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At AUTOcouture Motoring, we specialize in European auto manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, Audi, and Volkswagen. Customer cars are treated as if they were our own with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our 1500 square foot indoor, temperature controlled facility ensures that customer cars are safe and out of harm from the elements.

What started as a hobby of working on cars for friends and family, has turned into a full-time organization fueled by a passion for cars. Owners Salvatore Benanti and Bart Maczuga have over 15 years combined experience in the automotive modification scene and feel their knowledge of the lifestyle transpires by the work that comes out of AUTOcouture Motoring.

AUTOcouture Motoring is conveniently located in prestigious Bergen County, New Jersey. Located not far from the Garden State Parkway, Route 4, and Route 208. Only 20 minutes from the George Washington Bridge and 10 minutes from the Tappanzee Bridge.

Bring Your BMW to AUTOcouture

AUTOcouture Motoring is an authorized vendor of OEM BMW parts, Burger Tuning, Fabspeed, AC Schnitzer, KW suspension, Stop Tech braking systems and many other products for your BMW. We are equipped with GT-1 Diagnostic equipment.

Thomas Limatola, our resident BMW Level 1 master mechanic, is more then meets the eye. A unique blend of old school habits and new school technical proficiency, this 10 year mechanic was one of BMW's up and coming legends, running his own shop for a local dealer at the mere age of 23. He draws on a wide range of experience over that time ranging from Harley Davidson to Ferrari. He's also learned from the best. Countless hours spent learning from old school engineers, GM world class techs (there's only 6 of them in the world), senior master mechanics at Harley, Cadillac, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and of course BMW. The brunt of that time spent on highly advanced BMW dealership work, being a graduate of BMW's own elite CTG STEP training school. Our mobile automobile encyclopedia, he teaches as he works. Giving new and old customers alike a sense of belonging. You are never a number to him, or to us, and we will embody that mantra, being the main reason that drew many of us out of the dealership network. So feel free to ask him anything, literally anything, just make sure your sitting down for the answer.

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  • From the moment you pick up the phone to give the place a call, to the moment you get your keys back, ACM treats you and your car with respect. Very knowledgeable team here and they answer all the questions you may have and then some. I have gotten maintenance work done here such as alignment, fluid changes, and rod bearings replaced and the work was always top notch. Never had a worry in my mind about who I give my keys to here. Next up some performance upgrades and of course, I will be coming here for that!

    Jorge L., via Google
  • Great place, excellent service. Ask for Matt! Have been working with them for 7+ years and my track car has always been well taken care of. Very fair service.

    Steven D., via Google
  • Made the switch from AMG to M and these guys are top notch. They’ve done my tune, exhaust, tires and suspension and I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. I mainly deal with Matt and he is a stand up guy. Love the work they do!

    Granit B., via Google

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12 Reviews

  • Jaewon
    Jaewon2 months ago

    My recent visit to Autocouture for a vibration issue left me thoroughly disappointed and frustrated. Despite being quoted a two-hour diagnostic session to address the problem, the outcome was far from satisfactory.

    I was informed that the shop foreman had spent two hours examining my car but could only confirm the vibration I had already mentioned. Instead of offering a comprehensive diagnosis, they recommended a generic alignment and wheel balance for all four wheels.

    What's more concerning is the lack of clarity on the next steps in the diagnostic process. When I inquired about potential follow-up actions depending on the results, they couldn't provide any concrete plan, leaving me in the dark about the path forward.

    As a BMW technician who regularly works on my own vehicles, I was shocked by the superficiality of their inspection. Upon further investigation on my own, I discovered that the issue lay with a faulty left front tie rod, a problem that should have been easily spotted if they had genuinely scrutinized the vehicle.

    The exorbitant charges for what seemed like a cursory visual inspection and a test drive raise serious questions about Autocouture's integrity. If they're willing to overcharge for such basic services, one can only imagine the extent of exploitation faced by less knowledgeable clients, particularly those from more affluent backgrounds.

    My experience at Autocouture was marked by incompetence, lack of diagnostic expertise, and questionable billing practices. I would caution anyone seeking automotive services to think twice before entrusting their vehicle to this establishment.

    2008 BMW M3
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  • Carlos
    Carlos1 year ago

    Unfortunately the bad reviews are true. It seems to be a pattern get a referral, spend 6-8k on your car here and then pay someone else to fix it. I personally spent 8k with a referral and got Popeyes customer service. Also had to pay someone else to fix it what they claimed to do. I’m only disappointed because I defend them prior to this and would be the last person to write a bad review.

    2008 BMW 335xi
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  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera2 years ago

    Your get what you pay for. Labor is not cheap but they went above and beyond on my M3 with no start issues. Also took care of my Rodbearing and DCT Flash. Matt is a great person, ask for him. Coolest person I met at a shop.

    2009 BMW M3
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  • Mont
    Mont4 years ago

    These guys are really good at what they do. Was most impressed with how knowledgeable and patient they are. Jeff was great! I will definitely stick with them.

