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BMW repair, service and maintenance in Taylor, MI. and Detroit, MI.

Scheduled maintenance is the most important component to keeping your BMW in prime condition. Our certified auto repair specialists are here to keep your BMW in excellent shape. Whether you need a battery, oil change, tune-up, brake repair, transmission service, alignment, tire repair, shock or strut replacement, air conditioning maintenance, engine repair, top of the line alignment or any other service, we are here to assist. We take pride in doing a quality job with quality parts at the best prices possible.

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30 Reviews

  • Darrien Green
    Darrien Green 2 months ago

    Jay and the other mechanics are very knowledgeable with foreign automobiles. Fast and friendly and do great work. I wouldn’t let any other team touch my car.

    2015 BMW 740Li F02
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  • MiKe Rush
    MiKe Rush2 years ago

    Drive up from Ohio to buy a 435i in Macomb Michigan so I wanted to have it checked out. They got me right in first thing. Al and everyone that worked here was absolutely amazing! I greatly appreciated the honesty at this shop, he discovered multiple electrical issues with the car brought me out to the garage and explain everything and how much of a money pit it would be. I didn’t buy the car, took it back to the dealership where I picked it up and told them the issues, it’s still for sale at the dealership.

    Thanks again!

    2016 BMW 435i
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  • H Kumar
    H Kumar 4 years ago

    It was the first time I contacted Brokers and Sellers. I came to know of it through the web and talked to Jay. Really, a great gentleman (Jay is). Initial phone conversations itself gave me lot of confidence.

    I used to get some work done by the BMW dealer and always had issues in spite of spending big $$$$$$. Had a sever oil leak and Jay diagnosed it so well and more over fixed the same timing chain. Ultimately Jay has done super nice job with a great discounted price and the engine is running spectacular right now. I think any car owner should definitely talk to Jay and his excellent team instead of going elsewhere. What is highly appreciated is that Jay used to call regularly and give an update. This really tells us the honest and sincere dedication. Again, highly recommend to contact Jay for advice and repair. A+++++ rating and should this should be given in the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

    2008 BMW 750 LI
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  • Keerthi
    Keerthi4 years ago

    I had a recurring issue with the oil leak and the engine used to shut off while driving. Jake did a really good job. I never had that issue again. He knows what he is doing and knowledgeable guy. He is the best around Dearborn. The prices are very reasonable too. BrokersandSellers fixed the issue pretty quick which is very important. I don't like waiting.

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Sam
    Sam5 years ago

    First let me start by saying that this is my first BMW. I did not want one. I wasn't lookin for one. However, after I test drove one, I never looked back. I ended up with a car that I adore.

    One thing I wasn't prepared for: BMW maintenance.

    I really struggled finding the right place. I tried the dealer and was disappointed on a variety of levels. Then I found bimmershops and checked a few different places before deciding to come to Jay at Brokers and Sellers.

    So glad I did. He's passionate. He listens. He explains. I feel like he's really honest and is the kind of person that just wants to do the right thing.

    Some people may not care, but I love that he goes over part options with me. For one, I appreciate the knowledge. But also, it tells me what options I have at different price levels - and if I end up spending $20 more for a German part, it's cause I chose to.

    So far I have taken my car in for 2 oil changes, a new suspension, brakes, spark plugs and a battery and he also has the actual BMW computer which is really helpful.

    End of the day Jay's the guy when it comes to BMW. Hands down. I'm not going anywhere else.

    2011 BMW 335i xDrive
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  • Shiva
    Shiva6 years ago

    Honest techs like Jay are hard to come across. His love for BMWs transcends into the work he puts on each car till the issue is fixed completely. A honest guy who will never sell you what you won't need. This is pretty much a one stop shop for all car needs. Been a regular at his garage, Brokers and Sellers, for both my BMWs. You won't take your ride anywhere else once your car gets worked on here.

