.thank you very happy.

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11 Reviews

  • Vinayak Mallya
    Vinayak Mallya4 months ago

    Had a great experience on getting maintenance done for my BMW. Highly recommend Import Autowerks for BMW servicing.

    2019 BMW 530
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  • Joaquin Gargoloff
    Joaquin Gargoloff4 years ago

    Great place to take your BMW. Great service, honesty, fair pricing. I've been doing 100% of my BMW maintenance here for many years and I am super happy with them.

    1999 BMW 328iC
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  • Jon K.
    Jon K.8 years ago

    I first met Alvin when on the road selling tires wholesale. I stopped in when he operated out of the Sunoco station. There were umpteen BMW's everywhere. After I made my sales pitch he walked me out and saw my 330 CI. I asked him a bunch of questions about her; he was informative and extremely knowledgeable.

    Soon after, I had an issue with my car. I called Import Auto Werks and Alvin diagnosed my problem over the phone. At that point I knew I wanted Alvin to be my mechanic.

    Fast forward.....

    The battery light came on so I called Alvin. He suggested what the problem could be and invited me to make an appointment. I had my car towed 35 miles to get there.

    His tech diagnosed the issue and Alvin quoted me a price on a reman Bosch alternator. I had earlier called around and got quotes for the job. Alvin's quote beat everyone...furthermore he had me in and out in the time promised AND he charged me less than the quote with a 3 year warranty!

    Kudos to Russell: office manager and his entire team of techs.

    Auto techs in my opinion are as important as a primary care physician. Al is my BMW car doctor.

    I also own a 2007 335i RWD 6m and will entrust her as well to Alvin and his excellent shop.

    The only time I go to BMW is for a OEM part or for a recall.

    Thanks Alvin

    Jon K.

    2001 BMW 330 CI RWD 5m
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  • BirdogEd
    BirdogEd12 years ago

    Alvin and crew at Import Auto Werks were very responsive to my requests for an inspection of a BMW 528iat wagon, that was considered for purchase from a local car dealer. I live in another state, and Alvin treated me like I was his next door neighbor! I received a very professional, and very objective 5 page report on the Bimmer in question. Additionally, Alvin did an exceptional job of explaining the inspection report. I am so confident of his ability, that I will likely have the car serviced at Import Auto Werks, before driving the car home.

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  • Aaron
    Aaron12 years ago

    Believe the hype! I had used another shop to do scheduled maintenance and look at a few issues with my 2003 BMW 325xi. I was underwhelmed by the maintenance experience, and definitely had my doubts about the quote and commitment from that shop. So I decided to try Import Auto Werks based on the reviews on this site. I could't be happier that I did. These guys know their stuff forwards and backwards, and clearly love what they do. They also came in significantly cheaper on the work compared to my other quote. Anthony walked me through the issues with my car and gave me some context that they were fairly typical for BMWs with the same amount of mileage. Fantastic shop, glad I found them.

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  • Marie L.
    Marie L.12 years ago

    Alvin and his staff take a lot of pride in the services they provide. They are always accommodating and get the job done on time. We recommend Import Auto Werks highly.

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  • Anita
    Anita13 years ago

    I heard about Alvin from someone at Auto Works. He told me Alvin was a "genius" and he could fix anything. I have a Mercedes CLK 320 convertible and brought it to him to fix some minor (and major) issues. I thought I needed new brakes but he told me that they only needed to be flushed out and didn't even charge for the labor! Anywhere else would have replaced the brakes (or not even do that) and charge me an astronomical price! He is not only honest, he is straightforward and speaks to you in terms that you can understand. My convertible was not working and would get stuck every time I tried to open it up. Alvin was very honest and told me that Mercedes were not his specialty (as he put it "I know BMW's like the back of my head"). So he called his Mercedes expert in and he they both looked at it and told me that there was a broken cable wire and they just put a new one on. Again, another mechanic would probably have charged an arm and a leg saying that they had to take the top off to fix it. Another issue was the driver side window was making a rattling, ear piercing sound which was driving me crazy. Alvin told me he had to take the door off to look at it; not an easy task I'm sure. Low and behold, the last mechanic (while trying to fix this problem) had did not replace a screw in the window guide rail, hence making this sound. Again, the charge was minimal for the extensive work that needed to be done. I must say I feel like I have hit the lottery in finding Alvin at Import Auto Werks! He is the best!

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  • Eric Sailer
    Eric Sailer14 years ago

    When I first went looking for Import Auto Werks I drove right by it. After rechecking the GPS, I realized they are indeed located at the Sunoco gas station -the dozen or so BMWs should have tipped me off!

    Anyway, I had just been ripped off by a shop who went out of business literally a week after they "fixed" my brakes. Before I paid a cent or scheduled an appointment, both Alvin & Anthony (BMW Master Mechanics) had let me know just what my issues were, and how much it was going to cost. They checked a few minor issues for free, took it for a drive to verify what I had mentioned, and got me in and out of there quickly -even though they are working ridiculous hours to keep things moving. They even noticed a few issues that are starting to creep up on my 2003 BMW 330xi, and told me a date by which I should really get them fixed.

    As a business owner myself, I appreciate straight-forwardness and timeliness, and these guys delivered on both. They are also right around the corner from my house, so it's a win-win. I would call early and make an appointment as they are getting really popular.

    Thanks Guys.

    Eric Sailer, Owner

    1st Call Auto Haul

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  • Tom Baker
    Tom Baker14 years ago

    I blew a heater hose on my 740iL on the way to work yesterday,..The car is being repaired by Alvin, he seems very fair on pricing and knows his stuff. I had to tow it to his shop from another part of Braintree, some other shops might have marked up the tow to 75 or 100 bucks, Alvin charged only 30 bucks for the tow, after that alone, I knew this place was going to be my new service shop. He had to order the part I needed, and the car should be ready today for pick up. I appreciate a shop like Import Auto Werks over the bloated pricing of the BMW dealerships.

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  • Debbie McDonald
    Debbie McDonald14 years ago

    Alvins name was given to me by a close friend. So I recently stopped in to schedule an appt and Alvin was happy to accommodate me. His prices are very reasonable and he's much closer to my home, so in the future Alvin and Import Auto Werks in Braintree will be seeing my Bimmer any time maintenance needs to be done.

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  • Brenda
    Brenda14 years ago

    I have a 2002 325xi and I heard about Alvin's shop from my cousin who owns two BMWs and who is an avid BMW enthusiast.

    Alvin is an honest mechanic and he is patient as he answers all of my questions thoroughly; And I ask him a lot of questions!

    He is competent, knowledgeable, and most importantly, trustworthy. He is an experienced BMW mechanic and his prices are less than the dealership rates. When I was shopping around for mechanics to replace my front brake pads and rotors, his price was about on par for independent mechanics that specialize in European cars. His rates are competitive to the market.

    You cannot go wrong going to Import Auto Werks in Braintree. If you work in Boston or take public transportation to work, you can drop off your car and he will drive you to the Red Line Braintree stop.

    I don't live in the South Shore area and there are definitely other shops or dealerships closer to me, but I will go the distance for Alvin's capable hands in taking care of my car! My car is currently 7 years old and I plan to keep on driving it for a lot more!!

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