    2016 BMW X5
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  • Chris Stelluti
    Chris Stelluti6 years ago

    These guys were fantastic. I came to the shop as a complete newbie, and everyone from the sales team to the owner answered all of my questions and were more than accommodating. I can't say enough positive things about the level of professionalism and expertise to which AUTOcouture Motoring operates.

    2011 BMW 335i
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  • Nik
    Nik8 years ago

    I had AUTOcouture Motoring do a VERY complex job, converting an SMG to a 6MT.

    I was living in the Philadelphia area and had VAC motorsports do a clutch exchange and they ended up replacing a lot of other parts. They overcharged me, used cheap aftermarket parts while charging me for OEM, kept my car for a month, they broke my rear view mirror off the windshield, had it repaired for free (I know the guy that fixed it for them), and then charged ME for it on top of the other charges. They also said I had to pay in cash ($3400), they said if not cash it would be $300 more even with check. Needless to say, I was not in a rush to return to them.

    My SMG pump had died so I was looking to do the SMG to 6MT conversion. Coincidentally one of the people living in my building was walking by and complimented me on my car ('03 Laguna Seca M3 Vert). We started talking and I told him about my plans for the conversion and that I was trying to find a shop up to the task. He told me about Auto Couture and raved about them. He said it was far (2 hours from Philly area) but well worth the trip and he didn't take his BMW anywhere else.

    I called that day and spoke with Stavros. It was immediately apparent that they were "car guys". Very pleasant, sounded excited about the opportunity, and very professional. Stavros checked with Sean (master tech) about the job and an accurate quote. Called me back within the hour to go over everything with me including time tables (which turned out to be accurate), prices, etc. I had performance technic in Cali build the kit. Auto Couture was great about taking out my bell housing, shipping it to perf tech to do the machine work, and getting the bell housing and a full install kit back. When I went to drop off the car, they were awesome about letting me look around the shop (they have some amazing cars and some amazing ongoing work). Sean gladly stopped what he was doing to introduce himself and talk to me about the job. Like I said, true car guys.. it was like being in a garage working on cars with a bunch of my friends.

    They told me it would be about 4 weeks and it was just under that. The team was awesome and Stavros called me about every 3 days to update me. Even if there was no progress and they were just waiting on the parts from Perf Tech, he still called to let me know that. As one would expect, there were a couple complications, and they kept me up to date every step along the way and didn't charge me up the *** for the work and the headache.

    When I went to pick it up, they were great. I got caught in traffic and Stavros stayed about an hour after closing time for me. And, he was glad to do so and still took his time talking to me and going over stuff when I finally got there (he didn't rush me at all). The car was amazing. They had already tested it and fined tuned everything, so by the time I picked it up, it was perfect and ready to go. And let me say, my only regret is that I didn't do this the day I bought my car. It's worth every cent and like I have a new car. But I digress... Of note, they called me the day after I got my car back and again a couple of weeks afterwards to see how everything was going.

    Prior to going with AUTOcouture Motoring, I read this review and there was one other bad one on a different site that I found about them. I'm extremely glad I believed the other hundred great reviews and didn't make a decision based on the 2 bad ones. These guys are extremely nice, extremely professional, extremely competent, and actually care about customers as people/friends.


    2003 BMW M3 Vert
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  • Dave
    Dave9 years ago

    This group of which I am honored to call my "friends" is probably the most dedicated bunch of guys I've ever met. I have a ton of respect for this group! There are two guys in particular. The time these guys put in and have put in is what success is all about. I only wish that I had the drive of these two men. Their vision for the future, commitment to success, and customer satisfaction are behind any other automotive shop I know. I feel like I've know these guys for a long time. I am honored to have Tommy work on my car like it's his own. The man will not quit until it's done correctly. Literally blood and sweat. Just look under my hood.. . The bossman is not your normal bossman. Sal makes you feel like your car is the sickest to come through the shop. He gets excited right along with you. No matter how Insignificant the mod is. It's like its his own car that is getting modded. The least thought in his mind his how much money he can make off me. The love these guys have for cars is insane. It doesn't matter what the make or model is or level of customizing that is done. These two and the group of men that make up AUTOCouture Motoring are on their way to being a huge success in the automotive scene for years to come. My hat is off to you guys! Thank you for your time and most important your friendship

    2009 BMW M3
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  • Brett Sandberg
    Brett Sandberg9 years ago

    Being an owner of multiple BMWs throughout the years, meeting the guys at Autocouture Motoring over 3 years ago has made my BMW ownership seamless and exciting. The guys at ACM have always taken pride and joy in their customers and nothing but professionalism and expertise in their work. I would not recommend any other shop in the greater New York area, these guys are the best!

    2015 BMW 428
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  • James Hough
    James Hough9 years ago

    My entire life has been spent taking my BMW to the dealer. My e36 328 never saw an "indy" shop nor did my wifes 745i. I always thought the dealer was the "top of the mountain" so to say. The best people, with best tools, and the best intentions. I think it is fair to say, that my eyes have been opened.

    My dealings with local dealers had gotten worse and worse by the time my lease was ending. It was just sad. It was almost as if my concerns seemed to be a burden on them. No one cared. I was just another guy in a line of other guys.