    2006 BMW Z4-M
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  • Steve
    Steve6 years ago

    BMW M3 (E9X)

    Good independent mechanics are invaluable. I was very pleased to have found Jay and his team at Brokers and Sellers/Automotive Solutions. For the heavy engine work I needed, and a first-time owner, I was nervous about the cost and timing of the (extensive) repairs. Jay was upfront and honest during the entire process and kept me updated on the progress along the way. There is no doubt his expertise saved me from a costly trip to the dealership. The repairs were done right and at a fair price--What more can you ask for.... Thanks again Jay. A+++ -Steve

    2008 BMW M3
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  • Ulises padilla
    Ulises padilla6 years ago

    If you need work done on your bmw I would HIGHLY recommend automotive solutions they are some real professionals and will work with you to fix the problem right away, jay is one of their mechanics I can tell this guy knows all about the bmws.i took my car in for service about a month ago and it had the transmission malfunction messege I thought it was bad but jay took his time and tested every part to see what was the problem and it was the clutch .They took care of it right away and I am very happy with the results,They saved me some money and my m5 is running as if I just got it out the dealership,my advice to everyone that needs work done on your bmw go to automotive solutions !! I

    2006 BMW M5
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  • Sib Qureshi
    Sib Qureshi6 years ago

    I went to Automative Solution to fixed fuel pump and air conditioning of my X5. No doubt I made the right decision. There were some other issues shows up in my X5 beside fuel pump but Jay spent extra time and make sure that everything is properly fixed and working before he completed his work. Jay charged very reasonable service charges (well below dealer charges) and mostly used original parts to repair the issues. I highly recommend him for any auto service .

    2011 BMW X5
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  • Mia
    Mia6 years ago

    I am so glad I discovered Automotive Solutions! I had an issue with my BMW and took to a local shop in my town, initially a "bandage" was put on the issue without really addressing it, when I took it back they wanted $1200 to fix it. I called Jay and meet with him. He made some suggestions and repaired it for a fraction of the cost. He is knowledgeable, dependable and very pleasant to work with. It's nice to have someone who is fair in pricing especially when it comes to owning a foreign vehicle. Thanks Jay!

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Parth
    Parth 6 years ago

    I had my water pump fail on me and was stuck on the side of the highway. I called Jay and he arranged everything from the tow, to fixing my car.

    Super nice guy and really happy I made the decision of going here. Got my car back today and she's running smooth as before. Price was fair and I have no complains. Definitely will bring my car back here again. Thanks Jay

    2009 BMW 335i
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  • Assem Nagi
    Assem Nagi6 years ago

    I've been everywhere and no one knew what they were doing with any foreign especially my bmw until I found automotive solutions. The man who worked on my BMW was named Jay he told me exactly what was wrong and contacted me before he made any big changes rite away he didn't do anything without asking me first which is hard to find in most places today. The man is an expert with BMW, I recommend 10/10.

    2009 BMW 335i m sport package
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  • Matt
    Matt7 years ago

    Automotive Solutions is the place to take your BMW for service. Everything you expect and more in terms of service and the prices are well below the dealer. Jay is truly a master mechanic -- and he is a craftsman when it comes to BMWs.

    2011 BMW 328 X drive
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  • Keith
    Keith7 years ago

    Had a few minor fixes and one major repair done from Jay at Automotive Solutions. Jay does fantastic work at reasonable prices. He is a very knowledgeable BMW mechanic. I would highly recommend if your BMW needs work. I will be back again, not to soon I hope. Lol

    2006 BMW X5
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  • Geraldo
    Geraldo7 years ago

    Looking for a honest, knowledgeable AND affordable auto repair team? I highly recommend the team at Automotive Solutions. Jay and Holiday are the best. They give individualized, detailed attention and are always spot on related to price and timeline. I have had multiple vehicles serviced by Jay and Holiday each job exceeded my expectations and was well within my budget. They are my go to team for all my automotive concerns. Keep up the great job guys.

    2008 BMW X5
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  • Alan
    Alan7 years ago

    My X3 had a clunk noise that would only occur at certain times. Jay took the time and test drove the vehicle with me. He took the time to inspect every aspect of the issue and diagnosed a transfer case issue. He went above and beyond and kept the charges to a bare minimum. The dealer would have charged be at least 5 times as much. Problem was solved. Changed fluids, made some adjustments and performed the proper reset procedures with the BMW diagnostic equipment and the car runs significantly smoother with a quick pep. And no more clunking. Good honest quick service. Jay is the man!

    2007 BMW X3
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  • Cherice
    Cherice7 years ago

    I've had my car worked on at this shop on multiple occasions and every time the service and quality of the work was excellent. Jay and the rest of the crew are very professional, knowledgeable, and prompt, oftentimes even getting my car back to me in the same day. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs a mechanic-you won't be disappointed!

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Angelo
    Angelo7 years ago

    I took my car there after another shop couldn't diagnose what the issue was. Boy am I so grateful I did! Jay was quick on diagnosing the problem, worked with me as to what the car needed and performed the repairs quick and efficiently. I am always skeptical where I take my car, the M5 is not your everyday BMW, besides been my baby! Jay and Holiday were great to work with and became my preferred shop. I was so satisfied that I took my Chrysler Aspen for repairs as well. They were able to fix the problem without having to replace parts as other shops wanted; they saved me money and time.

    There is no question where I will be taking my cars from now on!

    Big Shout and thanks to Jay and Holliday!!

    2006 BMW M5
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  • Jennifer
    Jennifer7 years ago

    I've taken my car to Automotive Solutions twice now, and I am extremely pleased with their work. Jay is outstanding at quickly diagnosing problems and informing you of what needs to be done. He is credible, honest and a true professional, and his work is impeccable. The rest of the staff are extremely friendly and very professional. They go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and keep you informed of progress being made on your vehicle. Parts and labor are nearly half of what I had been paying at the BMW dealership, and they worked me in the same day both times! I am extremely happy with their work and professionalism, and I would not hesitate referring anyone to them. They are certified BMW mechanics, and repair all other makes/models as well. Thanks for the fantastic service!

    2004 BMW 330xi
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  • H.D.
    H.D.7 years ago

    Automotive Solutions is a great place to get your car fixed. From superb customer service to honest and trustworthy expertise, I will continue to take my BMWs/other vehicles to this shop. Great employees, professional service, and a friendly environment. Highly recommended!

    2008 BMW 535xi
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  • Sanyam
    Sanyam7 years ago

    I have taken my car for service and parts changing to different shops in South Carolina, Maryland, DC and Michigan. But Jay is one of the best mechanics I have found! He has very good knowledge and can diagnose the problem with the car very quickly. And he also offers the best rates on parts and service that you can get around Detroit Metro Area.

    I have to Automotive Solutions multiple time (for different problems in my BMW) and he has done a remarkable job every time! I recommend this shop to my friends who drive European cars.

    2001 BMW 330Ci
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  • S Ahmed
    S Ahmed8 years ago

    I haven been to this repair shop 3-4 times regarding repair of BMW. JAY (Shop Mechanic) has very good technical knowledge to repair BMW also he stands behind his work. Repair price are very fair compared to Dealers or some independent repair shops. As long as I am in Michigan this will be the repair shop I will be going for automotive repair.

    2008 BMW 535XI
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  • Scott
    Scott8 years ago

    I'am very pleased to offer a review for Automotive Solutions and the awesome mechanic there Jay.I have been there twice now for service and have been 100% satisfied each time with the quality of work, price, and professionalism.I had some uneven wear on the rear tires and before replacing them I wanted to get an alignment. I realized after calling around that none of the tire shops can do a four wheel alignment on the BMW's, and not really wanting to pay the high dealer cost I started searching and that is when I found this website, and more importantly Automotive Solutions. Jay got me right in. After he completed the alignment he explained exactly what he did and showed me on his computer. My second experience with Jay at Automotive Solutions was a few days ago. I scheduled an appointment to have the coolant flushed since I'am getting close to the 100k mile range. Jay recommended replacing the thermostat as well, which is exactly the recommendation in all the bmw forums because they are known to fail. He then refilled it with bmw coolant. I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I first went there as it's a shared facility with a used car sales business, and I'am very cautious anyways about anyone working on my bmw Don't let that turn you away, as I waited for the work to be completed on my vehicle I sat in the waiting area which is comfortable with a TV and the workers of both businesses are very friendly and welcoming.Sorry such a long post, just excited to find such a great shop.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Addey
    Addey8 years ago

    Ahh where to start!!! whether it be from customer service to professionalism!! I'll start with J sorry if that's now how its spelled haha, anyways J was so welcoming! i called at 8 in the morning he picked up and i explained what was happening with my car he suggested a tow company and to have them bring it in immediately. I didn't listen though! i drove it there being that it was right next to my house. anyways drove right up to the lift let me add he had at least 10 cars being worked on mostly BMW ranging from 3 series to 6 series. now the best part was how he handled everything immediately found the issue. gave me an estimate of when the car would be done. now at this point I usually add 2-3 days on top of the time to have it ready with my past experience with a shop i had it at previously.that wasnt the case at all! I had it the next day! turned the hose to the transmission was chopped when the fan broke. had the parts ordered on the spot! long story short I was treated as if I was home! they got my car up and running better than it was before! cleaned and everything! now to move on to the next part! I was so happy that i couldnt leave without letting the owners know what a great Mechanic he is and how great of a person he was! so professional yet so comforting! you could tell he's passionate about what he does! so i spoke to whom i presumed was the owner or the manager either way nice presence strong yet welcoming! over heard me explaining everything and just wanted to thank me! at this point in my head i was thinking why thank me! I should be thanking you!! They've earned a new customer not only for my BMW but all the cars we have at the house. Highly recommended! you can read a lot of reviews online but honestly give them a try. You'll be satisfied from the first hello! again THANK YOU SO MUCH! that car is everything to me and the way you guys treated me and got my car back to me I appreciate it so much!