    I needed a change. I love my M3 and was determined to find someone who shared my passion. After reading some reviews, I decided to try some other "indy" shops in the area and was met with similar responses. Some seemed professional, just complacent. Others I just felt like I had a target on my back. My last trip was to AUTOcouture Motoring this past Saturday.

    I walked in after what looked like everyone had gone home for the day. The shop looked like something out of a dream I had. Cars and colors and beautiful things everywhere. Someone noticed me standing there after a minute and walked up to me from the offices in the back. He introduced himself as Tom, shook my hand, and immediately apologized for the condition of the shop, as everyone, he explained, had left an hour ago. I didn't understand what he meant. This place was incredible and somehow it didn't meet his standards. I apologized for walking in as I did and that I would come back during the week as they were closed, and I didn't want to hold him up. He insisted I stay, and began to walk me through the shop explaining each car, and some of the things that were done, answered everyone of my questions, and looked me in the eye as he actually listened to what I saying. It was surreal. Maybe I am just old school. Maybe I am not the mechanically inclined man my father was, and maybe I should know more about what I am driving, but somehow Tom explained things I didn't even know existed about my car and the others there without making me feel stupid. There was something so genuine, so indescribably ancient yet effervescent and young about Tom it was almost unsettling. I had not handed him any money. I had no idea who he was. It was obvious from his face that he had an exhausting day, but spent the better part of an hour talking to me. He didn't try to sell me something. There was no sales pitch. That just doesn't exist these days anymore. The feeling I had walking out there was unique, and after 54 years on this earth, feeling something new doesn't happen all the time and felt I had to say something about.

    I don't know what my plans are for the M3 are. I do know one thing though, I have found a new summit, and a new home.

    James Hough

    2010 BMW M3
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  • William Jordan
    William Jordan9 years ago

    When I was looking to have some performance and cosmetic upgrades done on my BMW M3 a friend recommended that I check out AutoCouture Motoring in Fairlawn. From my first visit to the shop Tommy and the staff made me feel right at home showing both a real passion for their work and great attention to detail. Their custom work has been featured in several publications and won numerous awards at nationally attended BMW events.

    Today they work on all my cars, including BMW's, Mercedes, Porsche and other European performance cars as well as my Jeep Wrangler. From routine maintenance like oil changes, alignments, and tires to Full custom builds - including engine superchargers, suspension, brake and exhaust systems, custom wheels, interior and exterior cosmetic upgrades - these guys can do it all.

    2013 BMW M3
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  • Nick
    Nick12 years ago

    I brought my car in for a PPI. Overall the shop is impressive, very nice equipment and cars.

    After about 1/2 hour they told me i was ready. Handed me a piece of paper with a couple of things wrong, all which I already new. Didn't check the computer for codes or really get into the engine. So i asked if they could give me an estimate for the work that needed to be done. they said yes, that they would email me. I am still waiting for the email, it's been about 3 months.

    I think I paid about $150 for news that I already knew and could have received the same information from jiffy lube.

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    Sal12 years ago


    Thank you for the kind words about the equipment and cars, but I'm a bit confused about this review?

    Your PPI was done on 3/3/12 with an email sent to you same day. You declined all work to the car that we requested (steering linkage replacement, tie rods, center linkage, etc).

    Please call me to discuss- 201-666-3500


  • George S.
    George S.13 years ago

    After having my 2000 528i serviced by our local dealer for 11 years, I finally decided it was time to stop paying premium prices for less-than-premium service. I began shopping around for an independent BMW mechanic, and was lucky enough to discover AUTOcouture Motoring in Hillsdale. I stopped in unannounced and was greeted by Sal, who owns the shop. He was more than happy to discuss the services they offer and to set up an appointment to inspect my car. He then introduced me to his lead mechanic, Tom, who seems to have intricate knowledge of every part of every BMW model ever produced. On top of that, it was clear that he takes pride in his work, and that he takes his customers' vehicles as seriously as he would his own. I quickly knew that this was definitely the right place for me.

    Shortly before bringing in my car for its initial inspection, one window became inoperable. So in addition to the inspection, I asked them to repair the window and check the temperature of the A/C. Well, Tom fixed the window perfectly (for less than their original estimate), discussed with me why the A/C may not feel as cold as it should, and then presented me with the most detailed inspection report I've ever received on any vehicle I've owned in the past 30 years. Yes, I was *that* impressed.

    Not long after, I was driving on a highway when most of my dashboard lights suddenly came on and the car lost most of its power; thankfully it happened just a few miles from my home. I pulled over and, despite being after 6pm, I thought I'd try calling AUTOcouture. Sal answered. I explained the problem, he had me do a couple of diagnostics over the phone, and then he told me I can bring it over right then if I'd like. Again, it was after 6pm -- now THAT's service!

    So I brought in the car, he and Tom checked it out right on the spot, and they identified the problem as a bad thermostat. They had a full shop and were booked through the following day, but they understood my predicament and told me they'd make sure they got it done for me. The following afternoon they called to let me know the car was finished. Once again I was impressed.

    I'm so grateful to have found a shop that really understands BMWs and places such an emphasis on customer satisfaction. I'll be an AUTOcouture customer for as long as I own a car.

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