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Feed
    Feed8 years ago

    i showed up at Jays garage on the coldest day of the year with an overheating BMW. Unscheduled, they took my car, took me to the hotel, diagnosed and fixed my car. I dropped my car off at 11am and Jay brought it to my hotel on his test drive at 4pm. Price was good, and workmanship excellent. I travel to DTW a lot, and it is good to know that Automotive Solutions has got my back. This is a good place to bring your car.

    2001 BMW 530i
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  • Brett Walzer
    Brett Walzer8 years ago

    Ron and Jay were the nicest people in the automotive business I have ever dealt with. They helped me diagnose and fix a problem right off the bat. Completely professional and extremely knowledgable. Any bmw owner should get their vehicle serviced here. Thanks again guys for the help.

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Monty Al
    Monty Al8 years ago

    Been looking for a really good Bmw Mechanic and I would have to say that Automotive Solutions is one of the best ones. My Car needed an Alignment done and I would have to say they are one of the best Mechanics I have ever been to. Jay will take care of you and wont give you Bs prices. They also work on any model car you have. Don't go with the wrong mechanic pick the right one and that's Automotive Solutions!.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Hesham
    Hesham8 years ago

    I recently was driving my BMW when my rear control arm broke on the drivers side. At the time I had Jay already working on my GMC truck replacing my front differential, which by the way turned out GREAT! So I decided to give Jay a call and see if he had any experience with working with BMW's because the car was also leaking some oil so I wanted to make sure I took it somewhere that can do the job right. He told me to bring the car in and he would be able to take care of the issues. So to my surprise when I got there and he took a look at the car, he was very knowledgable and well-rounded when it came to working with BMW's and had just recently finished fixing one with a similar issue. He was also able to point out other mistakes that the last mechanic made on the vehicle when working on it. Aside from all that, he is an honest dude and his prices are unbeatable, if you don't believe me just give him a call and see for yourself. The job turned out great and the car is driving like a champ and all my issues were resolved.

    2001 BMW 530i
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  • Jamie
    Jamie8 years ago

    I hate taking my car to mechanics. I try to do all of my own work when possible. When I got the dreaded code that suggested I needed to have my torque converter replaced, I knew my limits and did days of research of mechanics in my area.

    I settled on Automotive Solutions for two reasons. The quote they provided me over the phone for the job was not the lowest, but was competitive with other shops in the area. Another reason was availability. Many places wanted to schedule me the next week or two out. That was not possible as my wife had to drive 700 miles in 5 days for a family trip. Jay agreed to look at my car over the weekend and we confirmed the problem was the TC.

    Long story short, Jay and Holiday were great. They always called me when they said they would. They completed the job close to the timeline they gave me. Jay kept me informed the whole time and respected the value of my time. When picking the car up, Holiday even gave me some advice on doing the brake lines on my old car at home.

    My wife made the trip with zero transmission problems and Jay insisted on seeing the car for a once over when she returned. At that time he inspected the job and checked all the fluids and topped off where necessary.

    I highly recommend A-S and will take my BMW there as long as I own it. If they specialized in diesels, I would take my VW TDI there too. Though they will likely see my VW for non-drivetrain related issues as well.

    2001 BMW 530i
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  • A
    A8 years ago

    After looking for BMW mechanic for a while, I stumble on Jay by a referral from a friend who has a BMW, at first I was a bit hesitant because I never heard of the guy and I'm also a bit picky on who get to work on my BMW.

    Regardless, Jay was impressive, I was totally shocked by how much he knows and care about the details. My SUV had bad suspension and he was able to diagnose it on the spot. what was really impressive about him, is that he took the time to find out what's wrong with SUV, he spent about 30 minutes just poking around the tires, took it for a short drive, put it up on that thing and looked under and all these little things blew me away. Over all, it was a great experience, he was honest, reliable and knowledgeable and his prices was very reasonable. I will certainly come back again to him .

    Another thought, I do like the feel of his shop, it didn't feel like a mechanic shop, rather it felt like a car performance shop, as it was clean and organized.

    2006 BMW x5
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